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Fox, Oliver - Paddling and skyring



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A Record of Out of the Body Experiences – Oliver Fox

In these, levitation was effected by beating down or paddling motions of the hands and arms, the body leaning backwards at an angle as though about to float on water. In these cases the apparent height reached was only about 50 to 100 feet and then the pull of my physical body, or some force similar to gravitation, would make me descend.

When I had reached my maximum height I could turn over, so that I faced the ground beneath me, and then proceed by making swimming motions or by willpower alone if the conditions were favourable.  Indeed, I think that the real motive power is in the will alone and that the motions of the hands, arms and legs are only aids to concentration and may therefore be dispensed with if one’s condition is fully realised.  Skyring, however, is accomplished by a supreme effort of the will alone, and the results obtained are very different.

While attempts at dream levitation are quite harmless, true skyring … is I believe, a very dangerous proceeding and not to be lightly or frivolously undertaken.  Skyring is like gliding, but in a vertical direction.  There is no downward pull analogous to gravity, but only the call of the body.  It is done by a purely mental effort, the arms being quite passive, and it is characterised by an enormous velocity of ascent.  I have been told that by using this method it is possible to travel to other planets; but that it is extremely dangerous for a student who is not under the guidance of an Adept.

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Fox, Oliver

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