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Gatha 07 – Yasna 034



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The Gathas (Hymns of Zoroaster)

Translation by C. Bartholomae, from I.J.S. Taraporewala, The Divine Songs of Zarathushtra.

1. The action, the word, and the worship for which Thou, O Mazda, shalt bestow Immortality and Right, and Dominion of Welfare - through multitudes of these, O Ahura, we would that thou shouldst give them.

2. And all the actions of the good spirit [Spenta Mainyu -JHP] and the holy man, whose soul follows the Right, do ye set with the thought (thereof) in thine outer court, O Mazda, when ye are adored with hymns of praise.

3. To Thee and to Right [Asha] we will offer the sacrifice [myazda, i.e. offering] with due service [veneration], that in (Thy established) Dominion ye may bring all creatures to perfection through Good Thought. For the reward of the wise man is for ever secure, O Mazda, among you.

4. Of Thy Fire, O Ahura, that is mighty through Right, promised and powerful, we desire that it may be for the faithful man with manifested delight, but for the enemy with visible torment, according to the pointings of the hand.

5. Have ye Dominion and power, O Mazda, Right and Good Thought, to do as I urge upon you, even to protect your poor man? We have renounced the robber-gangs, both demons and men.

6. If ye are truly thus, O Mazda, Right and Good Thought, then give me this token, even a total reversal of this life, that I may come before you again more joyfully with worship and praise.

7. Can they be true to thee, O Mazda, who by their doctrines turn the known inheritances of Good Thought into misery and woe [usheuru?]. I know none other but you, O Right, so do ye protect us.

8. For by these actions they put us in fear, in which peril is for many — in that the stronger (puts in fear) (me) the weaker one — through hatred of thy commandment, O Mazda. They that will not have the Right in their thought, from them shall the Good Abode be far.

9. These men of evil action who spurn the holy Piety, precious to thy wise one, O Mazda, through their having no part in Good Thought, from them Right shrinks back far, as from us shrink the wild beasts of prey.

10. The man of understanding [or good will] has instructed (people) to cling to action of this Good Thought [Vohu Manah], and to the Holy Piety [Spenta Armaiti], creator, comrade of Right [Asha] — wise that he is, and to all hope, O Ahura, that are in thy Dominion, O Mazda.

11. And both thy (gifts) shall be for sustenance, even nectar and ambrosia. Piety linked with Right shall advance the Dominion of Good Thought, its permanence and power. By these, O Mazda, dost thou bless the foes of thy foes.

12. What is thine ordinance? What willst thou? What of praise or what of worship? Proclaim it, Mazda, that we may hear what ordinances Destiny will apportion. Teach us by Right the paths of Good Thought that are blessed to go in, -

13. Even that way of Good Thought, O Ahura, of which thou didst speak to me, whereon, a way well made by Right, the Daena of the future benefactors shall pass to the reward that was prepared for the wise, of which thou art determinant, O Mazda.

14. The precious reward, then, O Mazda, ye will give by the action of Good Thought to the bodily life of those who are in the community that tends the pregnant cow, (the promise of) your good doctrine, Ahura, that of the wisdom which exalts communities through Right.

15. O Mazda, make known to me the best teachings and actions, these O Good Thought and O Right the due of praise. Through your Dominion, O Ahura, assure us that mankind shall be capable according to (Thy) will.

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