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Croiset, Gerard - The Dishonest Employee



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Croiset the Clairvoyant - Jack Harrison Pollack

The Dishonest Employee

From the files of the Parapsychology Institute, the following signed report was translated. It is from the proprietor of a store in a small town in Holland who requests that he remain anonymous:

"In June 1949 my friend, Mr. H.de M., visited me with a man I did not know, who was introduced to me as Gerard Croiset of Enschede. When they entered my store, I introduced them to my employee. After they walked into my living room, Mr. de M. told me about Croiset's abilities. This prompted me to ask Mr. Croiset whether he had obtained any impressions about my store.

"Without any hesitation, he replied that I should immediately discharge my employee. I was amazed, saying ' But you have hardly laid eyes on him.' Nevertheless, Mr. Croiset told me that I had better go and take a look at my employee’s home. 'You will find plenty there' he said.

"Mr. Croiset then asked me if I planned to open a new shop. He said, 'I see that you have bought a new house. That is a great pity because I get the impression that withina year a property will become vacant on the main street of your town. You would have been much wiser if you had waited until then. It would have been better financially for you.'

"One week later my daughter saw my employee stealing ten guilders ($2.80). He persisted in denying the theft, even though she saw him do it. So I called the police, and they searched his house. They found so many things which did not belong to him that he had to admit that he had repeatedly stolen goods and money from me.

"Because my employee's stealing tallied so well with Mr. Croiset's statements, we awaited anxiously how things would turn out about his house prediction. In the spring of 1950, my only competitor in town, whose business and home were on the main street, suddenly decided to move to Australia. He sold his property at a considerably lower price than the one I had bought in 1949."

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Croiset, Gerard

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