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Dr Duke's list of Chemicals and their Biological Activities in: Aconitum napellus L. (Ranunculaceae) -- Aconite, Bear's-Foot, Blue Rocket, European Aconite, Friar's Cap, Garden Monkshood, Garden Wolfsbane, Helmet Flower, Monkshood, Queen's Fettle, Soldier



Type of Spiritual Experience

Invisible input - healing

Number of hallucinations: 1


A description of the experience

Chemicals and their Biological Activities in: Aconitum napellus L. (Ranunculaceae) -- Aconite, Bear's-Foot, Blue Rocket, European Aconite, Friar's Cap, Garden Monkshood, Garden Wolfsbane, Helmet Flower, Monkshood, Queen's Fettle, Soldier's Cap, Turk's Cap



Analgesic DUKE1992B ; Anesthetic DUKE1992B ; Antipyretic M11 ; Insecticide 356 ; Pesticide DUKE1992B


Perfumery FEMA 1-30 ppm ARC


(+)-Inotropic 0.1 mg/kg scu gpg HH2 ; Analgesic; Anesthetic PJB1(2):259 ; Antiinflammatory 411 ; Antineuralgic 0.1 g/man; Antinociceptive PR14:401 ; Antipyretic M11 ; Arrhythmigenic 0.1 mg/kg scu gpg; Bradycardic 0.01 mg/kg scu cat HH2 ; Calcium-Antagonist 50 ug/ml rat K22630 ; Cardiotonic 411 ; Cardiotoxic DUKE1992B ; Dermal JBH ; Diaphoretic DUKE1992B ; Emetic 400-500 ppb DUKE1992B ; Gastric-Anesthetic DUKE1992B ; Hypotensive 0.01 mg/kg scu cat; Immunomodulator PR9:315 ; Insecticide 356 ; Mydriatic 400-500 ppb DUKE1992B ; Paralytic DUKE1992B ; Pediculicide 356 ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Respiraparalytic DUKE1992B ; Sialogogue DUKE1992B ; Toxic PR14:401

ALKALOIDS Leaf 1,200 - 9,600 ppm DUKE1992A Root 2,000 - 15,000 ppm DUKE1992A

No activity reported.


Insecticide 356 ; Pesticide DUKE1992B


Aldose-Reductase-Inhibitor 4 ug/ml (weak activity) SKN43:99 ; Allergenic M&R317 ; Analgesic PMP23:51 ; Antiadenoviral EMP5:207 ; Antiaggregant JBH ; Antiaging PM69:1125 ; Antiatherogenic X15712986 ; Antibacterial; Anticancer JAF47:397 ; Anticarcinogenic EMP6:189 ; Antidepressant; Antiedemic EMP6:189 ; Antielastase IC50=86 ug/ml (475 uM) PM69:820 IC50=93 um/l X11199135 ; Antiescherichic PR14:561 ; Antiflu EMP5:207 ; Antigonadotropic JNM1:10 ; Antihemolytic 25 uM PC36:579 ; Antihepatoadenomic 200 ppm diet orl mus ACS661:230 ; Antihepatotoxic PM56:173 ; Antiherpetic 50 ug/ml EC50=>50 ug/ml POP:270 ; Antihistaminic DUKE1992B ; AntiHIV EC50=200 ug/ml; Antihypercholesterolemic EMP6:189 ; Antihyperthyroid; Antiinflammatory; AntiLegionella YAK122:487 ; Antileukemic AJC31:37 ; Antileukotriene DUKE1992B ; Antimelanogenic JAF50:3718 ; Antimutagenic PCF:18 ; Antinitrosaminic PCF:18 ; Antiophidic FT65(2):101 ; Antioxidant 1.3 x Vit. E BO2 1/2 BHA JAF50:889 1/3 quercetin JAF47:397 30 mM JAF48:235 50 uM PC27:973 IC57=30 ppm PCF:221 ; Antiperoxidant IC35=200 ug/ml JAF50:2993 IC50=44 uM PM57:A54 IC85=100 ug/ml X15796587 ; Antiproliferant AJC31:37 ; Antiprostaglandin PJB1(1):169 ; Antiradicular 1/3 quercetin JAF47:397 10 uM PC36:579 30 mM JAF48:235 IC50=32-35 uM JAF50:7022 ; Antiseptic JE26:76 ; Antispasmodic EC50=3.4-15 uM PR4:73 ; Antistaphylococcic PR14:561 ; Antistomatitic EMP5:207 ; Antisunburn PM61:510 ; Antithiamin PCF:69 ; Antithyroid JNM1:10 ; Antitumor 200 ppm diet orl mus; Antitumor (Skin) JAF50:3718 ; Antitumor-Promoter IC42=10 uM CR48:5941 ; Antiulcerogenic; Antivaccinia EMP5:207 ; Antiviral IC50=62.5 ug/ml; Anxiolytic X12802204 ; Calcium-Antagonist IC50=1.2 uM rbt K16299 ; Cancer-Preventive 525 ; Carcinogenic 2% (diet); Chemopreventive X15712986 ; Cholagogue WIC ; Choleretic 411 ; Clastogenic JBH ; CNS-Active WIC ; Co-carcinogenic PCF:44 ; Collagen-Sparing PM61:510 ; COX-2-Inhibitor IC32=100 uM JNP65:1517 ; Cytoprotective CAN ; Cytotoxic TC50=200 ug/ml POP:270 ; Diuretic WIC ; DNA-Active JBH ; DNA-Protective JAF50:7022 ; Fungicide MIC=0.4 mg/ml; Hepatocarcinogenic 400 ppm diet orl mus (in the absence of alcohol) ACS661:230 ; Hepatoprotective ACM:210 ; Hepatotropic DUKE1992B ; Histamine-Inhibitor DUKE1992B ; Immunostimulant PPL7:187 ; Insectifuge EB48:111 ; Leukotriene-Inhibitor DUKE1992B ; Lipoxygenase-Inhibitor IC27=5 mM JAF38:688 IC50=62-148 uM JAF44:2057 ; Lyase-Inhibitor IC50=94-164 uM JAF44:2057 ; Metal-Chelator PCF:25 ; Ornithine-Decarboxylase-Inhibitor PCF:19 ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Prooxidant JAFC45:632 ; Prostaglandigenic RWG27 ; Sedative 500 mg RWG17 ; Sunscreen IC50=2.5 mg/l FT64:134 IC91=5 mg/l FT64:134 IC98=25 mg/l FT64:134 ; Tumorigenic 505 ; Vulnerary JE26:76 ; Xanthine-Oxidase-Inhibitor IC50=39.21 uM MAB


Aldose-Reductase-Inhibitor IC50=1.8 uM rat (strong activity) CPB47:340 ; Allelochemic SN149:389 ; Allergenic; Analgesic PMP23:51 ; Antiatherosclerotic X11413687 ; Antibacterial; Anticancer (Colon) PAL:335 ; Anticancer (Forestomach) PAL:335 ; Anticancer (Liver) PAL:335 ; Anticancer (Skin) PAL:335 ; Anticarcinogenic JAF45:1523 ; Antidiabetic X15796587 ; AntiEBV EMP6:189 ; Antifeedant; Antigenotoxic JAF45:1523 ; Antigonadotropic JNM1:10 ; Antihemolytic 10 uM PC36:579 ; Antihepatotoxic PM56(2):173 ; Antiherpetic EMP5:194 ; Antihistaminic DUKE1992B ; AntiHIV EMP6:189 ; Antihypercholesterolemic EMP6:189 ; Antihyperthyroid; Antiinflammatory PCF:19 ; AntiLegionella YAK122:487 ; Antileukotriene DUKE1992B ; Antimelanogenic JAF50:3718 ; Antimutagenic PCF:245 ; Antinitrosaminic; Antioxidant IC50=54.2 uM X15796587 IC53=200 ppm PCF:21 IC80=12 uM PC27:973 ; Antiperoxidant IC50=36 uM PM57:A54 ; Antipolio V&E ; Antiradicular 10 uM PC36:579 9 x quercetin JAF47:397 ; Antiseptic PMP23:51 ; Antisunburn PM61:510 ; Antithyroid JNM1:10 ; Antitumor JBH ; Antitumor (Colon) PAL:335 ; Antitumor (Forestomach) PAL:335 ; Antitumor (Liver) PAL:335 ; Antitumor (Skin); Antitumor-Promoter IC25=10 uM; Antiulcer EMP6:189 ; Antiviral V&D ; Autotoxic JCE26:315 ; Cancer-Preventive 525 ; Cardioprotective; Chemopreventive JAF53:3882 ; Cholagogue WIC ; Choleretic KCH ; Clastogenic JAF38:805 ; CNS-Active WIC ; CNS-Stimulant 1/6 Caffeine; Collagen-Sparing PM61:510 ; Diuretic; Fungicide NIG ; Hepatoprotective KCH ; Histamine-Inhibitor DUKE1992B ; Hypoglycemic X15796587 ; Immunostimulant; Insectifuge EB48:111 ; Interferonogenic EMP1:124 ; Juvabional 382 ; Larvistat JBH ; Leukotriene-Inhibitor DUKE1992B ; Lipoxygenase-Inhibitor IC23=5 mM JAF38:688 ; Metal-Chelator PCF:25 ; NO-Genic JAF50:850 ; Ornithine-Decarboxylase-Inhibitor PCF:19 ; Oviposition-Stimulant JBH ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Sunscreen PM61:510 ; Sweetener LAF ; Vulnerary CAN210


Allergenic M&R610 ; Alpha-Amylase-Inhibitor X10879476 ; Antiaphthic 20,000 ppm MAR ; Antiatherosclerotic X11413687 ; Antibacterial PR14:303 ; Anticalculic JE26:81 ; Anticoagulant M11 ; Antileishmanic X18095647 ; Antimutagenic EMP6:235 ; Antioxidant Synergist M11 ; Antiseborrheic LRN-JUN89 ; Antiseptic M29 ; Antitubercular PR14:303 ; Antitumor EMP6:235 ; Disinfectant M29 ; FLavor FEMA 370-4,400 ARC ; Hemostat JE26:81 ; Irritant ZEB ; Laxative? LRN-SEP91 ; Litholytic M29 ; Mycobactericide PR14:303 ; Odontolytic ZEB ; Refrigerant MAR


Adrenergic M29 ; Allergenic M29 ; Anesthetic DUKE1992B ; Antiallergic DUKE1992B ; Antianaphylactic PJB1(2):269 ; Antiappetant DUKE1992B ; Antiarachidonate PJB1(2):269 ; Antiasthmatic 15-60 mg/3-4 x/day/orl/man M29 ; Antibronchitic PJB1(2):269 ; Anticholinesterase PJB1(1):174 ; Antiedemic 30 mg/3-4x/day/man M29 ; Antiemphysemic PJB1(2):269 ; Antienuretic 60 mg/man/night M29 ; Antiepileptic DUKE1992B ; Antiherpetic EMP5:193 ; Antihiccup 5-10 mg/ivn/man M29 ; Antihistaminic PJB1(2):269 ; Antiinflammatory PJB1(1):174 ; Antimyasthenic 30 mg/3x/day/man M29 ; Antinarcoleptic M29 ; Antirhinitic M29 ; Antisinusitic M29 ; Antisyncopic 25 mg/4 x/day/man M29 ; Antitussive 0.01 mg/kg SHT ; Antiviral EMP5:193 ; Bronchodilator 1.5-3 mg/kg orl dog BBE 5 mg/cat orl BBE ; Bronchorelaxant KCH ; Cardiotonic 1 mg/kg ivn rat BBE ; Cerebrostimulant KCH ; CNS-Stimulant 20 mg/dog BBE ; Controlled HG19:15 ; Decongestant 411 ; Dermatitigenic M&R258 ; Diuretic LRN-JUN89 ; Hallucinogenic M29 ; Hypertensive 30 mg/man/day MAR ; Insecticide 356 ; Mydriatic M11 ; Myocardiotonic KCH ; Myorelaxant DUKE1992B ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Respirastimulant M29 ; Stimulant NIG ; Sympathomimetic M11 ; Tachycardic MAR ; Tracheorelaxant PJB1(2):269 ; Uterocontractant LRN-JUN89 ; Vasoconstrictor M29


Antialcoholic JBH ; Antidiabetic JBH ; Antihangover DUKE1992B ; Antiketotic M11 ; Antinauseant JBH ; Laxative AJC62:1212 ; Neoplastic CRC ; Sweetener 2 x glucose JBH


No activity reported.


Analgesic JBH ; Antiinflammatory JBH ; Insecticide 356 ; Pesticide DUKE1992B


Antialopecic DUKE1992B ; Anticirrhotic DUKE1992B ; Antidiabetic? M29 ; Antineuropathic? 2 g/day WER ; Cholesterolytic 2,000 mg/man/day DUKE1992B ; Lipotropic JBH ; Sweetener JBH ; Ubiquiot JAD


No activity reported.


No activity reported.


No activity reported.


No activity reported.


Antiatherosclerotic X11413687 ; Antibacterial PR14:303 ; Antifibromyalgic 300 mg 3x/day PIL ; Antioxidant Synergist M11 ; Antiseborrheic LRN-JUN89 ; Antiseptic M29 ; Antitubercular PR14:303 ; Antitumor EMP6:235 ; Bacteristat DUKE1992B ; Bruchiphobe 382 ; Hemopoietic DUKE1992B ; Laxative? LRN-SEP91 ; Mycobactericide PR14:303 ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Sialogogue M29


Antidiabetic JBH ; Sweetener 0.32 x sucrose MAR


Allergenic M29 ; Analgesic X1482539 ; Anthelmintic WOI ; Antiglaucomic MAR ; Antiinflammatory WOI ; Antimutagenic DUKE1992B ; Antinephritic M29 ; Antioxidant 505 ; Antiradicular PCF:146 ; AntiReye's M29 ; Antispasmodic WOI ; Diuretic M11 ; Emetic MAR ; Flatugenic M29 ; Laxative; Nephrotoxic M29 ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Sweetener JBH


No activity reported.


Analgesic DUKE1992B ; Antihistaminic PJB1(1):180 ; Antiinflammatory PJB1(1):180 ; Antileukemic IC50=>10 ug/ml LS55:1061 ; Emetic DUKE1992B ; Insecticide 356 ; Mydriatic DUKE1992B ; Paralytic DUKE1992B ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Purgative 0.3-0.5 mg/kg DUKE1992B ; Respirainhibitor DUKE1992B ; RNA-Stimulant DUKE1992B ; Sialogogue OMM


Cardiactive JBH ; Hypotensive JBH ; Insecticide 356 ; Pesticide DUKE1992B


No activity reported.


Insecticide 356 ; Pesticide DUKE1992B


Insecticide 356 ; Pesticide DUKE1992B


Acaricide X12090773 ; Antiseptic DUKE1992B ; CNS-Paralytic JBH ; Fatal M29 ; Hemostatic M11 ; Irritant M&R499 ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Renotoxic M11 ; Varroacide X12090773


No activity reported.


No activity reported.


Cardiactive JBH ; Respiradepressant JBH


No activity reported.


Choleretic FT5:1986


Abortifacient 411 DUKE1992B ; Antiarrhythmic LRN-SEP89 ; Antiganglionic 1 mg/kg ivn cat BBE ; Antiinflammatory DUKE1992B ; Antioxidant JPH150:5 ; Antiperoxidant JPH150:5 ; Antitachycardic 411 ; Bradycardic CAN ; Cardiodepressant 5 mg/kg ivn rbt BBE ; Cathartic DUKE1992B ; Curaroid 411 ; Diuretic DUKE1992B ; Hypoglycemic JNP39:444 ; Insecticide 356 ; Molluscicide DUKE1992B ; Oxytocic 411 ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Respiradepressant 411 ; Tachycardiagenic CAN ; Uterocontractant CAN

STARCH Root 250,000 ppm; DUKE1992A

Absorbent M29 ; Antidote (Iodine) JBH ; Antinesidioblastosic M29 ; Emollient M29 ; Poultice M29


Additive FEMA 200-2,000 ARC ; Antifeedant CPB38:2862 ; Bruchiphobe 382 ; Cancer-Preventive 525 ; Dye M11 ; Perfumery M11 ; Pesticide DUKE1992B

The source of the experience

Dr Dukes plant database

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Science Items

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tr = trace