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Crown Court Case worker - and the agony of amalgam fillings



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Crown Court Case worker - case report May 2006

The link is provided, but I have put the description here in case it disappears.

I am a 42-year-old Crown Court caseworker employed by the Crown Prosecution Service. My husband Tim and I met as students at Birmingham University in 1984, and I then began to write a diary that would later prove to be very enlightening. The placing of 8 amalgam fillings, in 1 month in 1985, marked the beginning of the steady decline in my health. By 1999 I was suffering from a myriad of health problems, which culminated in a breakdown, 18 months off work, and 9 months attendance at a Priory Psychiatric Hospital. I had seen Psychologists, Psychiatrists and a Neurologist – nothing made much difference. The Neurologist, Professor Williams from Birmingham University, examined me specifically in relation to acute dizziness, balance problems and tingling and numbness. He declared me to be suffering from “stress”, as in his professional opinion there could be no one physical cause of the numerous symptoms I was suffering from. How very wrong he was!

Through my own determination to get to the root cause of my ill health, my husband, a Chemical Engineer, and I, trawled through books and the Internet and discovered that many of my symptoms could, in fact, be attributable to chronic mercury poisoning from my 13 amalgam fillings. In April 2000 I consulted Dr. Alan Hibberd, who arranged for me to have tests analysed through Biolab. Those tests showed not only a high body burden of mercury, but also significantly a very marked sensitivity to it. I was also acutely aware that these toxic fillings had to be removed safely; otherwise I risked even further deterioration in my health. I evaluated numerous mercury free dentists until I was fully satisfied I had selected the best in the country.

I was a very terrified dental patient, as a result of a very frightening dental experience as a child. Therefore, a complete dental revision was never something I was going to undertake lightly. Throughout the whole process I found the level of care and attention that I received form the Munro-Hall clinic to be exemplary. They showed great sensitivity, especially given my level of dental phobia. It was made perfectly clear to me, both verbally and in writing, that there was no guarantee of any cure to my symptoms whatsoever. However, despite my fear I realised that this something I had to do.

Treatment involving a complete dental revision, under the protection of intravenous vitamin C and detoxification, at the Munro-Hall clinic, has totally changed my life. My 42 symptoms went and all I now suffer from is bloating and low level IBS. I understood, through extensive research, that in order to steadily detoxify the mercury from my system I would need to continue to take supplements for a substantial period of time, in of support my detoxification processes. I chose to take supplements for a period of 4 years, and am convinced that this played a major role in my recovery. Such was the improvement in my health that my husband decided to have his 15 amalgam fillings replaced, having read much of the research concerning the link between mercury toxicity from fillings and Alzheimer’s disease. He thought he was pretty healthy, “Mr. Average” health-wise. So he was shocked and amazed at the improvement in his short-term memory, concentration, energy levels, irritability, and IBS after he had his fillings removed. Several people that had seen the massive improvements in my health have subsequently undergone treatment at the Munro-Hall clinic.


My Symptoms of Chronic Mercury Toxicity:


Before Amalgam Removal & Detox

After Amalgam Removal & Detox





Balance problems


Brain fog




Chest pains




Dizziness (75% of each day)




Food cravings (carbohydrates)


Food intolerances (wheat & dairy)

Food intolerances (wheat & dairy)



Hearing loss




Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (25% of previous level)



Learning difficulties (post graduation!)


Mastitis & benign breast lumps


Muscle weakness


Memory loss & poor concentration


Menstrual problems


Mood swings


Neck pain


Obsessive compulsive behaviour




PMT (severe)


Pallor – grey colour to skin


Panic attacks


Poor temperature control (hot and cold)


Restless legs


Sinus congestion & catarrh


Tingling and numbness in fingers


Uncanny ability to catch every cold and bug going due to knackered immune system!


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