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Dr Duke's list of Chemicals and their Biological Activities in: Menispermum canadense L. (Menispermaceae) -- Moonseed



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Chemicals and their Biological Activities in: Menispermum canadense L. (Menispermaceae) -- Moonseed



No activity reported.


No activity reported.


(+)-Inotropic MAB ; Abortifacient DUKE1992B ; Adrenolytic MAB ; Amebicide 200 ug/ml PAM EC83=100 ug/ml orl rat MAB ; Analgesic LRN-JUL91 ; Anesthetic LRN-JUL91 ; Antiacetylcholinesterase; Antiacne MAB ; Antiadrenergic KCH ; Antiaggregant; Antialzheimeran COX ; Antiamnesic MAB ; Antiangiogenic X15322253 ; Antiarrhythmic; Antiarthritic COX ; Antibacillus MIC=200 ug/ml PR14:303 ; Antibacterial 100 mg/4x/day LRN-JUL91 12.5-2,500 ug/ml PAM MIC=6-630 ug/ml PR14:303 ; Antibiotic PAM ; Anticancer; Anticariogenic MAB ; Antichlamydial PH2 ; Anticholecystitic 5-20 mg/3x/day/orl PAM ; Anticholera 150 mg/man/day MAR ; Anticirrhotic PAM ; Anticonjunctivitic 0.2% PAM ; Anticonvulsant 411 ; Antidiarrheic 100 mg/4x/day LRN-JUL91 ; Antidysenteric; Antiedemic MAB ; Antiendotoxic CAN ; Antienterotoxic PAM ; Antiesherichic; Antigiardial 10 mg/kg/day 414 ; Antiglaucomic AHP136 ; Antigonorrhea PJB1(3):231 ; Antihepatomic MAB ; Antihepatotic PMP25:62 ; Antiherpetic FEL ; Antihistaminic CAN ; Antiinflammatory; Antiischemic MAB ; Antileishmanic 10 ug/ml PR4(4):132 ; Antilipogenic IC63=10 uM MAB ; Antimalarial 0.14-0.36 ug/ml JE32:161 50 uM PR4(4):132 ; Antimitotic MAB ; Antimuscarinic CAN ; Antimyalgic FEL ; Antimycotic MAB ; Antineoplastic LRN-JUN87 ; Antinephritic PMP25:62 ; Antiperistaltic BRU ; Antipharyngitic PAM ; Antiphotooxidative JAF48:1058 ; Antiplasmodial IC50=0.14-0.36 ug/ml; Antipneumonic PAM ; Antipyretic 3 x aspirin; Antisalmonella PJB1(3):231 ; Antisecretory; Antiseptic 25 ug/ml; Antishigellic 12.5 ug/ml PAM ; Antispasmodic JBH ; Antispermigenic JE32:173 ; Antistaphylococcic PJB1(3):231 ; Antistrep PAM ; Antisyphilitic FEL ; Antitrachomic 0.2%; Antitrypanosomic 411 ; Antitubercular MIC=25 ug/ml; Antitumor (brain) IC91=150 ug/ml W&M ; Antiulcer; Antivaginitic KCH ; Antiviral KCH ; Astringent DUKE1992B ; Bilirubinolytic PH2 ; Calcium-Antagonist MAB ; Candidicide 414 ; Cardiodepressant KCH ; Cardiotonic; Carminative CAN ; Cholagogue AEHD1:99 ; Cholekinetic; Choleretic 411 ; Collyrium DUKE1992B ; COX-2-Inhibitor 100 ug/ml; Cyclooxygenase-Inhibitor DUKE1992B ; Cytotoxic JBH ; Digestive AHP137 ; Diuretic AHP137 ; Emetic AEHD1:101 ; Fungicide 12.5-150 ug/ml PAM ; Glaucomagenic AHP136 ; Hemostat DUKE1992B ; Hypocholesterolemic JE27:243 ; Hypoglycemic; Hypotensive; Immunostimulant; Lachrymatory MAB ; Larvicide 9 ppm JCE10:115 ; Leucocytogenic PH2 ; Lipase-Inhibitor MED ; Lipoxygenase-Inhibitor IC50=118 uM PM60:421 ; Mutagenic; Mycobactericide MIC=25-50 ug/ml PR14:303 ; Mydriatic MAB ; Myocardiodepressant DUKE1992B ; Myorelaxant AHP137 ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Phototoxic 9 ppm JCE10:115 ; Plasmodicide IC50=0.14-0.36 ug/ml POP:117 ; Prostaglandin-Synthesis-Inhibitor 25 mg/kg ivn rbt CHP12:526 ; Protisticide IC50=0.14-0.36 ug/ml POP:117 ; Respiradepressant MAR ; RNA-Depressant DUKE1992B ; RT-Inhibitor EMP5:222 ; Sedative; Stomachic PJB1(1) ; Topoisomerase-II-Inhibitor 2.5 uM PM61:414 ; Trichomonicide M29 ; Trypanocide; Uterocontractant; Uterotonic 411 ; Vagostimulant man AHP136 ; Vasoconstrictor 414 ; Vasodilator 2 mg/kg cat AHP136 ; Vermifuge PJB1(1) ; Vibriofuge LRN-JUL91


Analgesic JNP54:724 ; Anesthetic JBH ; Antiaggregant DUKE1992B ; Antiarrhythmic 4 mg/kg ivn hmn JNP54:724 ; Antidopaminergic JNP54:725 ; Antiinflammatory JNP54:724 ; Calcium-Antagonist ipr mus 50 mg/kg JNP54:724 K09728 ; CNS-Depressant DUKE1992B ; Curare JBH ; Cytotoxic 10 ppm DUKE1992B ; Dopamine-Receptor-Inhibitor PM56(2):143 ; Hepatotoxic 150 mg/kg 3 mos orl JNP54:724 ; Hypotensive ED=3-8 mg/kg DUKE1992B ; Myorelaxant DUKE1992B ; Uterorelaxant DUKE1992B


Myorelaxant DUKE1992B


No activity reported.

FAT Seed 160,000 ppm; DUKE1992A

No activity reported.


Antibacterial DUKE1992B ; Antineuromuscular ED50=10 mg/kg; Antispasmodic KCH ; CNS-Depressant KCH ; Curaroid <1% tubocurarine HDN ; Hypotensive; PAF-Inhibitor FT62:150 ; Paralytic HDN ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Toxic HDN ; Vasodilator KCH


No activity reported.


No activity reported.

PROTEIN Seed 131,000 ppm; DUKE1992A

No activity reported.


ACE-Inhibitor PM56(2):134 ; Analgesic JNP53(4):993 ; Antiaggregant JNP53:993 ; Antialopecic JNP54:731 ; Antianginal JNP54:729 ; Antiarrhythmic 5 mg/kg ivn gpg JNP54:729 ; Antidandruff JNP54:731 ; Antihistaminic PM56(2):145 ; Antiinflammatory ACM:411 ; Antiischemic 3-5 mg/kg ivn JNP54:729 ; Antimitotic DUKE1992B ; Antioxidant PM56:145 ; Antiphagocytotic JNP54:729 ; Antipyretic M11 ; Antiseptic DUKE1992B ; Antisilicotic ACM:411 ; Antitumor (Lung) DUKE1992B ; Bradycardic W&W ; Calcium-Antagonist JNP53:993 ; Circulatory-Stimulant PMP23:59 ; Hepatotoxic W&W ; Hypotensive 10-15 mg/kg ivn rats JNP54:729 ; Immunosuppressant JNP54:730 ; Membranomodulator JNP54:731 ; Mutagenic JNP54:731 ; Myorelaxant ACM:411 ; Vasodilator PM56(2):134


No activity reported.

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Dr Dukes plant database

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ppm = parts per million
tr = trace


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