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Gambier Bolton, Robert – Ghosts in Solid Form – Experiment 07 Test with a trance Sensitive, in an ‘Office’ of palatial splendour, resulting in a materialisation of a famous Lord and an animal from India



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Place — Whitehall London S.W.

Sensitive D, male, aged about 34.

Two young men, to whom I shall refer as Mr T. and Mr W., who had often experimented with this Sensitive at my house in London, asked him if he would attend at their " office " one evening to see if any results could be obtained there; and he at once accepted their offer, and they were good enough to invite me to join their party of friends.

To-day those two young men hold high positions in the State, but they have never allowed the fact to leak out that they were in any way connected with the Government or its Services, and from their reference to the ' office " we all assumed that they were engaged in business in London.

They asked me to bring the Sensitive to an address which they gave me, and, on driving to this address with him, I saw that it was a narrow street leading out of that busy thoroughfare, Whitehall (London); and, on stopping the cab, I was greatly surprised to find that we were drawn up at (apparently) the side entrance to a very large building, the front of which evidently faced Whitehall.

Before I had time to say a word to the Sensitive, or to draw his attention to what I had seen of the building, Mr T. and Mr W. hurried down the steps leading to it and ushered us into a splendid entrance-hall, up a palatial staircase, and into a very large and lofty room, beautifully decorated and furnished in sumptuous style with massive writing-desks, large chairs and settees upholstered in scarlet leather, whilst on the floor was a carpet into which our boots sank luxuriously.

Two ladies were waiting for us near the handsomely carved fireplace, and we were then informed that no other persons had been invited: so closing and locking the doors, we took our seats round the Sensitive in one comer of the palatial room and awaited results.

Now, in this instance again, little or no special preparation had been made for the experiment, and, in spite of the splendour of the place and its contents, I told them that I doubted if we should get anything whatever in the way of results under such adverse conditions.

The Sensitive quickly passed into a state of trance, and, in less than fifteen minutes of our taking our seats, the figure of a tall and elderly man appeared, who stooped slightly as he walked. He moved towards Mr T. and Mr W., who recognised him instantly; the ladies too both recognised him; but as no name was mentioned by them, I concluded that the entity was probably a relative or personal friend of theirs.

After standing before them for nearly two minutes, he suddenly turned and walked up to within eighteen inches of the spot where I was seated. . I knew him at a glance, and said,

"Why, it is Lord ……, whom I so often saw in 1881." He at once bowed his head and smiled at me in quite a friendly way, but although his lips moved distinctly, I did not hear what he said.

Mr T. was the first to speak aloud. He said, "This is more than wonderful. The place in which we are sitting is the ……………….(London), and this is Lord x's own room.

We decided to sit here as a test, without telling you or the Sensitive the place we had selected, in order that we might see whether it was possible for Lord x to return to the room which he so dearly loved, the one in which so many of his greatest diplomatic triumphs were carried to a successful issue."

They then told me for the first time that they were both in the Services.

Two or three other entities appeared; and a small wild animal from India, to which I shall refer shortly, also materialised, in spite of my imploring the entities not to let him do so, or at least to keep him in check in such a palatial apartment. But this the entities declared themselves incapable of doing : and the little animal scampered into the room, climbed on to the gorgeous writing-desk nearest to us, and rushed across it, scattering official papers, pens, and pencils in wild confusion.

How we all escaped the headsman's block on Tower Hill, or imprisonment for life, for our escapade in a Government building, and in one of the most sacred rooms in that building, remains an unsolved mystery to me to this day  

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Gambier Bolton, Robert

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