Does heaven exist? With well over 100,000 plus recorded and described spiritual experiences collected over 15 years, to base the answer on, science can now categorically say yes. Furthermore, you can see the evidence for free on the website allaboutheaven.org.

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This book, which covers Visions and hallucinations, explains what causes them and summarises how many hallucinations have been caused by each event or activity. It also provides specific help with questions people have asked us, such as ‘Is my medication giving me hallucinations?’.

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Dr Duke's list of Chemicals and their Biological Activities in: Symphytum officinale L. (Boraginaceae) -- Comfrey



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Dr. Duke's Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases

Chemicals and their Biological Activities in: Symphytum officinale L. (Boraginaceae) -- Comfrey


ALLANTOIN Leaf 13,000 ppm; Root 6,000 - 8,000 ppm

Antidandruff; Antiinflammatory; Antioxidant; Antipeptic 30-130 mg/man/day; Antipsoriac 2%; Antiradicular; Antiulcer; Immunostimulant; Keratolytic; Sunscreen 0.1%; Suppurative; Vulnerary

ALUMINUM Root 237 ppm;

Antisilicotic; Antivaginitic; Candidicide; Encephalopathic; Pesticide

ASCORBIC-ACID Root 132 ppm;

Acidulant FEMA 6,000; Aldose-Reductase-Inhibitor; Analgesic 5-10 g/day; Angiotensin-Receptor-Blocker; AntiAGE 2,000 mg/day; Antiaggregant; Antiaging 400 mg/day; Antiallergic; Antialzheimeran 2,000-6,000 mg/day; Antiarthritic 0.2-1 g/day; Antiasthmatic 1,000 mg/day; Antiatherosclerotic; Antibacterial; Anticataract 1 g 3x/day 350 mg/day 400 mg/day; Anticervicaldysplasic 1,000-2,000 mg/day; AntiCFS 500-1,000 mg; Anticlimacteric 500-5,000 mg/day; Anticold 1-2 g/man/day; AntiCrohn's 50-100 mg/day/orl/man; AntiCTS 1,000 mg 3x/day; Antidecubitic 500 mg/man/2x/day; Antidementia; Antidepressant 2,000 mg/day; Antidiabetic; Antidote (Aluminum); Antidote (Cadmium); Antidote (Lead); Antidote (Paraquat); Antieczemic 3.5-5 g/day; Antiedemic 1 g/man/day; Antiencephalitic; Antiendometriotic 2,000 mg/day; Antifatigue 500-1,000 mg; Antifibrotic 1,000-2,000 mg; Antigallstone 1,000-3,000 mg/day; Antigastritic; Antigingivitic; Antiglaucomic 2 g/day; Antihangover 1,000 mg; Antihemorrhagic 1 g/man/day; Antihepatitic 2-6 g/man/day; Antihepatotoxic; Antiherpetic 1-5 g/day; Antihistaminic 2 g/day orl man; Antihypertensive; Antiinfertility 1 g/day; Antiinflammatory; Antilepric 1.5 g/man/day; Antilithic 1,000-3,000 mg/day; AntiLyme 500-2,000 mg; Antimaculitic; Antimeasles; Antimenopausal 500-5,000 mg/day; Antimigraine; Antimutagenic; Antineuramidase; Antinitrosic 1 g/man/day; Antiobesity 1 g 3x/day; Antiorchitic; Antiosteoarthritic 1 g 2x/day; Antiosteoporotic 500 mg/day; Antioxidant 100 ppm; Antiparkinsonian 1 g 2-3x/day; Antiparotitic; Antiperiodontitic 1 g 2x/day; Antipneumonic; Antipodriac; Antipoliomyelitic; Antipyretic; Antiradicular; AntiRaynaud's 500 mg 1-2x/day; Antiretinotic; Antirheumatic; Antirhinitic 1,000 mg 3x/day; Antiscorbutic 10 mg/man/day; Antiseptic 4-8 g/day MIC=3.3-217 mg/ml; Antishingles; Antispasmodic 500-5,000 mg/day; Antistress 500-1,000 mg; Antisyndrome-X 1-4 g/day; Antitumor (Gastric); Antitumor (Lung); Antiulcer; Antiviral 1-5 g/day; Apoptotic 1-10 mM; Asthma-preventive 1,000 mg/day/orl; Beta-Adrenergic Receptor Blocker; Beta-Glucuronidase-Inhibitor 1.5 g/day/man; Calcium-Antagonist; Cancer-Preventive; Cardioprotective; Cold-preventive 1-2 g/day; Collagenic; Detoxicant; Diuretic 700 mg/man/orl; Fistula-Preventive; Hypocholesterolemic 300-1,000 mg/day; Hypoglycemic; Hypotensive 1,000 mg/man/day; Immunomodulator; Immunostimulant; Interferonogenic; Lithogenic; Mucolytic 1 g/woman/day; Pesticide; Uricosuric 4 g/man/day; Urinary-Acidulant; Vasodilator; Vulnerary

ASH Root 140,000 ppm;

No activity reported.

ASPARAGINE Root 10,000 - 30,000 ppm

Antisickling; Diuretic

BETA-CAROTENE Root 660 ppm;

Allergenic; Androgenic?; Antiacne; Antiaging; Antiarthritic; Antiasthmatic; Anticancer; Anticarcinomic; Anticervicaldysplasic; Anticoronary 50 mg/man/2 days; Antihyperkeratotic; Antiichythyotic; Antileukoplakic; Antilipoperoxidant IC71=50 ug/ml; Antilupus 150 mg/man/day/2 mos; Antimaculitic; Antimastitic; Antimutagenic; Antioxidant; Antiozenic; Antipapillomic; Antiphotophobic 30-300 mg/man/day; Antipityriasic; AntiPMS; Antiporphyric; Antiproliferant; Antipsoriac; Antiradicular; Antirheumatic; Antistress; Antitumor; Antitumor (Breast) IC45=60 ug/ml; Antitumor (CNS) IC43=45 ug/ml; Antitumor (Colon); Antitumor (Lung) IC30=60 ug/ml; Antitumor (Prostate); Antitumor (Stomach) IC26=45 ug/ml; Antiulcer 12 mg 3x/day/man/orl 15,000-25,000 IU/day; Antixerophthalmic; Cancer-Preventive 22 ppm; Chemopreventive; Colorant; COX-1-Inhibitor IC78=50 ug/ml; COX-2-Inhibitor IC82=50 ug/ml; Gastroprotective; Immunostimulant 180 mg/man/day/orl; Interferon-Synergist; Mucogenic; Phagocytotic; Prooxidant 20 ug/g; Thymoprotective; Ubiquiot


No activity reported.


Aldose-Reductase-Inhibitor 4 ug/ml (weak activity); Allergenic; Analgesic; Antiadenoviral; Antiaggregant; Antiaging; Antiatherogenic; Antibacterial; Anticancer; Anticarcinogenic; Antidepressant; Antiedemic; Antielastase IC50=86 ug/ml (475 uM) IC50=93 um/l; Antiescherichic; Antiflu; Antigonadotropic; Antihemolytic 25 uM; Antihepatoadenomic 200 ppm diet orl mus; Antihepatotoxic; Antiherpetic 50 ug/ml EC50=>50 ug/ml; Antihistaminic; AntiHIV EC50=200 ug/ml; Antihypercholesterolemic; Antihyperthyroid; Antiinflammatory; AntiLegionella; Antileukemic; Antileukotriene; Antimelanogenic; Antimutagenic; Antinitrosaminic; Antiophidic; Antioxidant 1.3 x Vit. E 1/2 BHA 1/3 quercetin 30 mM 50 uM IC57=30 ppm; Antiperoxidant IC35=200 ug/ml IC50=44 uM IC85=100 ug/ml; Antiproliferant; Antiprostaglandin; Antiradicular 1/3 quercetin 10 uM 30 mM IC50=32-35 uM; Antiseptic; Antispasmodic EC50=3.4-15 uM; Antistaphylococcic; Antistomatitic; Antisunburn; Antithiamin; Antithyroid; Antitumor 200 ppm diet orl mus; Antitumor (Skin); Antitumor-Promoter IC42=10 uM; Antiulcerogenic; Antivaccinia; Antiviral IC50=62.5 ug/ml; Anxiolytic; Calcium-Antagonist IC50=1.2 uM rbt; Cancer-Preventive; Carcinogenic 2% (diet); Chemopreventive; Cholagogue; Choleretic; Clastogenic; CNS-Active; Co-carcinogenic; Collagen-Sparing; COX-2-Inhibitor IC32=100 uM; Cytoprotective; Cytotoxic TC50=200 ug/ml; Diuretic; DNA-Active; DNA-Protective; Fungicide MIC=0.4 mg/ml; Hepatocarcinogenic 400 ppm diet orl mus (in the absence of alcohol); Hepatoprotective; Hepatotropic; Histamine-Inhibitor; Immunostimulant; Insectifuge; Leukotriene-Inhibitor; Lipoxygenase-Inhibitor IC27=5 mM IC50=62-148 uM; Lyase-Inhibitor IC50=94-164 uM; Metal-Chelator; Ornithine-Decarboxylase-Inhibitor; Pesticide; Prooxidant; Prostaglandigenic; Sedative 500 mg; Sunscreen IC50=2.5 mg/l IC91=5 mg/l IC98=25 mg/l; Tumorigenic; Vulnerary; Xanthine-Oxidase-Inhibitor IC50=39.21 uM

CALCIUM Root 11,300 ppm;

Antiallergic 500 mg/day; Antianxiety; Antiarrhythmic 500-1,500 mg; Antiarthritic 1,000 mg/day; Antiatherosclerotic 500 mg/day; Anticlimacteric 1,000-1,500 mg/day; Antidepressant; Antidote (Aluminum); Antidote (Lead); Antihyperkinetic; Antihypertensive; Antiinsomniac; Antimenopausal; Antiobesity; Antiosteoporotic 500-2,000 mg/day; Antiperiodontitic 750 mg/day; AntiPMS 1 g/day; Antirheumatic 1,000 mg/day; Antistress 500-1,500 mg/day; Antitic; Anxiolytic; Calcium-Channel-Blocker; Diuretic; Hypocholesterolemic 500 mg/day; Hypotensive 1 g/day; Laxative 1,000-1,200 mg; Tranquilizer 500-1,500 mg/day; Vasodilator

CARBOHYDRATES Root 759,000 ppm;

No activity reported.

CAROTENES Plant 6,300 ppm;

No activity reported.


Aldose-Reductase-Inhibitor IC50=1.8 uM rat (strong activity); Allelochemic; Allergenic; Analgesic; Antiatherosclerotic; Antibacterial; Anticancer (Colon); Anticancer (Forestomach); Anticancer (Liver); Anticancer (Skin); Anticarcinogenic; Antidiabetic; AntiEBV; Antifeedant; Antigenotoxic; Antigonadotropic; Antihemolytic 10 uM; Antihepatotoxic; Antiherpetic; Antihistaminic; AntiHIV; Antihypercholesterolemic; Antihyperthyroid; Antiinflammatory; AntiLegionella; Antileukotriene; Antimelanogenic; Antimutagenic; Antinitrosaminic; Antioxidant IC50=54.2 uM IC53=200 ppm IC80=12 uM; Antiperoxidant IC50=36 uM; Antipolio; Antiradicular 10 uM 9 x quercetin; Antiseptic; Antisunburn; Antithyroid; Antitumor; Antitumor (Colon); Antitumor (Forestomach); Antitumor (Liver); Antitumor (Skin); Antitumor-Promoter IC25=10 uM; Antiulcer; Antiviral; Autotoxic; Cancer-Preventive; Cardioprotective; Chemopreventive; Cholagogue; Choleretic; Clastogenic; CNS-Active; CNS-Stimulant 1/6 Caffeine; Collagen-Sparing; Diuretic; Fungicide; Hepatoprotective; Histamine-Inhibitor; Hypoglycemic; Immunostimulant; Insectifuge; Interferonogenic; Juvabional; Larvistat; Leukotriene-Inhibitor; Lipoxygenase-Inhibitor IC23=5 mM; Metal-Chelator; NO-Genic; Ornithine-Decarboxylase-Inhibitor; Oviposition-Stimulant; Pesticide; Sunscreen; Sweetener; Vulnerary


Antialzheimeran 5-16 g/man/day; Antichoreic; Anticirrhotic 6,000 mg/man/day; Anticystinuric; Antidementia; Antidiabetic; Antidyskinetic 150-200 mg/kg/man/day; Antihomocysteine; Antimanic 15-30 g/man/day/orl; Antinociceptive; Antisteatotic; Cardiodepressant; Cerebrotonic; Cholinergic; Hepatoprotective; Hypotensive; Ileorelaxant; Lipotropic; Memorigenic; Parasympathomimetic (1/1,000th acetylcholine)

CHROMIUM Root 8 ppm;

Amphiglycemic?; Antiacne; AntiAGE 200-1,000 ug; Antiaging; Antiatherosclerotic 20 ug/day; AntiCFS 200 ug; Anticorneotic; Antidiabetic 200-1,000 ug; Antidote (Lead); Antifatigue 200 ug; Antiglycosuric 200-1,000 ug; Antiobesity; Antisyndrome-X 200-800 ug; Antitriglyceride 20 ug/day 200-1,000 ug; Cardioprotective; Energizer; Hypocholesterolemic 20 ug/day 200-1,000 ug; Hypoglycemic; Hypotensive; Immunomodulator; Insulinogenic; Memorigenic

COBALT Root 129 ppm;

Cardiomyopathogenic; Erythrocytogenic


CNS-Paralytic; Curaroid; Myoparalytic

CONSOLIDINE Root 17 ppm;

CNS-Depressant; CNS-Paralytic; Curaroid; Myoparalytic


No activity reported.


Controlled; Hepatotoxic; Mutagenic


No activity reported.

FAT Root 17,000 ppm;

No activity reported.

FIBER Root 72,000 ppm;

Angiotensin-Receptor-Blocker; Antidiabetic; Antihypertensive; Antiobesity; Antitumor; Antiulcer; Beta-Blocker; Cancer-Preventive; Cardioprotective; Diuretic; Hypocholesterolemic; Hypotensive 10 g/man/day/orl; Hypouricemic; Laxative; Vasodilator


Antialcoholic; Antidiabetic; Antihangover; Antiketotic; Antinauseant; Laxative; Neoplastic; Sweetener 2 x glucose

GABA Root:

Analeptic; Anticephalagic; Anticerebrotic; Antichoreic 1-32 g/man/day; Anticonvulsant 4,120 mg/kg ipr mus; Antihypertensive 1,000-4,000 mg/man/day; Antiinsomniac; Antilethargic; Antistress; Antitinnitic; Anxiolytic; Cardiovascular 208 ivn dog; CNS-Inhibitor 0.1 mg/kg ivn cat 100 mg/kg ivn dog 2,500 mg/kg scu mus; Diuretic 1,500-4,000 mg/man/day; Hypotensive 1,000-4,000 mg/day; Neuroinhibitor; Neurotoxic (to birds); Neurotransmitter; Sedative; Tranquilizer


Acetylcholinergic; Antiedemic; Antihepatotoxic; Antiketotic; Antivaricose; Hyperglycemic; Memory-Enhancer


Antidote (Camphor); Antidote (Morphine); Antihepatotoxic; Detoxicant

GUM Root 50,000 - 100,000 ppm

No activity reported.


No activity reported.


No activity reported.

IRON Root 810 ppm;

Antiakathisic; Antianemic; Anticanker; Anticheilitic; Antimenorrhagic 100 mg/day/wmn/orl; Prooxidant


No activity reported.

KILOCALORIES Root 2,170 /kg;

No activity reported.


No activity reported.


No activity reported.


Antitumor; Carcinogenic; Hepatotoxic


Antigonadotrophic; Antithyroid; Cardiotonic



MAGNESIUM Root 1,700 ppm;

Antiaggregant 400 mg/day; Antialcoholic; Antianginal; Antianorectic; Antianxiety; Antiarrhythmic; Antiarthritic; Antiasthmatic; Antiatherosclerotic; Anticephalagic; AntiCFS; Anticlimacteric 500-750 mg/day; Anticonvulsant; Anticoronary 400 mg/day; Antidepressant; Antidiabetic 400-800 mg/man/day; Antidysmenorrheic 100 mg 4 x/day; Antiendometriotic 500 mg/day; Antienterotic; Antiepileptic 450 mg/day; Antifatigue; Antifibromyalgic 200-300 mg 3x/day; Antigastrotic; Antiglaucomic; Antihyperkinetic; Antihypertensive; Antihypoglycemic; Antiinflammatory 100 mg 4 x/day; Antiinsomniac; Antilithic; AntiLyme 400-1,000 mg; Antimastalgic; Antimenopausal 500-750 mg/day; Antimigraine 200 mg/day/man; Antimitral-valve-prolapse; AntiMS; Antinephrolytic; Antineurotic; Antiosteoporotic 500-1,000 mg/day/wmn/orl; Antiplaque 500-1,000 mg/day; AntiPMS 400-800 mg/day/wmn orl 400-800 mg/day/wmn/orl; AntiRaynaud's 280-350 mg/day; Antiretinopathic 400 mg/day; Antispasmodic; Antispasmophilic 500 mg/day; Antistress 500-750 mg/day; Antistroke 400 mg/day; Antisyndrome-X 400 mg/man/day; Anxiolytic 500-750 mg/day; Calcium-Antagonist; Cardioprotective; CNS-Depressant; Diuretic; Hypocholesterolemic 400 mg/day; Hypotensive 260-500 mg/day; Immunomodulator; Insulinogenic 400 mg/day; Laxative 300-500 mg/day; Litholytic; Myorelaxant 100 mg 4 x/day; Neurotransmitter; Tranquilizer 500-750 mg/day; Uterorelaxant 100 mg 4 x/day; Vasodilator

MANGANESE Root 67 ppm;

Antialcoholic; Antianemic; Antiarthritic; Antidiabetic 10-30 mg/man/day 3-5 mg/day; Antidiscotic; Antidyskinetic; Antiepileptic 450 mg/day; Antiosteoporotic; Antiototic; Antioxidant; AntiPMS; Antisyndrome-X 10-30 mg/man/day; Hypoglycemic

MUCILAGE Root 290,000 ppm;

Cancer-Preventive; Demulcent; Hypocholesterolemic

MUCOPOLYSACCHARIDES Root 250,000 - 300,000 ppm



Allergenic; Antiacrodynic; Antiallergic 50 mg/2x/day; Antialzheimeran; Antiamblyopic; Antianginal; Anticataract; Antichilblain; Anticonvulsant 3 g/day; Antidementia; Antidermatitic; Antidiabetic; Antidysphagic; Antiepileptic; Antihangover 50 mg; Antihistaminic 50 mg 2x/day; Antihyperactivity 1.5-6 g/day; Antiinsomnic 1 g/day; AntiLyme 50 mg/day; AntiMeniere's; Antineuralgic; Antiparkinsonian 100 mg/day; Antipellagric; AntiRaynaud's 1,500-4,000 mg/day; Antiscotomic; Antispasmodic 100 mg 2x/day; Antivertigo; Cancer-Preventive; Cardioprotective; Circulotonic; Fibrinolytic; Hepatoprotective; Hepatotoxic; Hypocholesterolemic 50-100 mg 3x/day; Hypoglycemic; Hypolipidemic; Sedative; Serotoninergic; Vasodilator


No activity reported.

PHOSPHORUS Root 2,111 ppm;

Antiosteoporotic; Anxiolytic; Immunostimulant; Osteogenic

POTASSIUM Root 15,900 ppm;

Angiotensin-Receptor-Blocker; Antiarrhythmic; Antidepressant; Antifatigue; Antihypertensive; Antispasmodic; Antistroke; Anxiolytic; Beta-Blocker; Cardioprotective 3,000-5,000 mg; Cardiotoxic 18,000 mg/man/day; Diuretic; Hypotensive; Vasodilator

PROTEIN Root 94,000 ppm;

No activity reported.

PYROCATECHINS Root 24,000 ppm;

No activity reported.

REDUCING-SUGARS Root 51,500 ppm;

No activity reported.


No activity reported.

RIBOFLAVIN Root 7.2 ppm;

Antiarabiflavinotic 2-10 mg/day orl; Anticarpal-Tunnel 50 mg/day; Anticataract 15 mg/day; Anticephalagic; Anticervicaldysplasic 1.6-10 mg/day; Anticheilitic; Antidecubitic; Antiglossitic; Antikeratitic; AntiLyme 50 mg/day; Antimigraine; Antioxidant; Antipellagric; Antiphotophobic; Cancer-Preventive

ROSMARINIC-ACID Leaf 5,000 ppm;

ABeta-Inhibitor; Adenylate-Cyclase-Inhibitor; Aldose-Reductase-Inhibitor; Antiaggregant; Antiallergic; Antialzheimeran; Antianaphylactic 1-100 mg/kg orl ID50=1 mg/kg ivn rat ID50=10 mg/kg ims rat; Antiatherosclerotic IC50=0.74 uM; Antibacterial; Anticoagulant; Anticomplementary 1/2 aspirin 20 mg/kg ivn; Antidepressant; Antiedemic 0.316-3.16 mg/kg ims; Antigonadotropic; Antihemolytic IC70=5-10 um/l; Antihepatotoxic; Antiherpetic 50 ug/ml EC50=20 ug/ml; AntiHIV EC50=40 ug/ml; Antihyperthyroid; Antiinflammatory IC~58=1,000 uM; Antiintegrase 10 ug/ml; Antileukotriene; Antilipoperoxidant; Antimutagenic; Antinephritic; Antioxidant 10 uM EC50=2.7 ug/ml; Antioxidant (LDL) IC50=0.74 uM; Antiplaque; Antiproliferant; Antiprostaglandin 20 mg/kg ivn; Antiproteolytic IC50=0.9 mol l; Antipulmonotic; Antiradicular; Antishock; Antithyreotropic; Antithyroid; Antiuremic; Antiviral EC50=40 ug/ml; Anxiolytic; Apoptotic; Calcium-Antagonist IC50=1.2 uM rbt; Cancer-Preventive; COX-1-Inhibitor IC58=1,000 uM; COX-2-Inhibitor IC>58=1,000 uM; Cytotoxic TC50=100-150 ug/ml; Deiodinase-Inhibitor; Immunomodulator; Immunostimulant; Lipoxygenase-Inhibitor; Neuroprotective; Pesticide; Radioprotective


Analgesic 200 ug/day; Anorexic; Antiacne; Antiaggregant; Antiangiogenic 2 uM 230 ug/kg orl rat; Antiarthritic; Antiasthmatic; Antiatherosclerotic; Anticataract 400 ug/day; Anticirrhotic; Anticlimacteric 200 ug/day; Anticoronary; Antidandruff; Antidepressant; Antidote (Mercury); Antifibrotic 400 ug; Antigout 200 ug; AntiHIV; Antikeshan; Antileukemic 1.6 mg/kg ipr mus; Antileukotriene; Antimaculitic; Antimelanomic 480 ug/kg; Antimenopausal 200 ug/day; Antimetastatic 480 ug/kg; Antimyalgic 200 ug/day; AntiNF-kB; Antiosteoarthritic; Antioxidant 100-200 (-400) ug/man/day; Antiparkinsonian 200-400 ug/day; Antiproliferant 2 uM; Antiradicular 100-200 (-400) ug/man/day; Antirheumatic; Antisyndrome-X; Antitumor; Antitumor (brain) 38-150 ug/kg; Antitumor (Breast) 0.8 mg/kg scu mus 150 ug/kg diet rat 230 ug/kg orl rat 333.6 ug/day; Antitumor (Lung) 240 ug/kg diet; Antitumor (Prostate); Antiulcerogenic; Anxiolytic; AP-1-Inhibitor 2-50 uM; Apoptotic; Cancer-Preventive; Cardioprotective 200 ug/day; Depressant; Fungicide; Immunomodulator; Immunostimulant 100-200 (-400) ug/man/day; NF-kB-Inhibitor; Ornithine-Decarboxylase-Inhibitor; Pesticide; Polyamine-Synthesis-Inhibitor; Prostaglandin-Sparer; Protein-Kinase-C-Inhibitor IC50=2-50 uM; VEGF-Inhibitor

SILICIC-ACID Leaf 40,000 ppm; Root:


SILICON Root 35 ppm;

Antiarteriosclerotic; Antionychyotic; Antiosteoporotic; Cardioprotective


No activity reported.

SODIUM Root 3,510 ppm;



Antihepatotoxic; Antiinflammatory; Antinociceptive; Antiophidic 2.3 mg ipr mus; Antioxidant IC33=10 uM; Antiviral; Artemicide LC50=110 ppm; Cancer-Preventive; Estrogenic; Hypocholesterolemic; Ovulant; Sedative


Aggregant; Antihiccup 1 tsp; Antiophthalmic; Antioxidant; Atherogenic; Collyrium; Demulcent; Flatugenic; Hypercholesterolemic; Preservative; Sweetener 1 x sucrose; Triglycerigenic; Uricogenic; Vulnerary


No activity reported.




No activity reported.

TANNIN Plant 80,000 - 90,000 ppm

Anthelmintic; Antibacterial; Anticancer; Anticariogenic; Antidiarrheic; Antidysenteric; Antihepatotoxic; AntiHIV; Antihypertensive; Antilipolytic; Antimutagenic; Antinephritic; Antiophidic; Antioxidant 1/3 quercetin IC50=1.44 ug/ml; Antiradicular 1/3 quercetin 500 mg/kg/day orl mus; Antirenitic; Antitumor; Antitumor-Promoter; Antiulcer; Antiviral; Cancer-Preventive; Carcinogenic; Chelator; Cyclooxygenase-Inhibitor; Glucosyl-Transferase-Inhibitor; Hepatoprotective; Immunosuppressant; Lipoxygenase-Inhibitor; MAO-Inhibitor; Ornithine-Decarboxylase-Inhibitor; Pesticide; Psychotropic; Xanthine-Oxidase-Inhibitor

THIAMIN Root 1.2 ppm;

Analgesic 1-4 g/day; Antialcoholic 50-100 mg/day; Antialzheimeran 100-3,000 mg/day; Antianorectic; Antibackache 1-4 g/day; Antiberiberi; Anticanker; Anticardiospasmic; Anticataract; Anticolitic; Antidecubitic; Antideliriant; Antidementia; Antidyspeptic; Antiencephalopathic; Antifatigue; Antigastritic; Antihangover 50 mg; Antiheartburn; Antiherpetic; AntiLyme; Antimigraine; Antimyocarditic; Antineuralgic 1-4 g/day; Antineurasthenic; Antineuritic; Antineuropathic 50 mg; Antipoliomyelitic; Insectifuge 75-150 mg/man/day; Neuroprotective; Pesticide

TIN Root 6.7 ppm;

Antiacne; Antibacterial; Pesticide; Taenicide


No activity reported.

WATER Root 862,000 ppm;

No activity reported.


Antidiabetic; Diagnostic; Dye

ZINC Root 2.8 ppm;

ACE-Inhibitor; Analgesic; Antiacne 135 mg/day; Antiacrodermatitic 8-34 mg/day/orl/chd; Antialcoholic; Antialopecic; Antialzheimeran 50 mg/day; Antiangiogenic; Antianorexic; Antiarthritic 50 mg/3x/day/orl/man; AntiBPH 25-60 mg/day; Anticanker 100 mg/day; Anticataract 30 mg/day; Anticoeliac; Anticold 50 mg; Anticolitic; Anticoronary 30 mg/day; AntiCrohn's; Antidandruff; Antidementia; Antidiabetic; Antidote (Cadmium); Antidysgeuzic; Antieczemic 150 mg/day; Antiencephalopathic; Antiepileptic 100 mg/day; Antifibrotic 30 mg; Antifuruncular 45 mg/3x/day/man; Antihangover 15 mg; Antiherpetic? 25-60 mg/day; AntiHIV; Antiimpotence; Antiinfective 50 mg/day; Antiinfertility 60 mg/day; Antiinsomniac; Antilepric; Antileukonychic; Antilymphomic; Antimaculitic; Antimetastatic; Antineuropathic; Antinyctalopic; Antiobesity 30 mg/day; Antiosteoporotic; Antiperiodontitic; Antiplaque; Antiprolactin; Antiprostatitic 50 mg/man/day/orl; Antirheumatic; Antiseptic 50 mg/day; Antispare-Tire 30 mg/day; Antistomatitic 50 mg/man/3x/day; Antisyndrome-X 30 mg/day; Antitinnitic 60-120 mg/day; Antitriglyceride 30 mg/day; Antiulcer 50 mg/3x/day/man 88 mg/rat/day/15 days; Antiviral?; Astringent; Collagenic; Copper-Antagonist; Deodorant; Detoxicant (Alcohol); Ergogenic; Hypotensive 30 mg/day; Immunomodulator; Immunostimulant; Immunosuppressant 300 mg/day/6 wks/orl/man; Insulinogenic 30 mg/day; Leptingenic 30-60 mg/man/day; Mucogenic; NF-kB-Inhibitor; Pesticide; Spermigenic 60 mg/day; Testosteronigenic; Trichomonicide; Vulnerary

ppm = parts per million
tr = trace

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