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Ernesto Bozzano, Professor - The parapsychological manifestations of animals – 41 The Count Tromelin described how Mrs Meille has an hallucination of his dog



Type of Spiritual Experience


Number of hallucinations: 2


This account is terribly confusing as Count Tromelin says that only Radium had the white star on his forehead, Flora didn’t.  As such Mrs Meille had an hallucination of Radium not Flora, she specifically says “ this dog looked at me with so good, so sweet, a melancholic expression …. and on [her] its forehead the white star”.  Too much wishful thinking.


NOTES on this case by Professor Ernesto Bozzano

These are the conclusions of the Count de Tromelin. In the second of the quoted episodes, the author's subjective visions would not in themselves have any probative value, because they too closely recall the well-known class of "hypnagogic and hypnopompic" hallucinations, but the same is not true for the other subjective auditory phenomenon, the characteristic noise imitating stones rolling on the terrace, in accordance with the favourite game of the dead little dog. This supernormal manifestation corresponds to other similar phenomena of human origin, in the case of telepathy between the alive or between the living and the dead. When these manifestations occur between the living and the deceased, they constitute good evidence in favour of the personal identification of the deceased whom they characterize, by virtue of the counter-proof that, when these same phenomena of telepathic hearing occur between the living, they are found to be true, in the sense that they correspond to a real action or an authentic idea of the agent.

If this is the case for human manifestations, the same conclusion could not be rejected for animal manifestations, when they are perfectly related to the idiosyncrasies that characterized the animal during its lifetime.

No doubt, from a strictly scientific point of view, isolated evidence of this nature would not be sufficient to legitimize a definitive conclusion in favour of the personal identification of the deceased. However, it is considered as a good auxiliary proof converging towards this demonstration. This would already represent a valuable concession from the point of view of animal identification.



A description of the experience

Professor Ernesto Bozzano - The parapsychological manifestations of animals - 130 cases proving animal mediumistic abilities

Cases 120 and 121. - (Visual-auditory-collective.) - The Count Tromelin, known in metapsychic research, author of two books on these questions, communicates to the Scientific and Moral Review of Spiritism, 1913, p. 40, the following two cases that concern him personally:

...Until March of this year 1913, I owned a beautiful dog called Flora, from which a little puppy named Radium was born, who looked like his mother. He only had, in addition, a white star on his forehead. Apart from that, the fur of two dogs was entirely yellow.

On March 25, an automobile ran over poor Flora, and she was brought back to the villa in agony. Despite our prompt care, the poor animal soon died - to our great regret. Her son Radium remained alone at the villa. However, here is the curious incident I had the opportunity to witness the other day.

In front of my small house there is a large terrace, in the middle of which is a marble table and, on the right as you enter, Radium’s kennel. On April 3, at 11 a.m., I was sitting at the table in question, talking with Mrs. Meille. I was placed in such a way that I had in front of me Radium’s kennel and his yellow legs were poking out of the entrance. Mrs. Meille had her back to the kennel, looking to the left side of the terrace. We had been talking for five minutes about things that didn't matter, when I saw Mrs. Meille turn around for a moment to look at Radium's kennel and then exclaim:

"Ah! My goodness! That is an extraordinary thing! And so it was Flora, since Radium is in his kennel!"

I asked for an explanation of these words by noting: "Yes! Radium is in his kennel; but Flora, - where did you see her?"

Mrs. Meille stretched out her arm indicating the place and specifying the facts with these words, which I immediately wrote down:

‘As we were talking, I looked at a dog lying on the left side of the terrace there’, and she pointed at it, ‘whom I assumed to be Radium, certainly not imagining myself having poor Flora in front of me, whom I knew was dead’.

‘However, the Radium that I saw looked so much like Flora, that I thought: "If I didn't know that Flora is dead, I would swear that the dog looking at me is really Flora". Indeed, the illusion was perfect, because this dog looked at me with so good, sweet, melancholic expression of Flora and on her forehead the white star. .......

So I assumed that the white star I saw was an effect of light. I was also wondering how Radium, who used to always go to sleep in the sun, this time went to sleep in the shade. But then, as I was thinking like that, I heard behind me the characteristic sound of a dog scratching itself in its kennel. This is when I turned around for a moment to have a look, and then immediately looked at the other dog who had been in front of me for five minutes, but he had disappeared in the short time that I had turned around. Hence my exclamation of astonishment. ……."


This case is not alone... I owned another Fox Terrier bitch named Flora like the previous one, who died poisoned after long suffering, by the wickedness of a neighbour. Those who know me know that when I go to bed at night, I see all sorts of visions and ghosts, which march in front of me. This happens while I am perfectly awake and in possession of my normal consciousness.

However, the day after the death of this other Flora, she suddenly appeared to me. It was her, undoubtedly. However, in this first vision, she tried to get up on her feet.

The next day, with other visions, Flore appeared to me for the second time and managed to stand on her feet, only to disappear immediately afterwards.

On the third day, the same apparition occurred again; this time it seemed cheerful and healthy. She made a few jumps of joy and disappeared. Then I never saw her again.

Some time later, one evening, she manifested herself quite loudly, making herself heard in a very special game that she loved very much and which was therefore very suitable for having her recognized. Flore's most salient characteristic feature was her passion for playing with stones, which we threw at her and she brought back to us, only to make them roll noisily on the terrace and elsewhere. However, it was the noise produced by this game of stones rolling on the terrace that we clearly perceived one evening, to the point that we could have sworn that Flora was there having fun rolling rocks, if we had not known that she had been dead for six months...

The source of the experience

Bozzano, Professor Ernesto

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