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Definantly fucked up



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This is word for word how this description appeared on EROWID.

Notice that the drug has been prescribed for migraine when it is not a migraine related drug, so there has been mis-prescribing going on apart from the mis-use by this jolly little fella

There are bold psychonauts but not many old psychonauts...........


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Complete Dazed Confusion - Topiramate (Topamax) by Bailey

Well I started the night out just wanting to get fucked up because I couldn't get any real normal drugs that I usually do, so I did tons and tons of internet research on my dads migraine medication, topamax. I couldn't find a single report on the drug being used for recreational useage so I decided to make my own and try it out for myself.

I did enjoy it!!!

I took a random (never a good idea) 225 mg of the topamax and felt such a dissociation and out of body trip it was unbelievable. Of course there was an annoying ungodly state of confusion. I remember a few times feeling as though the walls were caving in on me and having quite a few out of body experiences. I was definantly fucked up

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