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Fox, Oliver - Manoevering in a lucid dream



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It is possible to be lucid dreaming and out of body

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A Record of Out of the Body Experiences – Oliver Fox

 ….. some people are unable to grasp this idea of [the lucid dream], that it is really a new level of consciousness and different from the states experienced in ordinary dreams and in waking life. They object ‘But after all, it’s only a dream. How can a dream be anything else?’ And their expression is eloquent of the doubt they are too polite to voice.

 Well, to resume, I found that in these [lucid dreams] new methods of locomotion were open to me. I could glide along the surface of the ground, passing through seemingly solid walls etc at a great speed, or I could levitate to a height of about one hundred feet and then glide.

I could also do some intriguing little tricks at will, such as moving objects without visible contact, and moulding the plastic matter into new forms.

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Fox, Oliver

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Dreaming and lucid dreaming