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Croiset, Gerard - Mr. S. G. Buine of Enschede and the case of the stolen pocket book



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Croiset the Clairvoyant - Jack Harrison Pollack

Precognition on a Pocketbook

Mr. S. G. Buine, a neighbour in Croiset's former home town of Enschede, reports: "On July 8, 1952, my sister came to have tea with my wife at our home. She sat on the right side of our living room in the back, near our open garden doors.  She put her pocketbook on the floor against a leg of her chair.

"When my wife and sister heard our baby crying in the bedroom, they went in to look after her. They were gone about twenty minutes. When they returned to the living room, my sister's pocketbook had disappeared. I should mention that during a relatively short period of time, we had also lost two wallets and a ten-guilder bill ($2.80) in our home.

"My wife suggested that we telephone Mr. Croiset. This we did.

"Mr. Croiset at once told us that the pocketbook was at the end of the hedge which circled our garden and meadow, and that we would find it there under the grass near the shrubbery. We looked there and everywhere else, but still could not find it. But three days later, when two men were mowing the long grass in our meadow, we told them about the lost pocketbook, and offered a reward for its return. Within a few minutes, the men came running up with the pocketbook. They had found it at the exact spot indicated by Mr. Croiset."

"In a letter which Mr. Buine wrote to me," comments Professor Tenhaeff, "he stated that he suspected a certain individual of the theft. Croiset shared the same opinion. However, he did not wish to say so because he feared that he might be telepathically influenced. He therefore merely described the place where the pocketbook would be in the future. It is probable that Croiset obtained a vision of the future (precognition]. When he was first telephoned about the pocketbook, it was not yet at the place he described. It was later put there by the thief."

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Croiset, Gerard

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