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Essiac and uterine cancer



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Mrs J. H. Stewart
Utterson, Ontario

Age:-   53 years
Dr:  Dr Evans, Huntsville, Ontario
Cancer of the uterus

First treatment by "Essiac" November 7, 1936 weight 153 lbs.
December 5, 1936 - weight 159 lbs., patient has nouritis.
January 16      1937 patient examined by Dr Minthorn of Timming, Dr "Cancer of uterus".
February 27,     1937     bloating decreasing, kidneys better. April 10/37 - no bleeding, very little   odour.    Patient    is   much better.
April 23, 1937 - patient has pain at times and has bladder trouble.
May 1, 1937 weight 160 lbs. patient feeling better.
May 8, 1937 - patient has less sloughing, no bleeding for two months, odour clearing, can ? quietly now, couldn't previously to this, does farm work.
November 1938 - Patient gained more weight, has worked hard on farm all summer, is feeling very well. Has no sloughing or bleeding now.

Copy of letter written to Miss Caisse by Mrs Stewart
            Utterson, Ontario December 3rd, 1937
Dear Miss Caisse,
    I thought you would like to know how I was progressing since taking your treatments.
    As I can say I have tried nine or ten doctors before seeing you, but got no results. How as I think I told you I was almost unable to walk, work sleep or sit up for months, as this has been bothering me for about eleven years.
    Other doctors said they thought it was appendicitis or ulcerated ovaries, one advised me to have my teeth out. One doctor very strongly told me it was a floating kidney, others said goitre. I knew by my condition it was impossible to be any of these things. At last I was taken to Orillia and X-rayed, but they would not tell me what it was ailed me. They just said to buy a fifteen dollar pair of corsets, put them on good and tight, and lay around and take no interest in any work, and if I were able to come in a months time they might consider an operation. When I arrived home I started to haemorrhage, the odour was terrible, then I went to you. After I was examined by two specialists I was told I had cancer of the uterus.
    Words cannot express how much I owe to you for I am now able to do any kind of work, look after five cows, over a hundred hens and cook for six and seven of our family. I bake all my own bread pies, cakes and make my own butter, so you know for seven of a family my work is not easy. It has been years since I felt as well and I must again say I owe my health to you.
    I do hope trust within the near future you will get your certification and be able to freely treat the public, as I know some of my friends whom you have helped and cured of this terrible disease.
    Thanking you again and may God bless you and keep you in the best of health that you may be able to keep up with your good work.
    I remain as ever your faithful friend
        Mrs J. H. Stewart

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