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Dowsing and divining in the USA in 1964 - The Wisconsin engineer Volume 69



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Smith, Robert (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer  Volume 69, Number 1 (October 1964)

VARIOUS WITCHING METHODS – Estimating depth and quantity

    Today it is estimated that there are 25,000 diviners actively plying their trade in the United States.   There also are as many "experts"  on the subject today as there are people. This can very easily be   verified by asking anyone whether water witching works or not. Usually an absolute "answer" will be   readily ventured. These answers will fall into definite patterns or groups.

First, there are those people for whom a well was successfully witched. These people are practically unanimously convinced of the authenticity of water witching. This same belief applies somewhat to people who have a neighbour whose well was successfully witched.

At the other extreme are people who have never had any actual contact with water witching. Because such things as this do not happen in the twentieth century and because of the connotation that the word witching carries, these people are generally convinced that it is a hoax.

 Between these two extremes are several other attitudes such as: "I have an open mind about such  things, but I don't see how it could possibly work"; or "I don't know how it works, but by golly it does".

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