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Post 83

I've been having these dreams about a future war that is about to unfold in the near future. I've been seeing myself waking up in an abandoned house full of weapons and people. Some are my family and some are people I don't know, and I wake up feeling normal. I say hello to everybody, I eat breakfast put on these camouflage clothes and put on a gillie suit. I grab a sniper rifle and some ammo and everything that a rebel fighter would need so I go outside and its just jungle but I'm in australia because of the animals I see and hear and the trees and everything else.

I'm overweight but in my dream I'm not, but I'm much older – probably in my early 20's. I walk up a mountain to where there's a cliff overlooking some base but they're not Australian soldiers. They look like there middle eastern so I get on the ground and observe I pick up a radio and I signal the Australian army and give them coordinates for a bomb run. I call it in and I begin killing the wanderers silently, picking a few off and I notice a symbol that I see in every dream on my gun on my uniform. It's a cobra wrapped around a knife with barbed wire tangled around the snake and the knife has blood dripping off it and the barbed wire so the fighter bombers come in and boom, boom – 500 pound bombs drop and kill. Most of them are still crawling and I kill them all including children and women only because they're armed. Am I dreaming about a future uprising or war that comes to Australia or am I just dreaming about it because it's all in my head? What if this will happen because the dreams continue, not the same like a story line. It's different every night. Can someone tell me what they mean?


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