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Dried poppy pods made them very very sick



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I have put this experience in because it describes the fact that Poppy pod tea is not the same as Opium - and he says so.

It had an effect but the effect is somewhat difficult to classify, so I have had to call it 'other'.  He said "feeling extremely pleasant, somewhere between sleep and conciousness. Finally we passed out."

It does not sound at all appealing " Smoking a little marijuana ... minimizes the urge to vomit"

The spelling has not been changed, it is as it was in the report.

A description of the experience

Citation:   Mr. Frog. "Chasing the Dragon: An Experience with Opium Poppy Tea (ID 17405)". Erowid.org. Feb 9, 2003. erowid.org/exp/17405 [I have edited this to extract the important bits]

I have tried a wide varieties of opiates. From Heroin, to pills, to raw opium.
I have learned that I prefer raw opium as opposed to any other synthetic or extracted substances.

Unfortunately, high quality black tar opium is difficult to come by. Often, I have found that much circulating opium, is incense, or at best, a poppy straw extract. Occasionally, you are lucky enough to find a high quality gram of smokable O, but these opportunities are few and far between. This is not even to mention the extremely inflated cost, 20 - 30 dollars a gram for quality O out here in the great lake states. I have tried growing, but poppies are difficult to grow indoors (I don't have a house) and growing is risky.

The best way, in my opinion, to enjoy a decent opium high, [if you can’t get the opium] is through dried poppy pods.   Smoking a little marijuana ... minimizes the urge to vomit.

My strongest experience was the first time I got Poppy pods ground, not whole. I wasn't exactly sure how many grams to put in, I normally go by a certain number of pods. This method can be inaccurate, but I deal with same variety of poppy and are familiar with the shape, size, and potency of the strain. I put in what appeared to by 3-5 pods for each person, and tried to take into account that the pods were ground better than I could ever grind them.

The tea was brewed, I added modest portion of cinnamon and honey. I find this makes the flavor of the tea most bearable.

The tea was portioned out to each person with about one cup of tea leftover. With me was my grrlfriend and another friend, also a female.

We each drank our tea. While we were waiting the effects to kick in we smoked a half gram of raw Opium and we smoked 5 or 6 bowls of pot. Within 45 minutes we could feel the effects coming on, I felt I could finish off the remaining tea and I did.

…. the girls began feeling extremely O'ped up, as was I. However, they began to complain of nausea. I was trying my best to help them to the bathroom to vomit, without making myself too sick. It was difficult for any of us to move at all and the girls were vomiting all over my apartment by this point. Realizing there was nothing I could do now, I let them vomit. I realized I had messed up and should have wieghed out the pods.

I was dissappointed in myself, normally I am more cautious when doing the dosage for someone else. I felt a bit guilty for making them sick. Somehow, I managed to avoid puking. Once they were no longer ill, we dragged ourselves to my bedroom. We spent hours lying down, feeling extremely pleasant, somewhere between sleep and conciousness. Finally we passed out. Since that expierence I have learned to be more careful.

Reading the other opium expierence reports, I was dissappointed to hear so many negative reports regarding opium tea. I highly recommend opium, but respect the pod.

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