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This book, which covers Visions and hallucinations, explains what causes them and summarises how many hallucinations have been caused by each event or activity. It also provides specific help with questions people have asked us, such as ‘Is my medication giving me hallucinations?’.

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Dr Duke's list of Chemicals and their Biological Activities in: Citrus limon (L.) BURMAN f. (Rutaceae) -- Lemon



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Chemicals and their Biological Activities in: Citrus limon (L.) BURMAN f. (Rutaceae) -- Lemon


1,8-CINEOLE Leaf Essent. Oil 11,000 - 70,000 ppm DUKE1992A

(-)-Chronotropic 87 nl/ml HH2 ; (-)-Inotropic HH2 ; Acaricide LC100=6 uM; Allelopathic; Allergenic M&R486 ; Anesthetic DUKE1992B ; Anthelmintic JBH ; Antiacetylcholinesterase IC50=41 ug/ml JAF46:3434 ; Antiallergic JFH33(6):569 ; Antibacterial 50 ppm; Antibronchitic PR14:240 ; Anticariogenic JNP59:823 ; Anticatarrh M29 ; Anticholinesterase IC50=50-70; Antifatigue JAR8:2 ; Antihalitosic AH12(4):17 ; Antiinflammatory EJP331:253 ; Antilaryngitic DUKE1992B ; Antinociceptive PR14:401 ; Antipharyngitic DUKE1992B ; Antiplaque X12537346 ; Antirheumatic PR14:240 ; Antirhinitic DUKE1992B ; Antiseptic JBH ; Antisinusitic PR14:240 ; Antispasmodic SHT158 ; Antistaphylococcic 50 ppm JAR8:2 ; Antitussive; Antiulcer X11281182 ; Candidicide LAF337 ; Carcinogenic ZEB ; Choleretic DUKE1992B ; CNS-Stimulant DUKE1992B ; Convulsant JAR8:2 ; Counterirritant M29 ; Cytochrome-P450-Inducer MED'95 ; Decongestant; Degranulant 0.3 ul/ml EJP331:253 ; Dentifrice M29 ; Edemagenic inj; Expectorant JBH ; FLavor FEMA 1-200 ARC ; Fungicide SHT158 ; Gastroprotective X11281182 ; Gram(+)icide JAR8:2 ; Gram(-)icide JAR8:2 ; Hepatotonic DUKE1992B ; Herbicide IC50=78 uM TOX ; Hypotensive DUKE1992B ; Inflammatory inj EJP331:253 ; Insectifuge; Irritant RIN ; Myorelaxant CAN ; Nematicide NIG ; Neurotoxic JAR8:2 ; P450-Inducer MED'95 ; Pediculicide 2.3 x pyrethrin JAF52:2507 ; Perfume ARC ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Rubefacient M29 ; Secretogogue SHT158 ; Sedative; Spasmogenic JAR8:2 ; Surfactant SHT158 ; Testosterone-Hydroxylase-Inducer MED'95 ; Transdermal X14703969 ; Trichomonicide LD100=1,000 ug/ml FT67:279


No activity reported.


No activity reported.


No activity reported.


No activity reported.


No activity reported.

3-HEXEN-1-OL Essential Oil: DUKE1992A

No activity reported.


No activity reported.


No activity reported.


No activity reported.


No activity reported.


No activity reported.


No activity reported.


No activity reported.


No activity reported.


No activity reported.

5-GERANOXY-7-METHOXYCOUMARIN Essential Oil 630 ppm; DUKE1992A

No activity reported.


No activity reported.


No activity reported.


No activity reported.


No activity reported.


No activity reported.


No activity reported.


No activity reported.


No activity reported.


No activity reported.


No activity reported.


No activity reported.


No activity reported.

ACETIC-ACID Essential Oil: DUKE1992A

Acidulant JBH ; Antibacterial 5,000 ppm DUKE1992B ; Antiotitic MAR ; Antisalmonella X11307877 ; Antivaginitic 1-2% DUKE1992B ; Expectorant MAR ; Fungicide M29 ; Keratitigenic M&R367 ; Mucolytic M29 ; Osteolytic DUKE1992B ; Perfumery FEMA 6,000-40,000 ppm ARC ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Protisticide M29 ; Spermicide MAR ; Ulcerogenic HG20:9 ; Verrucolytic DUKE1992B


Analgesic; Antiaggregant PMP25:56 ; Antiarrhythmic M11 ; Antidiuretic LAW ; Antiendotoxic 500 mg/kg ipr mus BBE ; Antihypertensive LAW ; Antiinsomniac DUKE1992B ; Antilipolytic PM56(1):27 ; Antispasmodic; Antitachycardic 50-250 ug/kg/ivn M29 ; Anxiolytic X10193200 ; Arteriodilator DUKE1992B ; Glucogonogenic LAW ; Hypocholesterolemic LAW ; Hypoglycemic EMP6:167 ; Hypotensive LAW ; Immunomodulator POP:148 ; Insulinic PM56(1):27 ; Laxative AEH74 ; Lipolytic LAW ; Myorelaxant LAF ; PAF-Inhibitor 0.024 ug/ml POP:148 IC50=90 nM POP:148 ; Pyrogenic 0.09 mg/kg ivn hmn ASC129:387 ; Respirastimulant M29 ; Secretomotor AEH74 ; Sedative LAF ; Vasodilator FT61:209


No activity reported.


No activity reported.

ALPHA-BERGAMOTENE Essential Oil 250 ppm; DUKE1992A

No activity reported.

ALPHA-COPAENE Essential Oil: DUKE1992A

No activity reported.


No activity reported.

ALPHA-HUMULENE Essential Oil 10 ppm; DUKE1992A

Antitumor JNP55:999 ; Perfumery JBH

ALPHA-PHELLANDRENE Essential Oil 20 ppm; DUKE1992A

Antibacterial CWW ; Antistaphylococcic CWW ; Dermal JBH ; Emetic PJB1(1) ; FLavor FEMA 10-130 ARC ; Fungicide HH2 ; Insectiphile PEP ; Irritant JBH ; Laxative PJB1(1) ; Perfumery JBH ; Pesticide DUKE1992B

ALPHA-PINENE Essential Oil 40 - 500 ppm DUKE1992A Leaf Essent. Oil 500 - 2,000 ppm DUKE1992A Pericarp Essent. Oil 5,000 - 14,000 ppm DUKE1992A

Allelochemic DUKE1992B ; Allergenic M&R523 ; Antiacne JAR12:99 ; Antibacterial; Antifeedant JAF45:3276 ; Antiflu EMP5:195 ; Antiinflammatory 500 mg/kg; Antipneumonic X16248573 ; Antiseptic X16248573 ; Antispasmodic; Antistaphylococcic X16248573 ; Antiviral EMP5:195 ; Cancer-Preventive 525 ; Coleoptophile DUKE1992B ; Expectorant MIK ; FLavor FEMA 15-150 ARC ; Herbicide IC50=30 uM TOX ; Insecticide 0.82 uM/fly JAF50:4576 ; Insectifuge 50 ppm; Insectiphile JSPR22:141 ; Irritant JBH ; P450-2B1-Inhibitor IC50=0.087 uM X9242356 ; Perfumery ARC ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Sedative LRN-JUN90 ; Spasmogenic; Tranquilizer LRN-JUN90 ; Transdermal X7199340

ALPHA-TERPINENE Essential Oil 70 ppm; DUKE1992A Pericarp: DUKE1992A

Acaricide X11124373 ; ACE-Inhibitor 100 ug/ml (weak activity) K26575 ; Aldose-Reductase-Inhibitor 100 ug/ml TYK1992:95 ; Antiacetylcholinesterase IC50=1.0 mM JAF45:677 ; Antinitrosaminic X10606544 ; Antispasmodic PR14:623 ; FLavor FEMA 1-40 ARC ; Insecticide 0.86 uM/fly JAF50:4576 ; Insectifuge DUKE1992B ; P450-2B1-Inhibitor IC50=0.76 uM X9242356 ; Perfumery ARC ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Spasmogenic PR14:623

ALPHA-TERPINEOL Essential Oil 6 - 50 ppm DUKE1992A Leaf Essent. Oil 11,000 - 125,000 ppm DUKE1992A Pericarp Essent. Oil 4,000 - 73,000 ppm DUKE1992A

ACE-Inhibitor 100 ug/ml (weak activity) K26575 ; Aldose-Reductase-Inhibitor 100 ug/ml TYK1992:95 ; Allelopathic CWW ; Antiacne JAR12:99 ; Antibacterial MIC=800-1,600 ug/ml JAF41:1103 ; Anticancer JNU ; Anticariogenic JAF41:1103 ; Antiinflammatory X17867636 ; Antiproliferant X16964395 ; Antiseptic JBH ; Cicatrizant ED50=240 ug/g mus X11678668 ; FLavor FEMA 5-40 ARC ; Insecticide 1.29 uM/fly JAF50:4576 ; Interleukin-6-Inhibitor X17867636 ; Mosquitofuge > Deet X15825766 ; Motor-Depressant BVC:162 ; Nematicide MLC=1 mg/ml SZ44:183 ; Perfumery JBH ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Sedative BVC:162 ; Termiticide IC100=5 mg/g; Transdermal X10434134 ; Vulnerary ED50=240 ug/g mus X11678668


No activity reported.

ALPHA-THUJENE Essential Oil 16 - 40 ppm DUKE1992A

No activity reported.


No activity reported.

ASCORBIC-ACID Fruit 5,208 - 5,566 ppm DUKE1992A

Acidulant FEMA 6,000 ARC ; Aldose-Reductase-Inhibitor SYN-X ; Analgesic 5-10 g/day; Angiotensin-Receptor-Blocker NP6:1 ; AntiAGE 2,000 mg/day SYN-X ; Antiaggregant SYN-X ; Antiaging 400 mg/day; Antiallergic PIL ; Antialzheimeran 2,000-6,000 mg/day; Antiarthritic 0.2-1 g/day; Antiasthmatic 1,000 mg/day WER ; Antiatherosclerotic; Antibacterial DAS ; Anticataract 1 g 3x/day 350 mg/day WER 400 mg/day SYN-X ; Anticervicaldysplasic 1,000-2,000 mg/day; AntiCFS 500-1,000 mg TE2 ; Anticlimacteric 500-5,000 mg/day WAF ; Anticold 1-2 g/man/day; AntiCrohn's 50-100 mg/day/orl/man M29 ; AntiCTS 1,000 mg 3x/day WAF ; Antidecubitic 500 mg/man/2x/day MAR ; Antidementia MPP ; Antidepressant 2,000 mg/day WER ; Antidiabetic SYN-X ; Antidote (Aluminum) EMP6:189 ; Antidote (Cadmium) DAS ; Antidote (Lead) DAS ; Antidote (Paraquat) MAR ; Antieczemic 3.5-5 g/day WER ; Antiedemic 1 g/man/day DAS ; Antiencephalitic DAS ; Antiendometriotic 2,000 mg/day WAF ; Antifatigue 500-1,000 mg TE2 ; Antifibrotic 1,000-2,000 mg WAF ; Antigallstone 1,000-3,000 mg/day WAF ; Antigastritic PIL ; Antigingivitic; Antiglaucomic 2 g/day WER ; Antihangover 1,000 mg WAF ; Antihemorrhagic 1 g/man/day DAS ; Antihepatitic 2-6 g/man/day DAS ; Antihepatotoxic EMP6:189 ; Antiherpetic 1-5 g/day; Antihistaminic 2 g/day orl man; Antihypertensive NP6:1 ; Antiinfertility 1 g/day WER ; Antiinflammatory PAM ; Antilepric 1.5 g/man/day MAR ; Antilithic 1,000-3,000 mg/day WAF ; AntiLyme 500-2,000 mg KEN ; Antimaculitic; Antimeasles DAS ; Antimenopausal 500-5,000 mg/day WAF ; Antimigraine M29 ; Antimutagenic EMP6:235 ; Antineuramidase X634178 ; Antinitrosic 1 g/man/day MAR ; Antiobesity 1 g 3x/day WER ; Antiorchitic DAS ; Antiosteoarthritic 1 g 2x/day WER ; Antiosteoporotic 500 mg/day; Antioxidant 100 ppm DUKE1992B ; Antiparkinsonian 1 g 2-3x/day; Antiparotitic DAS ; Antiperiodontitic 1 g 2x/day WER ; Antipneumonic PAM ; Antipodriac DAS ; Antipoliomyelitic DAS ; Antipyretic EMP6:189 ; Antiradicular SYN-X ; AntiRaynaud's 500 mg 1-2x/day WAF ; Antiretinotic PIL ; Antirheumatic MPP ; Antirhinitic 1,000 mg 3x/day WAF ; Antiscorbutic 10 mg/man/day MAR ; Antiseptic 4-8 g/day SYN-X MIC=3.3-217 mg/ml MAR ; Antishingles DAS ; Antispasmodic 500-5,000 mg/day WAF ; Antistress 500-1,000 mg; Antisyndrome-X 1-4 g/day SYN-X ; Antitumor (Gastric) PIL ; Antitumor (Lung) NR54:S71 ; Antiulcer; Antiviral 1-5 g/day; Apoptotic 1-10 mM BO2 ; Asthma-preventive 1,000 mg/day/orl PAM ; Beta-Adrenergic Receptor Blocker NP6:1 ; Beta-Glucuronidase-Inhibitor 1.5 g/day/man BO2 ; Calcium-Antagonist NP6:1 ; Cancer-Preventive 525 ; Cardioprotective PIL ; Cold-preventive 1-2 g/day DAS ; Collagenic BO2 ; Detoxicant DUKE1992B ; Diuretic 700 mg/man/orl NP6:1 ; Fistula-Preventive PAM ; Hypocholesterolemic 300-1,000 mg/day DAS ; Hypoglycemic SYN-X ; Hypotensive 1,000 mg/man/day; Immunomodulator PIL ; Immunostimulant SYN-X ; Interferonogenic PAM ; Lithogenic DAS ; Mucolytic 1 g/woman/day MAR ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Uricosuric 4 g/man/day DAS ; Urinary-Acidulant M29 ; Vasodilator NP6:1 ; Vulnerary PAM

ASH Fruit 28,000 ppm; DUKE1992A

No activity reported.


Iodothyronine-Deiodinase-Inhibitor JBH ; Pigment JBH


No activity reported.


No activity reported.

BERGAMOTENE Essential Oil 16 - 40 ppm DUKE1992A

No activity reported.

BERGAMOTTIN Essential Oil 649 ppm; DUKE1992A

Calcium-Antagonist 20 ug/ml gpg J15144 ; Cytochrome-P450-Inhibitor

BERGAPTEN Essential Oil 10 ppm; DUKE1992A

Antiaggregant PC41:525 ; Antiapertif DUKE1992B ; Anticonvulsant DUKE1992B ; Antihistaminic 25 mg/kg ipr mus JNP60:249 ; Antiinflammatory DUKE1992B ; Antijet-lag NIG ; Antileukodermic JBH ; Antimitotic 5-25 ug/ml PM1987:526 ; Antiplatelet PC41:525 ; Antipsoriac DUKE1992B ; Antispasmodic; Antitumor DUKE1992B ; Calcium-Antagonist PCA3:42 ; Cancer-Preventive PM1987:526 ; Carcinogenic CAN ; Clastogenic JBH ; CNS-Depressant HDN ; DME-Inhibitor IC50=96 uM ACM:134 ; Hypotensive DUKE1992B ; Insecticide FT:1984 ; Lipolytic PJB1(2):262 ; Molluscicide FT:1984 ; Mutagenic JBH ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Phototoxic PAP5:159 ; Piscicide JBH

BETA-BISABOLENE Essential Oil 23 - 400 ppm DUKE1992A

Abortifacient JE32:174 ; Antirhinoviral IC50=1,800? JNP57:658 ; Antiulcer IC57=100 mg/kg YAK112:645 ; Antiviral IC50=1,800? JNP57:658 ; Perfumery ARC ; Stomachic X1469612

BETA-CAROTENE Fruit 2 ppm; DUKE1992A

Allergenic M&R610 ; Androgenic? PAM ; Antiacne PAM ; Antiaging DUKE1992B ; Antiarthritic MPP ; Antiasthmatic PAM ; Anticancer JNU ; Anticarcinomic PAM ; Anticervicaldysplasic MPP ; Anticoronary 50 mg/man/2 days CMR3/4/91:16 ; Antihyperkeratotic; Antiichythyotic PAM ; Antileukoplakic; Antilipoperoxidant IC71=50 ug/ml X16277432 ; Antilupus 150 mg/man/day/2 mos MAR ; Antimaculitic; Antimastitic PAM ; Antimutagenic EMP6:235 ; Antioxidant PAM ; Antiozenic DUKE1992B ; Antipapillomic MPP ; Antiphotophobic 30-300 mg/man/day M29 ; Antipityriasic PAM ; AntiPMS JAFC34:409 ; Antiporphyric MAR ; Antiproliferant JNU ; Antipsoriac PAM ; Antiradicular PAM ; Antirheumatic MPP ; Antistress DAS ; Antitumor HSC25:1495 ; Antitumor (Breast) IC45=60 ug/ml X16277432 ; Antitumor (CNS) IC43=45 ug/ml X16277432 ; Antitumor (Colon) X16277432 ; Antitumor (Lung) IC30=60 ug/ml X16277432 ; Antitumor (Prostate) MES ; Antitumor (Stomach) IC26=45 ug/ml X16277432 ; Antiulcer 12 mg 3x/day/man/orl PAM 15,000-25,000 IU/day WAF ; Antixerophthalmic DAS ; Cancer-Preventive 22 ppm 505 ; Chemopreventive MES ; Colorant JBH ; COX-1-Inhibitor IC78=50 ug/ml X16277432 ; COX-2-Inhibitor IC82=50 ug/ml X16277432 ; Gastroprotective X6654625 ; Immunostimulant 180 mg/man/day/orl PAM ; Interferon-Synergist PJB1(2):264 ; Mucogenic PAM ; Phagocytotic PAM ; Prooxidant 20 ug/g JAF44:2096 ; Thymoprotective PAM ; Ubiquiot JBH

BETA-CARYOPHYLLENE Leaf Essent. Oil 100 ppm; DUKE1992A

No activity reported.

BETA-ELEMENE Essential Oil: DUKE1992A

Anticancer (Cervix) MPT ; Antigliomic X12969529 ; Antiproliferant X12969529 ; Antitumor (Cervix) MPT ; Apoptotic X12969529

BETA-HUMULENE Essential Oil 10 ppm; DUKE1992A

No activity reported.

BETA-PHELLANDRENE Essential Oil 80 ppm; DUKE1992A

Expectorant JBH ; Fungicide HH2 ; Perfumery M11

BETA-PINENE Essential Oil 40 - 1,270 ppm DUKE1992A

Allergenic M&R618 ; Antiinflammatory FT63(1):3 ; Antiseptic LAF ; Antispasmodic; Candidicide LAF337 ; FLavor FEMA 15-600 ARC ; Herbicide TOX ; Insectifuge 382 ; Irritant ZEB ; Perfumery ARC ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Spasmogenic CAN ; Transdermal X10408241


Androgenic DUKE1992B ; Angiogenic X11988857 ; Anorexic MAR ; Antiadenomic M11 ; Antiandrogenic JE28:221 ; Antibacterial QJC28:155 ; Anticancer (Breast) PS131:95 ; Anticancer (Cervix) PJB1(2):287 ; Anticancer (Lung) PJB1(2):287 ; Antiedemic IC54=320 mg/kg orl DFN:160 ; Antiestrogenic JE28:221 ; Antifeedant 382 ; Antifertility JE28:221 ; Antigonadotrophic JE28:221 ; Antihyperlipoproteinaemic JBH ; Antiinflammatory; Antileukemic PJB1(2):287 ; Antilymphomic PJB1(2):287 ; Antimutagenic 250 ug/ml JAFC37:1365 ; Antiophidic 2.3 mg mus EMP5:363 ; Antioxidant IC44=10 uM JMF5:1 ; Antiprogestational JE28:221 ; Antiprostaglandin 30 mg/day/12 wks FT68(4):291 ; Antiprostatadenomic M11 ; Antiprostatitic 10-20 mg 3 x/day/orl man; Antipyretic HDN ; Antitumor (Breast) PS131:95 ; Antitumor (Cervix) PJB1(2):287 ; Antitumor (Lung) PJB1(2):287 ; Antiviral PS75:161 ; Apoptotic X17350814 ; Artemicide LC50=110 ppm PC29(5):1667 ; Cancer-Preventive 525 ; Candidicide QJC28:155 ; Caspase-8-Inducer X17358014 ; Estrogenic PHM9:52 ; Febrifuge HDN ; Gonadotrophic JE28:221 ; Hepatoprotective PMP23:60 ; Hypocholesterolemic 2-6 g/man/day/orl M30 9-3,330 mg/man/day/orl MAR ; Hypoglycemic JE27:243 ; Hypolipidemic 2-6 g/day; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Spermicide JE28:221 ; Ubiquiot JBH ; Ulcerogenic 500 mg/kg ipr rat FT63(1):3


No activity reported.

BYAKANGELICIN Essential Oil 29 ppm; DUKE1992A

Antiestrogenic DUKE1992B ; Antigonadotropic MPI ; Antihistaminic 25 mg/kg ipr mus JNP60:249 ; Antilipogenic PJB1(2):263 ; Calcium-Antagonist PCA3:42


No activity reported.

CADINENE Essential Oil: DUKE1992A

Antifeedant 382 ; FLavor FEMA 400-4,000 ARC ; Perfumery JBH ; Pesticide DUKE1992B

CAFFEIC-ACID Fruit 21 - 35 ppm DUKE1992A

Aldose-Reductase-Inhibitor 4 ug/ml (weak activity) SKN43:99 ; Allergenic M&R317 ; Analgesic PMP23:51 ; Antiadenoviral EMP5:207 ; Antiaggregant JBH ; Antiaging PM69:1125 ; Antiatherogenic X15712986 ; Antibacterial; Anticancer JAF47:397 ; Anticarcinogenic EMP6:189 ; Antidepressant; Antiedemic EMP6:189 ; Antielastase IC50=86 ug/ml (475 uM) PM69:820 IC50=93 um/l X11199135 ; Antiescherichic PR14:561 ; Antiflu EMP5:207 ; Antigonadotropic JNM1:10 ; Antihemolytic 25 uM PC36:579 ; Antihepatoadenomic 200 ppm diet orl mus ACS661:230 ; Antihepatotoxic PM56:173 ; Antiherpetic 50 ug/ml EC50=>50 ug/ml POP:270 ; Antihistaminic DUKE1992B ; AntiHIV EC50=200 ug/ml; Antihypercholesterolemic EMP6:189 ; Antihyperthyroid; Antiinflammatory; AntiLegionella YAK122:487 ; Antileukemic AJC31:37 ; Antileukotriene DUKE1992B ; Antimelanogenic JAF50:3718 ; Antimutagenic PCF:18 ; Antinitrosaminic PCF:18 ; Antiophidic FT65(2):101 ; Antioxidant 1.3 x Vit. E BO2 1/2 BHA JAF50:889 1/3 quercetin JAF47:397 30 mM JAF48:235 50 uM PC27:973 IC57=30 ppm PCF:221 ; Antiperoxidant IC35=200 ug/ml JAF50:2993 IC50=44 uM PM57:A54 IC85=100 ug/ml X15796587 ; Antiproliferant AJC31:37 ; Antiprostaglandin PJB1(1):169 ; Antiradicular 1/3 quercetin JAF47:397 10 uM PC36:579 30 mM JAF48:235 IC50=32-35 uM JAF50:7022 ; Antiseptic JE26:76 ; Antispasmodic EC50=3.4-15 uM PR4:73 ; Antistaphylococcic PR14:561 ; Antistomatitic EMP5:207 ; Antisunburn PM61:510 ; Antithiamin PCF:69 ; Antithyroid JNM1:10 ; Antitumor 200 ppm diet orl mus; Antitumor (Skin) JAF50:3718 ; Antitumor-Promoter IC42=10 uM CR48:5941 ; Antiulcerogenic; Antivaccinia EMP5:207 ; Antiviral IC50=62.5 ug/ml; Anxiolytic X12802204 ; Calcium-Antagonist IC50=1.2 uM rbt K16299 ; Cancer-Preventive 525 ; Carcinogenic 2% (diet); Chemopreventive X15712986 ; Cholagogue WIC ; Choleretic 411 ; Clastogenic JBH ; CNS-Active WIC ; Co-carcinogenic PCF:44 ; Collagen-Sparing PM61:510 ; COX-2-Inhibitor IC32=100 uM JNP65:1517 ; Cytoprotective CAN ; Cytotoxic TC50=200 ug/ml POP:270 ; Diuretic WIC ; DNA-Active JBH ; DNA-Protective JAF50:7022 ; Fungicide MIC=0.4 mg/ml; Hepatocarcinogenic 400 ppm diet orl mus (in the absence of alcohol) ACS661:230 ; Hepatoprotective ACM:210 ; Hepatotropic DUKE1992B ; Histamine-Inhibitor DUKE1992B ; Immunostimulant PPL7:187 ; Insectifuge EB48:111 ; Leukotriene-Inhibitor DUKE1992B ; Lipoxygenase-Inhibitor IC27=5 mM JAF38:688 IC50=62-148 uM JAF44:2057 ; Lyase-Inhibitor IC50=94-164 uM JAF44:2057 ; Metal-Chelator PCF:25 ; Ornithine-Decarboxylase-Inhibitor PCF:19 ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Prooxidant JAFC45:632 ; Prostaglandigenic RWG27 ; Sedative 500 mg RWG17 ; Sunscreen IC50=2.5 mg/l FT64:134 IC91=5 mg/l FT64:134 IC98=25 mg/l FT64:134 ; Tumorigenic 505 ; Vulnerary JE26:76 ; Xanthine-Oxidase-Inhibitor IC50=39.21 uM MAB

CAFFEINE Flower 50 ppm; DUKE1992A

(+)-Inotropic BRU ; Adenosine-Antagonist TEA ; Analeptic 200 scu mus BBE ; Analgesic-Synergist PJB1(2):263 ; Antiapneic M29 ; Antiapoptotic BOI ; Antiasthmatic 5-10 mg/kg orl/man M29 ; Anticarcinogenic PCF:305 ; Anticariogenic JD23:101 ; Antidermatitic M29 ; Antiemetic 411 ; Antifeedant 382 ; Antiflu EMP5:198 ; Antiherpetic EMP5:201 ; Antihypotensive 250 mg/day/orl/man M29 ; Antinarcotic 411 ; Antiobesity PCF:305 ; Antioxidant PC27:974 ; Antirhinitic 140 mg/day/orl/man M29 ; Antiserotonergic 40 ipr rat BBE 40 scu rat BBE ; Antitumor PCF:305 ; Antitumor (Lung) NR54:S71 ; Antivaccinia EMP5:201 ; Antiviral V&D ; Apoptotic BOI ; Arrhythmigenic 1,500 mg/man PH2 ; cAMP-Phosphodiesterase-Inhibitor PAM ; Cancer-Preventive 525 ; Cardiotonic 10-25 orl dog BBE 65-500 orl cat BBE ; Catabolic ABS ; cGMP-Phosphodiesterase-Inhibitor PAM ; Choleretic DUKE1992B ; CNS-Stimulant 100 orl mus 30 orl rat; Coronary-Dilator TEA ; Diuretic; Energizer 20-200 mg/man JAM272:1043 ; Ergotamine-Enhancer M29 ; FLavor FEMA 125 ARC ; Herbicide 500 ; Hypertensive; Hypoglycemic EMP6:168 ; Insecticide 382 ; Lypolytic BRU ; Myorelaxant TEA ; Neurotoxic RJH ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Phosphodiesterase-Inhibitor PJB1(2):263 ; Pyrogenic 13.3 mg/kg ipr rbt EJP45:389 15 mg/kg ipr cat EJP45:389 60 mg/day oral hmn ALG51:189 ; Respirastimulant; Spasmogenic 1,500 mg/man PH2 ; Stimulant RJH ; Tachycardic PH2 ; Teratogenic 14 orl rat BBE ; Topoisomerase-I-Inhibitor 0.1 nM JEM168:129 75 uM TCM10:41 ; Topoisomerase-II-Inhibitor 99 mM TCM10:41 ; Vasodilator BRU

CALCIUM Fruit 700 - 3,227 ppm DUKE1992A

Antiallergic 500 mg/day; Antianxiety DAS ; Antiarrhythmic 500-1,500 mg RAF ; Antiarthritic 1,000 mg/day WAF ; Antiatherosclerotic 500 mg/day WER ; Anticlimacteric 1,000-1,500 mg/day WAF ; Antidepressant DAS ; Antidote (Aluminum) DAS ; Antidote (Lead) DAS ; Antihyperkinetic DAS ; Antihypertensive; Antiinsomniac DAS ; Antimenopausal; Antiobesity PIL ; Antiosteoporotic 500-2,000 mg/day; Antiperiodontitic 750 mg/day WER ; AntiPMS 1 g/day; Antirheumatic 1,000 mg/day WAF ; Antistress 500-1,500 mg/day WAF ; Antitic DAS ; Anxiolytic; Calcium-Channel-Blocker NP6:1 ; Diuretic NP6:1 ; Hypocholesterolemic 500 mg/day WER ; Hypotensive 1 g/day WER ; Laxative 1,000-1,200 mg WAF ; Tranquilizer 500-1,500 mg/day WAF ; Vasodilator NP6:1

CAMPHENE Essential Oil 2 - 50 ppm DUKE1992A

Allelopathic CWW ; Antilithic? JBH ; Antioxidant JA6(4):33 ; Expectorant HH2 ; FLavor FEMA 15-175 ARC ; Hypocholesterolemic? JBH ; Insectifuge 382 ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Spasmogenic FT59:465

CARBOHYDRATES Fruit 111,000 - 863,000 ppm DUKE1992A

No activity reported.

CARVEOL Essential Oil: DUKE1992A

CNS-Stimulant PJB1(1):170

CARVONE Essential Oil: DUKE1992A

Allergenic M&R683 ; Antiacetylcholinesterase IC50=1.4-1.8 mM JAF45:677 ; Antiproliferative JNP65:953 ; Antiseptic 1.5 x phenol W&W ; Cancer-Preventive 525 ; Candidistat JNP65:953 ; Carminative JPP46:16 ; CNS-Stimulant DUKE1992B ; FLavor FEMA 80-3,000 ARC ; Fungistat JNP65:953 ; Insecticide 382 ; Insectifuge 382 ; Motor-Depressant BVC:162 ; Nematicide MLC=1 mg/ml SZ44:183 ; Perfumery JBH ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Sedative BVC:162 ; Trichomonicide LD100=300 ug/ml FT67:279 ; Vermicide DUKE1992B

CARYOPHYLLENE Essential Oil 11 - 28 ppm DUKE1992A

Aldose-Reductase-Inhibitor PJB1(3):238 ; Allergenic X16226832 ; Analgesic RAI ; Antiacne PJB1(3):238 ; Antiasthmatic LAF ; Antibacterial JAF40:2329 ; Anticariogenic MIC=>1,600 ug/ml JAF41:1103 ; Antidermatitic WO3 ; Antiedemic CPB38:2283 ; Antifeedant 500 ppm TOX ; Antiinflammatory IC50=100 uM CPB38:2283 ; Antileishmanic X180905647 ; Antionychyotic RAI ; Antiproliferant X16964395 ; Antispasmodic DUKE1992B ; Antistaphylococcic JAR10:7 ; Antistreptococcic PJB1(3):238 ; Antitumor JNP55:999 ; Antiulcer RAI ; Candidicide JAR10:7 ; FLavor FEMA 20-200 ARC ; Fungicide JAR10:7 ; Gastroprotective RAI ; Insectifuge; Irritant ZEB ; Larvicide X10701181 ; Mosquitocide X10701181 ; Perfumery M11 ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Sedative JAR10:7 ; Termitifuge 382

CARYOPHYLLENE-OXIDE Leaf Essent. Oil 0.8 ppm; DUKE1992A

Antiedemic CPB38:2283 ; Antifeedant ISA14:93 ; Antiinflammatory CPB38:2283 ; Antitumor JNP55:999 ; Calcium-Antagonist ED50=32 uM gpg J14432 ; Fungicide; Insecticide ISA14:93 ; Pesticide DUKE1992B


No activity reported.


No activity reported.

CIS-LIMONENE-1,2-OXIDE Essential Oil: DUKE1992A

No activity reported.

CITRAL Essential Oil 250 - 300 ppm DUKE1992A

Allergenic; Antiallergenic; Antiallergic KCH ; Antianaphylactic PJB1(2):266 ; Antibacterial; Anticancer X15931590 ; Antihelicobacter X14506036 ; Antiherpetic X17199238 ; Antihistaminic KCH ; Antiinflammatory X18409048 ; Antileishmanic; Antioxidant X12615076 ; Antiseptic 5.2 x phenol; Antishock KCH ; Antispasmodic TEU ; Antitumor; Antitumor (Colon) X17199238 ; Antitumor (Liver) X17199238 ; Antitumor (Skin) X17199238 ; Antiulcer X14506036 ; Antiviral X17199238 ; Apoptotic; Barbituate-Synergist PJB1(2):266 ; Bronchorelaxant KCH ; Calcium-Antagonist X18484528 ; Cancer-Preventive 525 ; Carcinogenic X12637974 ; Caspase-3-Inducer X15931590 ; Chemopreventive; Cytotoxic X19876560 ; Estrogenic X12495555 ; Expectorant KCH ; FLavor FEMA 4-170 ARC ; Fungicide MIC 625 ug/ml; Glaucomagenic JAR10:7 ; Glutathionigenic; Herbicide IC50=115 uM TOX ; Myorelaxant 200 mg/kg; Nematicide IC52=100 ug/ml NIG MLC=100-260 ug/ml SZ44:183 ; NF-kB-Inhibitor X18409048 ; NO-Inhibitor X18409048 ; P450-2B1-Inhibitor IC50=1.19 uM X9242356 ; Perfumery M11 ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Prostatitigenic 185 mg/kg/day/3 ms JAR10:7 ; Sedative 1 mg/kg TEU ED 1-32 mg/kg W&W ; Teratogenic JNP39:446 ; Trichomonicide LD100=150 ug/ml FT67:279 ; Trypanocide X17686189 ; Tyrosinase-Inhibitor ID50=1,500 uM JAF51:2837 ID50=1.5 mM JAF47:4574

CITRIC-ACID Fruit 59,500 ppm; DUKE1992A

Allergenic M&R610 ; Alpha-Amylase-Inhibitor X10879476 ; Antiaphthic 20,000 ppm MAR ; Antiatherosclerotic X11413687 ; Antibacterial PR14:303 ; Anticalculic JE26:81 ; Anticoagulant M11 ; Antileishmanic X18095647 ; Antimutagenic EMP6:235 ; Antioxidant Synergist M11 ; Antiseborrheic LRN-JUN89 ; Antiseptic M29 ; Antitubercular PR14:303 ; Antitumor EMP6:235 ; Disinfectant M29 ; FLavor FEMA 370-4,400 ARC ; Hemostat JE26:81 ; Irritant ZEB ; Laxative? LRN-SEP91 ; Litholytic M29 ; Mycobactericide PR14:303 ; Odontolytic ZEB ; Refrigerant MAR

CITRONELLAL Leaf Essent. Oil 25,000 - 89,000 ppm DUKE1992A

Acaricide X12137464 ; Allergenic M&R333 ; Antibacterial JE26:75 ; Antiseptic 3.8 x phenol W&W ; Antistaphylococcic JAR10:7 ; Antistreptococcic JAR10:7 ; Candidicide JAR10:7 ; Embryotoxic DUKE1992B ; FLavor FEMA <1 ARC ; Fungicide JAR10:7 ; Insectifuge M11 ; Irritant ZEB ; Motor-Depressant BVC:162 ; Mutagenic? AEHD1:121 ; Nematicide MIC 1 mg/ml SZ44:183 ; P450-2B1-Inhibitor IC50=1.56 uM X9242356 ; Perfumery DUKE1992B ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Sedative ED=1 mg/kg W&W ; Teratogenic JNP39:446

CITRONELLOL Leaf Essent. Oil 20 ppm; DUKE1992A

Allergenic; Antibacterial JE26:75 ; Antiseptic JAR10:7 ; Antistaphylococcic JAR10:7 ; Antistreptococcic JAR10:7 ; Candidicide JAR10:7 ; FLavor FEMA 1-50 ARC ; Fungicide HG17 ; Herbicide IC50=160 uM TOX ; Irritant ZEB ; Nematicide MLC=100 ug/ml SZ44:183 ; Perfumery M11 ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Sedative W&W ; Trichomonicide LD100=300 ug/ml FT67:279


FLavor FEMA <1-700 ARC ; Irritant ZEB


No activity reported.


No activity reported.


No activity reported.

CITRUSIN-A Pericarp: DUKE1992A

No activity reported.

CITRUSIN-B Pericarp: DUKE1992A

No activity reported.

CITRUSIN-C Pericarp: DUKE1992A

No activity reported.


Herbicide IC90-95=1,000 uM TOX ; Pesticide DUKE1992B


No activity reported.


No activity reported.


No activity reported.

DECAN-1-AL Pericarp: DUKE1992A

Cancer-Preventive 525

DECANAL Essential Oil 6 - 20 ppm DUKE1992A

No activity reported.

DECANOIC-ACID Essential Oil: DUKE1992A

FLavor FEMA <1-1 ARC ; Nematicide SZ45:270 ; Pesticide DUKE1992B

DECANOL Essential Oil: DUKE1992A

Nematicide MLC 100-700 ug/ml SZ44:183 ; Pesticide DUKE1992B


FLavor FEMA <1-1 ARC


No activity reported.

DELTA-CARENE Essential Oil: DUKE1992A

No activity reported.


No activity reported.


Aldose-Reductase-Inhibitor IC17=10 uM PC23:1885 ; Antialzheimeran X18593176 ; Antidementia X18593176 ; Antimutagenic ID50=10-40 nM PCF ; Antirhinoviral EMP5:197 ; Antiviral EMP5:197 ; Cancer-Preventive 525 ; Estrogenic EC50=2.9 uM X10923837 ; NO-Inhibitor EC50=19 uM X18593176 ; Osteoblastogenic X18683850 ; PPAR-Gamma-Antagonist X19053389 ; TNF-alpha-Inhibitor EC50=39 uM X18593176 IC50=3.27 uM JMF6:365

DIOSMIN Fruit 5 ppm; DUKE1992A

Anticancer; Anticapillary-Fragility 300 mg/2x/day/woman MAR ; Anticarcinogenic X9398052 ; Anticlastogen JAF48:1738 ; AntiCVI JAF52:324 ; Anticytotoxic X14750029 ; Antiedemic 50-200 mg/kg/day 600 mg/kg rat CAN ; Antihemorrhoidal 450 mg 2x/day x7days then 1x/day x2months; Antihistaminic LAF ; Antiinflammatory 600 mg/kg rat; Antileukotriene JAF45:4505 ; Antimelanomic; Antimetastatic; Antimetrorrhagic FT55.1984 ; Antioxidant; Antiperoxidant X3355718 ; Antiproliferant; Antiprostaglandin JAF45:4505 ; Antiradicular X12972089 ; Antithromboxane JAF45:4505 ; Antiulcer X12972089 ; Chemopreventive; COMT-Inhibitor 200-400 mg/kg ip X3789890 ; Cyclooxygenase-Inhibitor JAF45:4505 ; Cytoprotective X14750029 ; Diuretic LAF ; Hypoglycemic JAF45:4505 ; Lipoxygenase-Inhibitor JAF45:4505 ; MDR-Inhibitor 100 uM BP48:1437 ; P450-Inhibitor X12972089 ; Radioprotective JAF48:1738 ; Venoprotective X16104801 ; Venotonic

DODECANAL Essential Oil 10 ppm; DUKE1992A

FLavor FEMA 1-100 ARC ; Irritant ZEB


FLavor FEMA 2-40 ARC


No activity reported.

ERIOCITRIN Fruit 1 ppm; DUKE1992A

No activity reported.


No activity reported.

FARNESENE Essential Oil: DUKE1992A

Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Pheromone JBH

FAT Fruit 28,000 ppm; DUKE1992A Seed 300,000 - 400,000 ppm DUKE1992A

No activity reported.

FERULIC-ACID Fruit 14 - 40 ppm DUKE1992A

Allelopathic JCE17:865 ; Analgesic ACM:69 ; Antiaggregant CPB38:1620 ; Antiallergic LAF ; Antiarrhythmic PJB1(2):270 ; Antibacterial JBH ; Anticancer (Colon); Anticancer (Forestomach) PAL:335 ; Anticancer (Liver) PAL:335 ; Anticancer (Skin) PAL:335 ; Anticarcinogenic JAF45:661 ; Antidysmenorrheic CPB38:1623 ; Antiestrogenic JBH ; Antihepatotoxic JBH ; Antiherpetic JAR10:7 ; Antiinflammatory PCF:19 ; Antileukemic IC50=25-56 ug/ml AJC31:37 ; Antimitotic JBH ; Antimutagenic PCF:18 ; Antineoplastic (Stomach) NR11:S120 ; Antinitrosaminic PCF:18 ; Antioxidant 1/2 BHA JAF50:889 1/3 quercetin JAF49:3653 3,000 uM PC27:973 EC50=9-15 ug/ml JAF50:5850 IC51=200 ppm PCF:221 ; Antiradicular EC50=9-15 ug/ml JAF50:5850 IC50=116-124 uM JAF50:7022 ; Antiserotonin JBH ; Antispasmodic LAF ; Antithrombic LAF ; Antitumor JBH ; Antitumor (Colon); Antitumor (Forestomach) PAL:335 ; Antitumor (Liver) PAL:335 ; Antitumor (Skin) PAL:335 ; Antitumor-Promoter IC46=10 uM CR48:5941 ; Antiviral V&D ; Arteriodilator CPB38:1620 ; Cancer-Preventive 525 ; Candidicide JBH ; Cardiac CPB38:1620 ; Cholagogue PHZ46:156 ; Choleretic 411 ; Fungicide NIG ; Hepatoprotective MAB ; Hepatotropic DUKE1992B ; Herbicide AB68:195 ; Hydrocholerectic JBH ; Hypolipidemic NR11:S120 ; Immunostimulant EMP1:124 ; Insectifuge EB48:111 ; Metal-Chelator PCF:25 ; Ornithine-Decarboxylase-Inhibitor PCF:19 ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Phagocytotic; Preservative M11 ; Prostaglandigenic RWG27 ; Prostaglandin-Synthesis-Inhibitor 0.58-3.2 mM YHH25:412 ; Sunscreen CMR9/10/92 ; Uterosedative 30-100 mg/kg ivn rat CPB38:1620

FIBER Fruit 17,000 - 47,000 ppm DUKE1992A

Angiotensin-Receptor-Blocker NP6:1 ; Antidiabetic DUKE1992B ; Antihypertensive NP6:1 ; Antiobesity DUKE1992B ; Antitumor PAM ; Antiulcer PAM ; Beta-Blocker NP6:1 ; Cancer-Preventive 525 ; Cardioprotective DUKE1992B ; Diuretic NP6:1 ; Hypocholesterolemic DUKE1992B ; Hypotensive 10 g/man/day/orl PAM ; Hypouricemic X12350076 ; Laxative DUKE1992B ; Vasodilator NP6:1


No activity reported.

GAMMA-TERPINENE Essential Oil 290 - 1,400 ppm DUKE1992A Leaf Essent. Oil 3,000 - 44,000 ppm DUKE1992A Pericarp Essent. Oil 12,000 - 58,000 ppm DUKE1992A

Acaricide X11124373 ; ACE-Inhibitor 100 ug/ml (weak activity) K26575 ; Aldose-Reductase-Inhibitor 100 ug/ml TYK1992:95 ; Antiacetylcholinesterase IC23=1.2 mM JAF45:677 ; Antifeedant HH3 ; Antioxidant JA6(4):33 ; FLavor FEMA 1-40 ARC ; Insectifuge HH3 ; Irritant ZEB ; Perfumery ARC ; Pesticide DUKE1992B

GERANIAL Essential Oil 42 - 236 ppm DUKE1992A Leaf Essent. Oil 3,000 - 270,000 ppm DUKE1992A

Antiaflatoxin X19726096 ; Antibacterial JE12:279.1984 ; AntiEBV IC50=16 uM NR54:S24 ; Antitumor (Colon) X17199238 ; Antitumor (Skin) X17199238 ; Antiviral NR54:S24 ; Antiyeast X12696686 ; Chemopreventive X17199238 ; Estrogenic X12495555 ; Fungicide; Glutathionigenic X17199238 ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Spasmolytic JAR10:7

GERANIOL Essential Oil: DUKE1992A

Allergenic; Anthelmintic MAD ; Antibacterial MBC=800 ug/ml JNP49:5750 MIC=400 ug/ml JAF41:1103 MIC=64 ug/ml PR14:303 ; Anticancer (Pancreas) IC50=265 uM LIP32:151 ; Anticariogenic MIC=400 ug/ml JAF41:1103 ; Antimelanomic IC50=150 uM/l JN127:668 ; Antisalmonella MIC=400 ug/ml JNP49:5750 ; Antiseptic 400-800 ug/ml JNP49:5750 7 x phenol W&W MIC=64 ug/ml PR14:303 ; Antispasmodic JEO2:185 ; Antitubercular PR14:303 ; Antitumor JAF43:2144 ; Antitumor (Pancreas) IC50=265 uM LIP32:151 ; Ascaricide MAD ; Cancer-Preventive 525 ; Candidicide DUKE1992B ; CNS-Stimulant HHB ; Embryotoxic DUKE1992B ; Emetic 3 x ipecac LRN-SEP97 ; Expectorant MAD ; FLavor FEMA 1-10 ARC ; Fungicide IC93=2 mM 438 ; Herbicide IC100-2,000 uM TOX ; Insectifuge 50 ppm JSPR22:141.1986 ; Insectiphile M11 ; Mycobactericide MIC=64 ug/ml PR14:303 ; Nematicide IC86=100 ug/ml NIG MLC=1,000 ug/ml SZ44:183 ; Perfumery M11 ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Sedative; Trichomonicide LD100=300 ug/ml FT67:279

GERANIOL-ACETATE Leaf Essent. Oil 3,000 ppm; DUKE1992A

No activity reported.

GERANYL-ACETATE Essential Oil 12 - 310 ppm DUKE1992A

Allergenic M&R333 ; FLavor FEMA 1-20 ARC ; Insectiphile JBH ; Perfumery JBH ; Sedative JA6(4):40


FLavor FEMA 1-10 ARC ; Perfumery ARC ; Sedative ZEB


FLavor FEMA 1-10 ARC ; Perfumery ARC


No activity reported.


Antialkali? 500-1,000 mg/day/orl/man M29 ; Antiepileptic DUKE1992B ; Antihyperammonemic M29 ; Antilithic PAM ; Antiprostatitic 125-250 mg 3 x/day WER ; Antiretardation JBH ; Anxiolytic M11 ; Neurotoxic JBH


No activity reported.

HEPTANAL Essential Oil 4 ppm; DUKE1992A

No activity reported.

HESPERIDIN Fruit 44 ppm; DUKE1992A Pericarp 68,800 ppm; DUKE1992A

Analgesic NSN1(5):21 ; Anti-LDL NSN1(5):21 ; Antiallergenic YAK111:193 ; Antibradykinic EMP5:366 ; Anticapillary-Fragility PJB1(1):177 ; AntiDNA DUKE1992B ; Antiflu EMP5:197 ; Antihistaminic JAF45:4505 ; Antiinflammatory IC47=50 mg/kg scu JPP46:118 IC63=100 mg/kg scu JPP46:118 ; Antileukotriene JAF45:4505 ; Antioxidant IC50=8 ppm PC37:1463 ; Antiprostaglandin JAF45:4505 ; AntiRNA DUKE1992B ; Antistomatitic DUKE1992B ; Antitriglyceride NSN1(5):21 ; Antiulcer 100-150 mg/kg ipr JNP67:359 ; Antivaccinia EMP5:197 ; Antiviral V&D ; Anxiolytic JNP67:359 ; Calcium-Antagonist IC50=1.2 uM rbt K16299 ; Capillariprotective M29 ; Catabolic AFR27:173 ; Choleretic DUKE1992B ; CNS-Depressant 100-150 mg/kg ipr JNP67:359 ; Cyclooxygenase-Inhibitor JAF45:4505 ; Hypolipidemic JAF45:4505 ; Lipoxygenase-Inhibitor JAF45:4505 ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; ProHLDL NSN1(5):21 ; Vasopressor DUKE1992B


No activity reported.

HEXADECANAL Essential Oil: DUKE1992A

No activity reported.

HEXANAL Essential Oil: DUKE1992A

Antibacterial MBC=800 ug/ml JNP49:5750 ; Antisalmonella MIC=400 ug/ml JNP49:5750 ; Antiseptic 400-800 ug/ml; FLavor FEMA <1-5 ARC ; Pesticide DUKE1992B

HEXANOL Essential Oil: DUKE1992A

Antiseptic JAF44:2802 ; FLavor FEMA 0.2-25 ARC ; Pesticide DUKE1992B


Antiaflatoxin 0.7 ppm X11714299 IC50=2.66 uM X11714299 ; Antiaggregant PC41:525 ; Antialopecic MAR ; Anticonvulsant DUKE1992B ; Antiinflammatory DUKE1992B ; Antileukodermic DUKE1992B ; Antimitotic 5-25 ug/ml PM1987:526 ; Antimutagenic PR4:216 ; Antiplatelet PC41:525 ; Antitumor-Promoter IC86=50 ug/ml; Antivitiligic DUKE1992B ; Bufocide JBH ; Calcium-Antagonist 31.6 ug/ml gpg K27424 IC50=4 ug/ml PCA3:42 ; Cancer-Preventive 5-25 ug/ml PM1987:526 ; Cytochrome-P450-Inhibitor 2 nM MED97 ; DME-Inhibitor IC50=116 uM ACM:134 ; Hepatoprotective 0.7 ppm X11714299 IC50=2.66 uM X11714299 ; Hepatotoxic DUKE1992B ; Lipolytic PJB1(2):275 ; Molluscicide DUKE1992B ; Piscicide JBH ; Sedative JEO2:185

IRON Fruit 23 - 72 ppm DUKE1992A

Antiakathisic M29 ; Antianemic M29 ; Anticanker; Anticheilitic DAS ; Antimenorrhagic 100 mg/day/wmn/orl PAM ; Prooxidant PIL


Antitumor-Promoter IC94=50 ug/ml CPB38:1086 ; Artemicide ED50=6->100 ug/ml PR4(6):216 ; Calcium-Antagonist PCA3:42 ; Cytochrome-P450-Inhibitor 2 nM MED97 ; Cytotoxic (Breast) ED50=6.56 ug/ml PR4:216 ; Cytotoxic (Colon) ED50=>10 ug/ml PR4:216 ; DME-Inhibitor IC50=46 uM ACM:134 ; Pesticide DUKE1992B


No activity reported.


No activity reported.


No activity reported.


Antiappetant DUKE1992B ; Antifeedant 382 ; Antiinflammatory 100 ppm DUKE1992B ; Antilipogenic PJB1(2):276 ; Antimitotic 5-25 ug/ml PM1987:526 ; Antitubercular; Calcium-Antagonist PCA3:42 ; Cancer-Preventive PM1987:526 ; Diuretic 125 mg/kg DUKE1992B ; Fungicide JBH ; Insecticide DUKE1992B ; Molluscicide DUKE1992B ; Mutagenic FT,1984 ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Piscicide JBH

ISOPULEGOL Leaf Essent. Oil 40,000 ppm; DUKE1992A

Antiacetylcholinesterase IC50=2.0 mM JAF45:677 ; FLavor FEMA 5-30 ARC ; Perfumery ARC

ISOPULEGOLE Leaf Essent. Oil 18,000 - 114,000 ppm DUKE1992A

No activity reported.


Antibacterial PMPP37:281 ; Antihistaminic 411 ; Antiinflammatory 411 ; Antioxidant 411 ; Antispasmodic 411 ; Cancer-Preventive 525 ; Hepatoprotective ACM:210 ; MAO-Inhibitor PMID10813558 ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Quinone-Reductase-Inducer FCT36:623 ; Vasodilator JAFC48:220


No activity reported.


No activity reported.


ACE-Inhibitor IC50=0.28 mM/l M20461 ; Antioxidant =tocopherol PCF:132 >BHA NIG ; Cancer-Preventive 525


No activity reported.

KILOCALORIES Fruit 2,640 /kg; DUKE1992A

No activity reported.


No activity reported.

LIMETTIN Essential Oil 295 ppm; DUKE1992A

No activity reported.


No activity reported.


No activity reported.

LIMOCITRIN-3-O-(3 Plant: DUKE1992A

No activity reported.


No activity reported.


No activity reported.


No activity reported.

LIMONENE Essential Oil 2,796 - 8,000 ppm DUKE1992A Leaf Essent. Oil 284,000 - 754,000 ppm DUKE1992A Pericarp Essent. Oil 512,000 - 774,000 ppm DUKE1992A

Acaricide LC100=8 uM JAF50:4586 ; AChE-Inhibitor 453 ; Allelochemic JAF45:3276 ; Allergenic 1/20th carene M&R521 ; Antiacetylcholinesterase IC22-26=1.2 mM JAF45:677 ; Antiadenomic ACT13:64 ; Antialzheimeran? 453 ; Antiasthmatic X15598576 ; Antibacterial RIE12:5 ; Anticancer AEM401:131 ; Antiesophagitic ACT13:64 ; Antifeedant JAF45:3276 ; Antiflu EMP5:195 ; Antiinflammatory X15598576 ; Antilithic M29:1064 ; Antilymphomic X15778119 ; Antimetastatic (Stomach) ACT13:64 ; Antimutagenic EMP6:235 ; Antiobesity X15862904 ; Antiseptic JAF44:2802 ; Antispasmodic ED50=0.197 mg/ml FT59:465 ; Antitumor; Antitumor (Breast) AEM401:131 ; Antitumor (Colon) ACT13:64 ; Antitumor (Pancreas) AEM401:131 ; Antitumor (Prostate) AEM401:131 ; Antitumor (Stomach) ACT13:64 ; Antiviral; Apoptotic X14998133 ; Bronchoprotectant X15598576 ; Cancer-Preventive 525 ; Candidistat JAF40:2330 ; Chemopreventive AEM401:131 ; Cholesterolytic X18072821 ; Detoxicant; Enterocontractant JAR4:22 ; Expectorant; FLavor PJB1(3):242 ; Fungiphilic JAF43:2283 ; Fungistat JAF40:2330 ; GST-Inducer X1438594 ; Herbicide IC50=45 uM TOX ; Histaminic X15862904 ; Immunomodulator X15778119 ; Insecticide 0.37 uM/fly; Insectifuge 382 ; Interleukin-6-Inhibitor X17867636 ; Irritant; Lipolytic X15862904 ; Myorelaxant 50 mg/kg X12587690 ; Nematicide IC=100 ug/ml NIG ; NO-Genic X15778119 ; Ornithine-Decarboxylase-Inhibitor ~750 mg/kg (diet) BO2 ; Ozone-Scavenger X15598576 ; P450-Inducer; Peristaltic X18072821 ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Photosensitizer RIN ; Sedative ED=1-32 mg/kg W&W ; Transdermal X7199340

LIMONIN Fruit: JBH Seed: DUKE1992A

Anticataleptic CPB38:2334 ; Antifeedant 382 ; Antileukemic IC50=>10 ug/ml LS55:1061 ; Antimalarial IC50=>100 ug/ml JE15:204 ; Pesticide DUKE1992B


No activity reported.


No activity reported.

LINALOL Essential Oil 8 - 30 ppm DUKE1992A Leaf Essent. Oil 17,000 - 81,000 ppm DUKE1992A Pericarp Essent. Oil 7,000 - 110,000 ppm DUKE1992A

No activity reported.


Anesthetic 0.01-1 ug/ml; Antioxidant 400 ppm SPI:282 ; Antispasmodic ED50=0.21 mg/ml FT59:465 ; FLavor FEMA 2-15 ARC ; Motor-Depressant BVC:162 ; Perfumery M11 ; Sedative

LUTEIN Fruit 0.12 - 1.2 ppm DUKE1992A

Antiatherosclerotic SN159:391 ; Anticancer (Breast) PS131:95 ; Antimaculitic JNU ; Antinyctalopic JNU ; Antioxidant JN126:2098 ; Antiproliferant JNU ; Antiradicular JN126:2098 ; Antiretinitic Optometry 71(3):147 ; Antitumor (Breast) PS131:95 ; Antitumor (Colon) ACN71:575 ; Colorant JBH ; Prooxidant 5-40 ug/g JAF44:2096 ; Quinone-Reductase-Inducer 2.5 ug PS131:95 ; Retinoprotectant Optometry 71(3):147 ; Ubiquiot JBH


Aldose-Reductase-Inhibitor EC=3 ppm FT64:131 IC50=0.45 uM rat; Antiallergic X11216484 ; Antiangiogenic IC60-75=10 uM; Antiatherogenic X11216484 ; Antibacterial MIC=500 ug/ml PM57:A43 ; Anticarcinogenic JAF48:235 ; Anticarcinomic AJC31:37 ; Anticataract EC=3 ppm FT64:131 ; Anticomplementary MSC'96 ; Antidermatic BIS ; Antiestrogenic X12224631 ; Antifeedant IC52=<1,000 ppm diet 438 ; Antiherpetic 11-23 ug/ml; Antihistaminic <10-15 uM; AntiHIV JNP60(9):884 ; Antiinflammatory =indomethacin WIC ; Antileukemic 20-50 uM; Antilymphomic AJC31:37 ; Antimelanomic AJC31:37 ; Antimutagenic ID50=0.44 ug/ml X14586095 ID50=2-5 nM; Antinociceptive PR14:401 ; Antioxidant IC50=10 uM; Antipolio EMP5:197 ; Antiproliferant X12224631 ; Antispasmodic 411 ; Antitumor 1-50 uM; Antitumor (brain) AJC31:37 ; Antitumor (Colon) AJC31:37 ; Antitumor (Kidney) AJC31:37 ; Antitumor (Lung) AJC31:37 ; Antitumor (Ovary) AJC31:37 ; Antitumor (Pancreas) AJC31:37 ; Antitumor (Skin) 20 uM BO2 ; Antitumor (Stomach) AJC31:37 ; Antitumor (Thyroid) 12-50 uM BO2 ; Antitussive DUKE1992B ; Antiviral 11-23 ug/ml; Aphidifuge JAF45:4505 ; Apoptotic 12-50 uM BO2 ; Aromatase-Inhibitor IC35=1 uM/l JMF2:235 ; Beta-Glucuronidase-Inhibitor IC50=~40 uM BO2 ; Calcium-Antagonist IC50=1.2 uM rbt K16299 ; Cancer-Preventive; Chemopreventive X11216484 ; Choleretic DUKE1992B ; Cytotoxic 1-50 uM BO2 ; Deiodinase-Inhibitor JNM1:10 ; Differentiator IC>40=40 uM BO2 ; Diuretic PT5:1986 ; Estrogenic 58% genistein; Hepatoprotective FT66:400 ; Hyaluronidase-Inhibitor IC50+=100-250 uM BO2 ; Hypocholesterolemic JAC9:158 ; ICAM-1-Inhibitor X15322261 ; IKK-Inhibitor X15322261 ; iNOS-Inhibitor X15102332 ; Iodothyronine-Deiodinase-Inhibitor JBH ; Lipoxygenase-Inhibitor JAF49:3106 ; MAPK-Inhibitor X15322261 ; Metalloproteinase-Inhibitor X10723772 ; MMP-9-Inhibitor 20 uM BO2 ; Myorelaxant AYL-84 ; NEP-Inhibitor IC50=>42 uM X10723772 ; NF-kB-Inhibitor; NO-Inhibitor X15102332 ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Proliferant X12224631 ; Prostaglandin-Synthetase-Inhibitor JAF49:3106 ; Protein-Kinase-C-Inhibitor IC70=50 uM BO2 ; PTK-Inhibitor 10-100 uM; Succinoxidase-Inhibitor JBH ; TNF-alpha-Inhibitor IC50=14.44 uM JMF6:365 ; Topoisomerase-I-Inhibitor TIH14:223 ; Vasodilator JAFC48:220 ; VEGF-Inhibitor IC50=2-7 uM; Xanthine-Oxidase-Inhibitor IC50=0.11 ug/ml CPB38:1772


No activity reported.

MENTH-1-EN-9-OL Essential Oil: DUKE1992A

No activity reported.


No activity reported.

METHYL-HEPTENONE Leaf Essent. Oil 6,000 ppm; DUKE1992A

No activity reported.


Cancer-Preventive 525 ; Demulcent PJB1(2):279 ; Hypocholesterolemic GAZ

MYRCENE Essential Oil 65 - 1,270 ppm DUKE1992A Leaf Essent. Oil 13,000 ppm; DUKE1992A

ACE-Inhibitor 100 ug/ml K26575 ; Aldose-Reductase-Inhibitor TYK1992:95 ; Allergenic M&R154 ; Analgesic EMM18:28 ; Antibacterial DUKE1992B ; Anticonvulsant X11085358 ; Antimutagenic EMM18:28 ; Antinitrosaminic X10606544 ; Antinociceptive 10-20 mg/kg ipr mus JPP42:877 20-40 mg/kg scu mus JPP42:877 ; Antioxidant JA6(4):33 ; Antispasmodic PM&T20:213.1986 ; Chemopreventive 525 ; FLavor FEMA 0.5-9 ARC ; Fungicide TOX ; Hypothermic X11085358 ; Insectifuge DUKE1992B ; Irritant ZEB ; Myorelaxant 100-200 mg/kg X12587690 ; P450-2B1-Inhibitor IC50=0.14 uM X9242356 ; Perfumery JBH ; Pesticide DUKE1992B


Cancer-Preventive 525

NARINGIN Pericarp: DUKE1992A

Aldose-Reductase-Inhibitor WER ; Antidermatitic DUKE1992B ; Antiinflammatory DUKE1992B ; Antimutagenic EMP6:235 ; Antineuropathic WER ; Antioxidant DUKE1992B ; Antiviral V&D ; Cancer-Preventive 525 ; FLavor FEMA ARC ; Myorelaxant TOX ; Oviposition-Stimulant JBH ; Pesticide DUKE1992B


No activity reported.


Oviposition-Stimulant JBH


Anticancer JAF47:397 ; Antioxidant 7 x quercetin JAF47:397 PCF:58 ; Antiradicular JAF47:397 ; Antitumor-Promoter JAF47:397 ; Cancer-Preventive JAF47:397


Colorant JBH ; Ubiquiot JBH

NERAL Essential Oil 27 - 130 ppm DUKE1992A Leaf Essent. Oil 4,000 - 270,000 ppm DUKE1992A

Antibacterial IWU ; Antispasmodic JAR10:7 ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Termiticide LD100=5 mg/g JAF50:1389

NEROL Leaf Essent. Oil 18,000 - 76,000 ppm DUKE1992A

Antibacterial HG17 ; Antihelicobacter X14506036 ; Antiseptic LAF ; Antiulcer X14506036 ; Estrogenic X12495555 ; FLavor FEMA 1-20 ARC ; Perfumery M11 ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Sedative ZEB ; Trichomonicide ED100=300 ug/ml FT67:279

NEROL-ACETATE Essential Oil 16 - 310 ppm DUKE1992A Leaf Essent. Oil 40 ppm; DUKE1992A

No activity reported.

NERYL-FORMATE Essential Oil 20 ppm; DUKE1992A

FLavor FEMA 5-15 ARC ; Perfumery ARC


Allergenic WER ; Antiacrodynic DUKE1992B ; Antiallergic 50 mg/2x/day WER ; Antialzheimeran PIL ; Antiamblyopic DUKE1992B ; Antianginal DUKE1992B ; Anticataract DUKE1992B ; Antichilblain JBH ; Anticonvulsant 3 g/day WER ; Antidementia PIL ; Antidermatitic DAS ; Antidiabetic DUKE1992B ; Antidysphagic DUKE1992B ; Antiepileptic WER ; Antihangover 50 mg WAF ; Antihistaminic 50 mg 2x/day WER ; Antihyperactivity 1.5-6 g/day WER ; Antiinsomnic 1 g/day WER ; AntiLyme 50 mg/day; AntiMeniere's JAD ; Antineuralgic DUKE1992B ; Antiparkinsonian 100 mg/day WER ; Antipellagric DAS ; AntiRaynaud's 1,500-4,000 mg/day WAF ; Antiscotomic DUKE1992B ; Antispasmodic 100 mg 2x/day WER ; Antivertigo DUKE1992B ; Cancer-Preventive 525 ; Cardioprotective PIL ; Circulotonic PIL ; Fibrinolytic MPP ; Hepatoprotective DUKE1992B ; Hepatotoxic PIL ; Hypocholesterolemic 50-100 mg 3x/day; Hypoglycemic DUKE1992B ; Hypolipidemic RWG:17 ; Sedative PAM ; Serotoninergic PAM ; Vasodilator M29


Antifeedant 382 ; Pesticide DUKE1992B


No activity reported.

NONAN-1-AL Essential Oil 3 - 7 ppm DUKE1992A

No activity reported.

NONANAL Essential Oil 9 - 30 ppm DUKE1992A

No activity reported.


No activity reported.


No activity reported.


Antiulcer 20 mg/kg orl rat CPB38:3053 ; FLavor FEMA 3-50 ARC ; Perfumery ARC


No activity reported.


Anticataleptic CPB38:2334 ; Antifeedant 382 ; Pesticide DUKE1992B


No activity reported.

OCIMENE Leaf Essent. Oil 10,000 ppm; DUKE1992A

Insecticide LAF ; Perfumery ARC

OCTAN-1-AL Pericarp: DUKE1992A

No activity reported.

OCTANOIC-ACID Essential Oil: DUKE1992A

Candidicide JBH ; FLavor FEMA 3-20 ARC ; Fungicide JBH ; Perfumery JBH ; Pesticide DUKE1992B

OCTANOL Essential Oil 10 - 15 ppm DUKE1992A

No activity reported.


No activity reported.

OCTYL-ACETATE Essential Oil: DUKE1992A

No activity reported.


No activity reported.


Antimalarial JE15 ; Calcium-Antagonist; Juvabional; Pesticide

OXYPEUCEDANIN Essential Oil 207 ppm; DUKE1992A

Antitumor-Promoter IC32=50 ug/ml CPB38:1086 ; Calcium-Antagonist IC50=1.2 ug/ml PCA3:42 ; DME-Inhibitor IC50=81 uM ACM:134 ; Fungicide MIC=10 ug POP:25 ; Lipolytic PJB1(2):280 ; Mutagenic NIG


Antihistaminic 25 mg/kg ipr mus JNP60:249 ; Calcium-Antagonist PCA3:42


No activity reported.

P-COUMARIC-ACID Fruit 6 - 102 ppm DUKE1992A

Aldose-Reductase-Inhibitor 4 ug/ml (weak activity) SKN43:99 ; Allelopathic JBH ; Antibacterial PHZ46:156 ; Anticlastogen X9025787 ; Antifertility AEHD1:84 ; Antihepatotoxic JBH ; Antileukemic IC50=25-56 ug/ml AJC31:37 ; Antinitrosaminic JNU ; Antioxidant 1/3 BHA JAF50:889 IC24=30 ppm; Antiperoxidant IC50=>100 uM PM57:A54 ; Antiseptic X15712986 ; Antispasmodic CAN ; Antitumor; Cancer-Preventive; Chemopreventive X15712986 ; Choleretic DUKE1992B ; Cytotoxic JBH ; Diaphoretic? LRN-DEC90 ; Fungicide NIG ; Lipoxygenase-Inhibitor IC11=5 mM JAF38:688 ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Prostaglandigenic RWG27 ; Prostaglandin-Synthesis-Inhibitor DUKE1992B ; Tyrosinase-Inhibitor ID50=3,650 uM JAF51:2837

P-CYMENE Essential Oil 12 - 31 ppm DUKE1992A

Analgesic MAR ; Antiacetylcholinesterase IC40=1.2 mM JAF45:677 ; Antibacillary X10826719 ; Antibacterial JE26:74 ; Antiflu DUKE1992B ; Antirheumatalgic MAR ; Antiviral DUKE1992B ; FLavor FEMA 12-250 ARC ; Fungicide TOX ; Herbicide IC50=50 uM TOX ; Insectifuge HH3 ; Irritant ZEB ; Laxative ZEB ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Sedative ZEB ; Trichomonicide LD100=50 ug/ml FT67:279

P-CYMOL Essential Oil: DUKE1992A

No activity reported.

P-MENTHA-1,8-DIEN-9-YL-ACETATE Essential Oil: DUKE1992A

No activity reported.

P-MENTHA-2,8-DIEN-1-OL Essential Oil: DUKE1992A

No activity reported.

PE Plant: DUKE1992A

No activity reported.

PECTIN Pericarp: DUKE1992A

Antiatheromic 15 g/man/day HSC25:1485 ; Antibacterial DUKE1992B ; Antidiabetic 10 g/man/day/orl; Antidiarrheic M11 ; Antienteritic GAZ ; Antigallstone WAF ; Antigastritic GAZ ; Antilithic WAF ; Antimetastatic PIL ; Antimutagenic PM65:395 ; Antiobesity JNU ; Antitumor (Colon) PM65:395 ; Antitumor (Prostate) PIL ; Antitussive DUKE1992B ; Antiulcer DUKE1992B ; Cancer-Preventive 525 ; Chemopreventive PM65:395 ; Demulcent DUKE1992B ; Fungicide LAF ; Hemostat DUKE1992B ; Hypocholesterolemic; Hypoglycemic JNU ; Peristaltic DUKE1992B ; Pesticide DUKE1992B


No activity reported.


No activity reported.


Acaricide X12137464 ; Antibacterial MIC=500->1,000 ug/ml JAF40:2330 ; Antimelanomic IC50=120 uM/l JN127:668 ; Antiproliferative JNP65:953 ; Antiseptic JNP65:953 ; Candidicide MIC=500 ug/ml JAF40:2330 ; Fungicide MIC=250-500 ug/ml JAF40:2330 ; Mutagenic PH2 ; Nematicide MLC=1 mg/ml SZ44:183 ; Sedative PH2 ; Vibriocide 250 ug/ml HH3


Calcium-Antagonist PCA3:42 ; Lipolytic PJB1(2):2801


No activity reported.

PHOSPHORUS Fruit 100 - 1,979 ppm DUKE1992A

Antiosteoporotic DAS ; Anxiolytic WAF ; Immunostimulant DAS ; Osteogenic DAS


No activity reported.

POTASSIUM Fruit 14,700 ppm; DUKE1992A

Angiotensin-Receptor-Blocker NP6:1 ; Antiarrhythmic DAS ; Antidepressant DAS ; Antifatigue DAS ; Antihypertensive; Antispasmodic DAS ; Antistroke; Anxiolytic WAF ; Beta-Blocker NP6:1 ; Cardioprotective 3,000-5,000 mg PIL ; Cardiotoxic 18,000 mg/man/day DUKE1992B ; Diuretic NP6:1 ; Hypotensive; Vasodilator NP6:1

PROTEIN Fruit 10,000 - 111,000 ppm DUKE1992A

No activity reported.


11B-HSD-Inhibitor CPT59:62 ; 5-Lipoxygenase-Inhibitor IC50 (uM)=4; Aldehyde-Oxidase-Inhibitor IC70-96=10 uM X16394541 ; Aldose-Reductase-Inhibitor 100 uM 4 ug/ml SKN43:99 IC50=0.344 uM ZZZ18:623 IC50=0.84 ug/ml cow CPB43:1385 ; Allelochemic IC82=1 mM 438 ; Allergenic JBH ; Analgesic FT63(3):197 ; Antiaflatoxin IC50=25 uM X11714299 IC50=7.5 ppm X11714299 ; Antiaggregant 30 uM JAF45:4505 IC50=55 uM EMP5:333 ; Antiaging PM69:1125 ; Antiallergic IC50=14 uM JIM127:546 ; Antialzheimeran COX ; Antianaphylactic PR4(5):201 ; Antiangiogenic EJP459:255 ; Antiarthritic COX ; Antiasthmatic; Antiatherosclerotic X11020457 ; Antibacterial JBH ; Anticarcinomic (Breast) IC50=1.5 uM MED ; Anticariogenic ID50=120 ug/ml JAF48:5666 ; Anticataract PM56(3):258 ; Anticolitic 400 mg/man/3x/day PAM ; Anticomplementary JNP65:1457 ; AntiCrohn's PAM ; Anticystitic 1,000 mg/day/4 weeks X11272677 ; Antidepressant JMF6:391 ; Antidermatitic PAM ; Antidiabetic; Antielastase IC50=0.8 ug/ml DUKE1992B ; Antiencephalitic EMP5:199 ; Antiescherichic X10857921 ; Antiestrogenic; Antifeedant IC52=<1,000 ppm diet 438 ; Antifibrosarcomic JAF45:4505 ; Antiflu V&D ; Antigastric RR21:85 ; Antigonadotropic JBH ; AntiGTF ID50=120 ug/ml JAF48:5666 ; Antihepatotoxic PM56(2):171 ; Antiherpetic 48-150 ug/ml; Antihistaminic IC50=<10 uM; AntiHIV JNP60(9):884 ; Antihydrophobic V&D ; Antihypertensive KCH ; Antiinflammatory 20-150 mg/kg FT5:1990 ; Antileishmanic IC50=64 JNP65:1457 ; Antileukemic 5.5-60 uM BO2 IC50=10 uM EMP5:225 IC50=>10 ug/ml LS55:1061 ; Antileukotriene PAM ; Antilipoperoxidant IC67=50; Antimalarial IC50=1-6.4 ug/ml MPT ; Antimelanomic; Antimetastatic BO2 ; Antimutagenic ID50=0.62 ug/ml X14586095 ID50=2-5 nM PCF ; Antimyocarditic EMP5:199 ; Antinitrosaminic PAL:339 ; Antinociceptive PR14:40 ; Antioxidant 4.7 x Vit. E BO2 ED50=2.3 uM PR14:93 IC47=10 uM JMF5:1 IC96=300 ppm PCF ; Antipancreatitic JNU ; Antiperiodontal PAM ; Antiperistaltic X14646351 ; Antipermeability DUKE1992B ; Antiperoxidant PM57:A110 ; Antipharyngitic PAM ; Antiplaque PAM ; Antiplasmodial IC50=13-64 JNP65:1457 ; AntiPMS 500 mg/2x/day/wmn PAM ; Antipodriac; Antipolio PAM ; Antiproliferant 10 nM; Antiprostanoid PCF:51 ; Antiprostatitic JNU ; Antipsoriac PAM ; Antiradicular IC50=4.6 uM PM56(6):695 ; Antispasmodic; Antistreptococcic ID50=120 ug/ml JAF48:5666 ; Antithiamin PCF:69 ; Antithrombic PAL:339 ; Antitrypanosomic IC50=13 JNP65:1457 ; Antitumor 10 uM; Antitumor (Bladder) JNM7:51 ; Antitumor (Breast) JNM7:51 ; Antitumor (Colon) JAF45:4505 ; Antitumor (Lung) X10918203 ; Antitumor (Ovary) JNM7:51 ; Antitumor (Skin) 20 uM BO2 ; Antitumor-Promoter PAM ; Antiulcer PR14:581 ; Antiviral 48-150 ug/ml JNP55:1732 IC50=10 uM EMP5:225 ; Apoptotic 20-60 uM; ATPase-Inhibitor NIG ; Bacteristat 10 mg/ml QRNM(SUMMER):91 ; Bradycardiac KCH ; Calmodulin-Antagonist PAM ; cAMP-Phosphodiesterase-Inhibitor PAM ; Cancer-Preventive 525 ; Candidicide X10857921 ; Capillariprotective M11 ; Carcinogenic 40,000 ppm (diet) mus NIG ; Catabolic AFR27:173 ; COMT-Inhibitor QRNM1997:293 ; Copper-Chelator; COX-2-Inhibitor <40 uM BO2 ; Cyclooxygenase-Inhibitor PCF:49 ; Cytochrome-P450-1A2-Inhibitor X11752233 ; Cytotoxic ED50=70 ug/ml PM56(6):677 IC82=100 ug/ml PM57:A113 ; Deiodinase-Inhibitor JNM1:10 ; Diaphoretic? LRN-DEC90 ; Differentiator 5.5 uM BO2 ; Estrogenic 10% genistein B02 ; Fungicide X10857921 ; Glucosyl-Transferase-Inhibitor ID50=120 ug/ml JAF48:5666 ; Hemostat KCH ; Hepatomagenic 5,000 ppm (diet) rat PCF ; Hepatoprotective FT67:200 ; HIV-RT-Inhibitor IC50=<1 ug/ml JNP53(5):1239 ; Hypoglycemic 100 mg/kg orl rat JE27:243 ; iNOS-Inhibitor IC50=20 uM; Inotropic X10404425 ; Insulinogenic PAM ; Juvabional 438 ; Larvistat 8,000 ppm diet 438 ; Lipoxygenase-Inhibitor IC11=1.25 mM JAF38:688 IC50=0.1-5 uM DFN:154 ; MAO-A-Inhibitor QRNM1997:293 ; Mast-Cell-Stabilizer DUKE1992B ; Metal-Chelator (Copper) PR14:93 ; Metalloproteinase-Inhibitor IC50=>42 uM X10723772 ; MMP-9-Inhibitor 20 uM BO2 ; Mutagenic HG22:27 ; NADH-Oxidase-Inhibitor BJP3:10 ; NEP-Inhibitor IC50=>42 uM X10723772 ; Neuroprotective 5-25 uM; NF-kB-Inhibitor X15180920 ; NO-Inhibitor IC50=20 uM X15832817 IC>50=125 uM JAF50:850 ; NO-Synthase-Inhibitor 5-50 uM; Ornithine-Decarboxylase-Inhibitor <10 uM; P450-Inducer 5 uM FNF ; P450-Inhibitor 50-100 uM FNF ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; PGE2-Inhibitor X12144868 ; Phospholipase-Inhibitor BJP3:10 ; Plasmodicide HDN ; Proliferant X12224631 ; Prostaglandin-Synthesis-Inhibitor 40 ug/ml PR11:281 ; Protein-Kinase-C-Inhibitor PCF:14 ; PTK-Inhibitor 0.4-24 uM BO2 ; Quinone-Reductase-Inducer 13 uM 6 uM CLE120:213 ; Teratologic DUKE1992B ; TNF-alpha-Inhibitor IC50=3.11 uM JMF6:365 ; Topoisomerase-I-Inhibitor IC50=12.8 ug/ml IC50=42 uM BO2 ; Topoisomerase-II-Inhibitor IC50=1-6.9 ug/ml IC50=23-40 uM BO2 ; Tumorigenic 0.1% diet orl rat/yr 505 ; Tyrosinase-Inhibitor ID50=70 uM; Tyrosine-Kinase-Inhibitor EMP6:170 ; Vasodilator; VEGF-Inhibitor X16737615 ; Xanthine-Oxidase-Inhibitor 3.1 uM PM69:1125 IC50=10.6 ug/ml X12591129 IC50=>0.4 ug/ml CPB38:1772


No activity reported.

RIBOFLAVIN Fruit 2 - 3 ppm DUKE1992A

Antiarabiflavinotic 2-10 mg/day orl MAR ; Anticarpal-Tunnel 50 mg/day WER ; Anticataract 15 mg/day WER ; Anticephalagic PIL ; Anticervicaldysplasic 1.6-10 mg/day WAF ; Anticheilitic DUKE1992B ; Antidecubitic DUKE1992B ; Antiglossitic DAS ; Antikeratitic DUKE1992B ; AntiLyme 50 mg/day KEn ; Antimigraine DUKE1992B ; Antioxidant PIL ; Antipellagric DUKE1992B ; Antiphotophobic DAS ; Cancer-Preventive 525

RUTIN Fruit 1 - 2 ppm DUKE1992A Leaf: DUKE1992A

5-HT-Inhibitor X12584792 ; Aldehyde-Oxidase-Inhibitor IC27-52=10 uM X16394541 ; Aldose-Reductase-Inhibitor 100 uM 4 ug/ml SKN43:99 ; Allelochemic SN149:389 ; Antiaggregant ED50=33 nmol/kg iv; Antiallergic FT73:557 ; Antiapoplectic DUKE1992B ; Antiatherogenic; Antiatherosclerotic JAF51:6452 ; Antibacterial JBH ; Anticancer JAF47:397 ; Anticapillary-Fragility 20-100 mg orl man M7 ; Anticataract DUKE1992B ; Anticlastogen; Anticonvulsant KCH ; AntiCVI 270 mg/man/day; Antidementia BRU ; Antidermatitic BIS ; Antidiabetic CPB38:297 ; Antiedemic 270 mg/day orl man; Antierythemic DUKE1992B ; Antifeedant; Antiglaucomic 60 mg/day WER ; Antihematuric DUKE1992B ; Antihemorrhoidal; Antihepatotoxic TOX ; Antiherpetic EMP5:198 ; Antihistaminic DUKE1992B ; Antihypertensive KCH ; Antiinflammatory 20 mg/kg; Antimalarial IC50=>100 ug/ml JE15:204 ; Antimelanomic X16104801 ; Antimetastatic; Antimutagenic ID50=2-5 nM; Antinephritic DUKE1992B ; Antinociceptive PR14:401 ; Antioxidant IC28=30 ppm IC50=120 uM PC27:972 IC54=10 uM JMF5:1 ; Antiperoxidant IC50=10-20 uM; Antiplatelet FT73:557 ; Antiproliferant 50-75 uM/l; Antiprotozoal FT73:557 ; Antipurpuric DUKE1992B ; Antiradicular 9 x quercetin; Antispasmodic; Antisunburn PM61:510 ; Antithrombogenic EC50=500 nM X3101704 ; Antithyroid IC50=68 uM X12065212 ; Antitrypanosomic 100 mg/kg PM57:A44 ; Antitumor; Antitumor-Promoter; Antiulcer PR14:581 ; Antivaricose; Antiviral; Apoptotic 75 uM/l X12010246 ; cAMP-Phosphodiesterase-Inhibitor PAM ; Cancer-Preventive 525 ; Capillariprotective M11 ; Catabolic AFR27:173 ; Chemopreventive; Cytoprotective IC50=3 uM X1559614 ; Estrogenic? EMP6:189 ; Hemostat; Hepatomagenic 20,000 ppm (diet) rat PCF ; Hepatoprotective 20 mg/kg rat FT73:557 ; Hypocholesterolemic KCH ; Hypotensive LAF ; Immunomodulator FT73:557 ; Insecticide TOX ; Insectiphile JBH ; Juvabional 382 ; Larvistat IC95=4,000-8,000 ppm diet 438 ; Lipoxygenase-Inhibitor IC75=2.5 mM JAF38:688 ; Mutagenic EMP6:189 ; Myoprotective FT73:557 ; Myorelaxant EMP6:189 ; Oviposition-Stimulant JBH ; PAF-Inhibitor X12584792 ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Protisticide FT73:557 ; Radioprotective JAF48:1738 ; Sunscreen PM61:510 ; Topoisomerase-II-Inhibitor IC50=1 ug/ml AAC41:992 ; Vasodilator FT73:557 ; Vasopressor DUKE1992B

SABINENE Essential Oil 50 - 175 ppm DUKE1992A Leaf Essent. Oil 2,700 ppm; DUKE1992A

Antibacterial X14506036 ; Antihelicobacter X14506036 ; Antiseptic X14506036 ; Antiulcer X14506036 ; Perfumery ARC


Antiaggregant CAN ; Antiinflammatory CAN ; Antipyretic CAN ; Antiuricosuric CAN ; Hyperglycemic CAN ; Hypoglycemic CAN ; Uricosuric CAN


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tr = trace