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Fancher, Mollie - She told them that she had been to see 'Aunt Susie



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Friar Herbert Thurston - The Physical Phenomenon of Mysticism

Mrs. Townsend on one occasion was sitting in the invalid's room with Mrs. Parkhurst, the wife of the Professor whose test experiment has been described, when suddenly Mollie "went into a rigid trance." When she came to, her two visitors asked her where she had been. She told them that she had been to see 'Aunt Susie" (Miss Crosby) then on a visit to Cornwall, a small town about thirty miles off on the Hudson.

 "She gave a description of the people in the Cornwall house and of what they were doing."

Miss Crosby, we are assured, on her return corroborated every detail. This faculty of clairvoyance, if we may so describe it, seems to have varied greatly in intensity, and on the whole to have diminished as Miss Fancher's physical condition improved in the course of years.

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Fancher, Mollie

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