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Gatha 06 – Yasna 033



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The Gathas (Hymns of Zoroaster)

Translation by C. Bartholomae, from I.J.S. Taraporewala, The Divine Songs of Zarathushtra.

1. According as it is with the laws that belong to the present life, so shall the Judge act with most just deed towards the man of the Lie and the man of the Right, and him whose false things and good things balance (in equal measure).

2. Whoso worketh ill for the liar by word or thought or hands, or converts his dependent to the good — such men meet the will of Ahura Mazda to his satisfaction.

3. Whose is most good to the righteous man, be he noble or member of the community or the brotherhood, Ahura — or with diligence cares for the cattle, he shall be hereafter in the pasture of Right and Good Thought [Asha and Vohu Manah].

4. I who by worship would keep far from Thee, O Mazda, disobedience and Bad Thought, heresy from the nobles, and from the community the Lie, that is most near, and from the brotherhood the slanderers, and the worst herdsmen from the pastures of the cattle; --

5. I who would invoke thy Obedience as the greatest of all at the Consummation, attaining long life, and the Dominion of Good Thought, and the straight ways into Right, wherein Mazda Ahura dwells.

6. I, as a priest, who would learn the straight (paths) by the Right, would learn by the Best Spirit how to practice husbandry by that thought in which it is thought of; these Twain of Thine, O Ahura Mazda, I strive to see and take counsel with them.

7. Come hither to me, O ye Best Ones, hither, O Mazda, in Thine own person and visibly, O Right and Good Thought, that I may be heard beyond the limits of the people. Let the august duties be manifest among us and clearly viewed.

8. Consider ye my matters whereon I am active, O Good Thought, my worship, O Mazda, towards one like you, and O Right, the words of my praise. Grant, O Welfare and Immortality, your own everlasting blessing.

9. That Spirit of Thine, Mazda, together with the comfort of the Comrades Twain, who advance the Right, let the Best Thought bring through the Reform wrought by me. Sure is the support of those twain, whose souls are one.

10. All the pleasures of life which thou holdest, those that were, that are, and that shall be O Mazda, according to thy good will apportion them. Through Good Thought advance thou the body, through Dominion and Right at will.

11. The most mighty Ahura Mazda, and Piety, and Right that blesses our substance, and Good Thought and Dominion, hearken unto me, be merciful to me, when to each man the recompense comes.

12. Rise up for me, O Ahura, through Armaiti give strength, through the holiest Spirit give might, O Mazda, through the good Recompense [âdâ, offering], through the Right give powerful prowess, through Good Thought give the reward.

13. To support me, O Thou that seest far onward, do ye assure me the incomparable things in your Dominion, O Ahura, as the Destiny of Good Thought. O Holy Armaiti, teach the Daenas about the Right.

14. As an offering Zarathushtra brings the life of his own body, the choiceness of good thought, action, and speech, unto Mazda, unto the Right, Obedience, and Dominion.

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