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Foster, Charles H - Writing the brother's initials on his arm



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The Salem Seer – George Bartlett

{Boston Journal of Commerce, July 12, 1873.]

Mr. Charles H. Foster, who has excited so much attention in London and New York by reason of his wonderful powers of communicating with the other world, is at the Parker House, where he is holding seances.

During the week several members of the press have visited him, and he has afforded every opportunity for a close investigation. His powers seem principally to be directed to the answering of written questions to the deceased. We ourselves witnessed a most remarkable exhibition of power on the occasion of our visit.

A gentleman connected with the press was notified that a brother of his was present. The journalist wrote in short-hand for his brother to write his initials on Mr. Foster's arm if he were present, and Mr. Foster immediately after notified the journalist that his brother had written his initials upon his arm, and, turning up his coat-sleeve, displayed to the astonishment of all the initials in red marks upon the arm.

Other equally astonishing tests were given, and there can be no doubt that Mr. Foster is capable of astounding all with the phenomena he can develop at his seances.

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Foster, Charles H

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