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Croiset, Gerard - The Wallet of a Stranger



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Croiset the Clairvoyant - Jack Harrison Pollack

The Wallet of a Stranger

One evening in November 1949 at Professor Tenhaeff’s Home in Urecht, he made a casual test with Gerard Croiset.  Another guest, Mr. V.d.K., whom the paragnost had never met before, handed Croiset a leather wallet as an inductor.

After touching the wallet, the psychoscopist said: '.I see the image of a man of slightly Jewish appearance. He has a pronounced nose and behaves in an excited way. (Correct)

Does this man keep money for somebody? [Correct.]

Was this man in the service of the Germans? I see German officers around him. But they are not soldiers. They are administrative officers. [Correct.]

I get the impression of lots of money. This money belonged to Dutchmen. It was stolen by the Germans. [Correct.]

Now I see the image of M,R.”

Croiset mentioned the name of a man he knew very  well during the war years in the district of Twente who played a double-agent role. Harking back to his memory of this double agent during World War II, Croiset touched the wallet again and added with conviction, "The picture tells me that the man this wallet belongs to is very much like M.R. He also played a double-agent role during the war."

That was all Croiset said, but he left no doubt about the absolute certainty of his impressions.

"After the test, my checkup with Mr. V.d.K. confirmed that the owner of the wallet was correctly described by Croiset," reports parapsychologist Tenhaeff .

Just as in-all of his experiments, when securing impressions of a theft as in this wartime one, the Dutch paragnost often recalls associative images from his own experience. When identifying individuals,- he frequently sees persons he has known in the past as a symbol.  Gerard Croiset then "thinks in comparisons," as he did in this case.

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Croiset, Gerard

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