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Daniélou, Alain – The Way to the Labyrinth – Bhang, the sacred potion of Shiva



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Daniélou, Alain – The Way to the Labyrinth [translated by Marie-Claire Cournand]

No one has ever died of an overdose of bhang: it is a perfectly harmless and non-addictive drug. After taking it, one usually feels in a wonderful mood for the rest of the week, with a very optimistic outlook on the world. It is quite absurd to say that bhang leads to other drugs; apart from being illegal, they have nothing else in common. It is said that bhang-induced visions are similar to those experienced at the moment of death, in that intermediate state where one is already in the other world yet still connected to earth. This "small death" gives us a foretaste of the splendors and joys of the afterlife.

This is why bhang is considered the sacred potion of Shiva, the god of sensuous delight and death.

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Daniélou, Alain

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