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Dr Duke's list of the Biological Activities of RUTIN



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Aldehyde oxidase (AO) is a metabolizing enzyme.  AO plays a very important role in the metabolization of numerous drugs.

Aldose reductase inhibitors are a class of drugs being studied as a way to prevent eye and nerve damage in people with diabetes. The enzyme is essential in the metabolism of glucose and fructose.  Here we think it better to concentrate on the cause of the diabetes

Allelopathy is a biological phenomenon by which an organism produces one or more biochemicals that influence the growth, survival, and reproduction of other organisms

AntiCVI - we do not know the correct definition for this entry.  Definitions ofr this acronym include:

  • Cerebrovascular insult, = stroke
  • Chronic venous insufficiency, a medical condition affecting veins of the leg
  • Cortical visual impairment, a form of brain-related visual impairment

Antiaggregant = blood thinner

Antiallergic – allergies can be caused by any number of reasons, but we have recorded that rutin helps with allergies through an unknown mechanism

Antiapoplectic – apoplexy has a number of definitions both old fashioned and new.

Antiatherogenic and Antiatherosclerotic – both relate to atherosclerosis

Anticancer - cancer has its causes and it is the action on the causes which is more important to the activity of rutin

Anticapillary-Fragility – Blood circulatory system disease

Anticataract – cataracts

Anticlastogen – A clastogen is a mutagenic agent giving rise to or inducing disruption or breakages of chromosomes, This process is a form of mutagenesis, and can lead to carcinogenesis. Known clastogens include acridine yellow, benzene, ethylene oxide, arsenic, phosphine and mimosine.  Classified here as toxins.  This activity also makes Rutin a form of chelation agent

Anticonvulsant – Epilepsy

Antidementia – Dementia and Alzheimers

Antidermatitic – Skin diseases

Antidiabetic – Diabetes

Antiedemic – Oedema

Antierythemic - Erythema (from the Greek erythros, meaning red) is redness of the skin or mucous membranes

Antifeedant - An insecticide that works by putting the insect off feeding on the plant

Antiglaucomic – Glaucoma is an eye disease

Antihematuric - Bladder and urinary tract disease; Hematuria is the presence of red blood cells (erythrocytes) in the urine. It may be a sign that there is a kidney stone or a tumor in the urinary tract or urinary tract infection.

Antihemorrhoidal - Haemorrhoids  are vascular structures in the anal canal. In their normal state, they are cushions that help with stool control. They become pathological or piles when swollen or inflamed.

Antihepatotoxic – Liver disease

Antiherpetic – Herpes simplex

Antihypertensive – Hypertension

Antiinflammatory – inflammation

Antimalarial – malaria

Antimelanomic – Melanoma, Cancer, Skin diseases

Antimetastatic - Metastasis, or metastatic disease, is the spread of a cancer or other disease from one organ or part to another not directly connected with it.

Antimutagenic - In genetics, a mutagen is a physical or chemical agent that changes the genetic material, usually DNA, of an organism and thus increases the frequency of mutations above the natural background level.  Many of these are toxins such as nanoparticles but radiation is also a culprit

Antinephritic - Nephritis is inflammation of the kidneys

Antinociceptive - Nociception is the encoding and processing of harmful stimuli in the nervous system by stimulation of specialized free nerve endings called nociceptors or "pain receptors" that only respond to tissue damage caused by intense chemical (e.g., chilli powder in the eyes), mechanical (e.g., pinching, crushing) or thermal (heat and cold) stimulation. Once stimulated, a nociceptor sends a signal along a chain of nerve fibers via the spinal cord to the brain. Nociception may also result in a subjective experience of pain.  Thus pain relief from extreme pain.

Antiperoxidant - Peroxidation is a type of reaction in which oxygen atoms are formed leading to the production of peroxides. It is stimulated in the body by certain toxins and infections.

Antiplatelet – Blood thinner

Antiproliferant; Proliferation means to grow or multiply by rapidly producing new tissue, parts, cells, or offspring.  Thus an antiproliferant opposes this. 

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Dr. Duke's
Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases


Biological Activities of RUTIN

5-HT-Inhibitor; X12584792;

Aldehyde-Oxidase-Inhibitor; IC27-52=10 uM; X16394541;

Aldose-Reductase-Inhibitor; 100 uM; JBC8:211 CPB38:297;

Aldose-Reductase-Inhibitor; 4 ug/ml; SKN43:99;

Allelochemic; SN149:389;

AntiCVI; 270 mg/man/day; EJC50:43 BRU;

Antiaggregant; ED50=33 nmol/kg iv; X3101704 X6442773;

Antiallergic; FT73:557;


Antiatherogenic; LAF X15712986;

Antiatherosclerotic; JAF51:6452;

Antibacterial; JBH;

Anticancer; JAF47:397;

Anticapillary-Fragility; 20-100 mg orl man; M7;


Anticlastogen; JAF48:1738 X10820088;

Anticonvulsant; KCH;

Antidementia; BRU;

Antidermatitic; BIS;

Antidiabetic; CPB38:297;

Antiedemic; 270 mg/day orl man; EJC50:43 411;


Antifeedant; 450 JAF50:5751;

Antiglaucomic; 60 mg/day; WER;


Antihemorrhoidal; BRU JAD FNF;

Antihepatotoxic; TOX;

Antiherpetic; EMP5:198;


Antihypertensive; KCH;

Antiinflammatory; 20 mg/kg; X16132362 X15664304;

Antimalarial; IC50=>100 ug/ml; JE15:204;

Antimelanomic; X16104801;

Antimetastatic; X16104801 X7656234 X2070483;

Antimutagenic; ID50=2-5 nM; PCF X6360409 X2495440;


Antinociceptive; PR14:401;

Antioxidant; IC28=30 ppm; PCF X10820088 X15573768 X14636833 X12956392;

Antioxidant; IC50=120 uM; PC27:972;

Antioxidant; IC54=10 uM; JMF5:1;

Antiperoxidant; IC50=10-20 uM; X1559614 X3355718;

Antiplatelet; FT73:557;

Antiproliferant; 50-75 uM/l; X12010246 X16104801 X3355718;

Antiprotozoal; FT73:557;


Antiradicular; 9 x quercetin; JAF47:397 JBH;

Antispasmodic; LAF JE26:83;

Antisunburn; PM61:510;

Antithrombogenic; EC50=500 nM; X3101704;

Antithyroid; IC50=68 uM; X12065212;

Antitrypanosomic; 100 mg/kg; PM57:A44;

Antitumor; JAF47:397 PCF:267 X7656234 X2070483;

Antitumor-Promoter; JAF47:397 CPB38:776;

Antiulcer; PR14:581;

Antivaricose; BRU JBH;

Antiviral; V&D JBH;

Apoptotic; 75 uM/l; X12010246;

Cancer-Preventive; 525;

Capillariprotective; M11;

Catabolic; AFR27:173;

Chemopreventive; X9162301 X2138505 X15712986;

Cytoprotective; IC50=3 uM; X1559614;

Estrogenic?; EMP6:189;

Hemostat; KCH X15609601;

Hepatomagenic; 20,000 ppm (diet) rat; PCF;

Hepatoprotective; 20 mg/kg rat; FT73:557;

Hypocholesterolemic; KCH;

Hypotensive; LAF;

Immunomodulator; FT73:557;

Insecticide; TOX;

Insectiphile; JBH;

Juvabional; 382;

Larvistat; IC95=4,000-8,000 ppm diet; 438;

Lipoxygenase-Inhibitor; IC75=2.5 mM; JAF38:688;

Mutagenic; EMP6:189;

Myoprotective; FT73:557;

Myorelaxant; EMP6:189;

Oviposition-Stimulant; JBH;

PAF-Inhibitor; X12584792;


Protisticide; FT73:557;

Radioprotective; JAF48:1738;

Sunscreen; PM61:510;

Topoisomerase-II-Inhibitor; IC50=1 ug/ml; AAC41:992;

Vasodilator; FT73:557;


cAMP-Phosphodiesterase-Inhibitor; PAM;

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