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Father Bernabe Cobo - Inca Religion and Customs - Caves



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In Inca mythology, one of the main Inca creation myths was that of the Ayar Brothers who emerged from a cave called Paqariq Tampu.

This house was located on the mountain Tampu T'uqu (Quechua t'uqu a niche, hole or gap in the wall, today also the modern word for "window"). It had three niches.

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Father Bernabe Cobo - Inca Religion and Customs [translated by Roland Hamilton]

The Incas worshiped the cave of Pacaritampu as an important shrine because in that place their ancestors had escaped from the destruction of the world. The Incas believed that the earth was repopulated by their ancestors and that all peoples in the world descended from them. However, they are not always in agreement because some say that the Incas who came out of that cave were created by God there; others disagree, saying that when the Flood came, the Incas went into the cave and covered the entrance well. In this way they escaped from the waters.

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