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Essiac and prostate cancer



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Mr J. W. Vanclieaf
Baysville, Ontario
Dr-    Dr    Bastedo,     Bracebridge Ontario
Cancer, Carcinoma of the prostate.
Extended into the rectum. Patient anaemic (secondary)

Copy of letter to Miss Caisse from Dr A. F. Bastedo, Bracebridge, Ont
        Dr A. F. Bastedo, Bracebridge.
Dear Miss Caisse,
    Mr J. W. Vanclieaf has asked me to write to you giving you the diagnosis of his case. He has what appears to be a carcinoma of the prostate gland, extending into the rectum. He is quite anaemic (secondary) and has refused operation.
            Yours sincerely
                A. F. Bastedo

Dr Albert F. Bastedo.
Bracebridge, Muskoka.

I hereby give Miss Rene Caisse permission, so far as I am concerned to proceed with the treatment of Mr John Vanclieaf.
            A. F. Bastedo
                    Feb 22/35

Copy of letter written by Mr J. Vanclieaf
                    July 20th /35
I, John Vanclieaf, was taken very sick a week before Christmas, 1934. I called in Dr Jeffrey and after an examination he said that my ailment was a cancer in the rectum. He told me to go to the Bracebridge Hospital for an operation. But I was in such a condition that I could not go.
    My wife asked him if the operation was dangerous and he said that it was very much so. Then Dr Jeffrey was called away to Toronto, and in the meantime I became very ill again, so I went to Dr Bastedo.
    After that examination he also pronounced it a cancer, and he advised me to go to the hospital for an X-ray. As soon as I was able I did so. The head nurse Miss Arnott. said that I was in a terrible condition, and it took her fully half an hour to make an injection as the passage was fully closed.  Finally we got a good plate and Dr Bastedo, after reading it, said that an operation was useless, and that only one in a hundred would come through. He said he would do the best he could for me, but he could not cure me. I doctored with Dr Bastedo until I had taken thirteen bottles of medicine, but it did not help the cancer any. My passage was closed so that I could only pass about the size of a match. I ate nothing but soup, had all kinds of physic, and suffered terribly. The doctors said I might live two months.
    Then Mr Tingie, who runs the Albany Hotel in Bracebridge, heard of my sickness, and told me to see Nurse Caisse, as he had known of her to cure cancers. So I got in touch with Miss Caisse. and she gave me a treatment. In a weeks time I started to improve. I kept on with her treatments and in two weeks time could have a passage quite freely. The pains held ceased and I felt better in every way. In seven weeks time, I had another X-ray taken. Dr Bastedo read the plate and said that it was wonderful the way the cancer was disappearing. He gave me another examination, and said Miss Caisse was a wonder to remove the lump so quickly, for when he had examined me the first time it was just like shoving his finger up against a stone.
    I now consider that the cancer is killed and I am feeling fine.
    Last summer I weighed only one hundred and forty two pounds, today I weigh one hundred and fifty-five pounds.
    Dr Bastedo said that he had been waiting for Miss Caisse to cure me, and that he would help to have her boosted right up.
                    John Vanclieaf
PS I am not writing against Dr Bastedo, as I think that he is a first class doctor and he has always used me fine.
                            John Vanclieaf.

Copy of letter written  John Vanclieaf to Editor of the Toronto Daily Star
                    June 4/36
"The Editor"
Toronto Daily Star,
20 King St W.,
Toronto, Ont.

Dear Mr Editor,
    I was fortunate, in that, I had a medical doctor who recommended I go to Miss Rene M. Caisse of Bracebridge for treatment of cancer, instead of operation.
    I had a cancer of the lower bowel and had about five or six weeks to live when I went to Miss Caisse for treatment. I had only taken a few treatments when I noticed a decided improvement.
    I went to her in 1935 and Miss Caisse sent me back to my doctor after seven weeks treatment and he marvelled at my improvement. Since then, I have been examined by three doctors and they find I have no trace of cancer and my physical condition is wonderful.
    I cannot understand why the Medical Profession do not support this work and make it available to more people. In my visits to Miss Caisse's Cancer Clinic at Bracebridge, I have met and talked to other patients who are cured and others who have had such wonderful relief. I feel that Miss Caisse should be encouraged in this wonderful work of helping suffering humanity. Such an effort of hers is worthy of recognition.
    I, for one, know that if it wasn't for this treatment I would be dead long ago, and there are so many others who can not know about it, that 1 feel it should be published far and wide.
    I was with a deputation from Bracebridge last year when the mayor of Bracebridge made representation of a petition signed by twenty-seven hundred people asking that Miss Caisse be able to demonstrate to the Public Health Department on patients of their choosing what she can do for a person suffering with cancer. The Honourable Minister of Health promised that he would arrange for her to demonstrate but so far has not kept his promise. I for one would like to know why this has not yet been done. She has cured me and I know she can cure others it is something that should be brought   to  the notice  of the public.
    The death rate from cancer is increased every year. Here is something that could improve this condition, and it is not given recognition because the lady who has discovered this treatment and developed it during the past thirteen years, is not a medical doctor. This should not make any difference, if people suffering from cancer can be helped, a big majority of them cured.
    I feel very keenly about this and trust that you will find space in this column for this letter.
            Yours truly
                John Vanclieaf

Mr J. W. Vanclieaf visited Cancer Clinic at Bracebridge on September 25, 1938. Was looking very well, said he was in the best of health, had spent the past summer working hard tanning leather and making canoes.

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