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Downright scary lucid dreams



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She doesn't mean 'hypnagogia' she means lucid dreams

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There is hope to stop hynagogia!

@ #40: That is a very common experience. Some people call them "shadow people." I had a similar experience.

I am 19 and began having these only six months ago. I think the cause was drugs, medications, and/or irregular sleeping. Anyway, I had a pretty extreme case but not as bad as #41 sounds. Two or three times a night I would have strangely random and sometimes downright scary hypnagogia that are too numerous to name.

About two months ago these stopped 99 percent. Now it is rare for me to have them even once a week. If I do have an experience it is very mild and I cannot usually tell if it was hypnagogia or just a normal dream. It is postulated that they go away with age and that is something I look forward too. Hopefully I will be fine in another six months.

@ #41: You said that they went away for periods but returned, so the cause of yours is probably internal. I really hope they cease for good. I believe my cause was external (drugs, etc) because I have never had these at a young age.

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