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Egyptian Book of the Dead - Spell 110



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Lakes can be found at many different levels – air, water, earth, fire and so on and have a different meaning depending on the level.   Ancient Egyptian cosmology recognised quite a large number of lakes……


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The Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead – translated by R O Faulkner
Spell 110

Here begin the spells of the Field of Offerings and spells of going forth into the  day;

of coming and going in the realm of the dead;

of being provided for in the Field of Rushes which is in the Field of Offerings,

the abode of the Great Goddess, the Mistress of Winds;

having strength thereby, having power thereby,

ploughing therein,

reaping and eating therein,

drinking therein,

copulating therein,

and doing everything that used to be done on earth by N................

Now it befell that I rowed in the bark in the Lake of Offerings; I took it from the Limbs of Shu, and his northern stars, his Limbs, were set in due order; I rowed and arrived at its waterways and towns, I fared southward to the god who is in it, because I am he who would rest in his fields...........

I am one whom Hotep knows, I row on its waterways, I arrive at its towns.  My utterance is mighty, I am more acute than the spirits and they shall not have power over me.

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Egyptian Book of the Dead

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