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Dying lady sees members of her deceased family beckoning her



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The Wisdom of Near-Death Experiences – Dr Penny Sartori

The following case was reported to me by a hospice nurse:

A few weeks ago while on a night shift I was nursing a lady on the 'end-of-life care pathway'. She was unconscious and comfortable by then. She had been on the care pathway for about five days and her family had stayed all that time with hardly any sleep.

I was talking to the son-in-law during a night shift and he told me that a week before, the patient had been staring at a point on the ceiling and said she could see her brother and her husband, both of whom had died, sitting in a pub, holding out drinks and calling her. She told them she wasn't ready yet.

At around that time she also called out a name and looked over to the curtains by the door. The brother-in-law reassured her that he was there as it was his name she had called. The patient told him it was her brother (who had the same name) who she was calling. She said her brother was standing by the curtains.

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