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Croiset, Gerard - Mr. C. J. de Jong from Joure in Friesland, finds his two lost hunting dogs



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Croiset the Clairvoyant - Jack Harrison Pollack

The Lost Hunting Dogs

A dog lover himself and the owner of a black cocker spaniel, Croiset, the human bloodhound, is frequently asked to help find people's lost dogs and other animals.

Joure is a small town in Friesland, the northern province of the Netherlands, ….

A prosperous Joure tobacco manufacturer, Mr. C. J. de Jong, noticed that his two hunting dogs were missing on Sunday morning, November 14th , 1954. They were large, handsome spaniels resembling the English hunting (or springer) spaniel more than the smaller American cockers which are less often used for hunting.

After vainly searching for them all day, he telephoned the police in the evening. But the police were equally unsuccessful in finding his valuable dogs.

The following morning, De Jong asked the local postmaster to alert all the mailmen to inquire on their rounds about the missing dogs. This, too, brought no results. And the dogs did not come home.

In desperation, De Jong decided to consult a paragnost.  Police Sergeant-Major van der Veen suggested Croiset. The Joure businessman phoned him, asking, "When can I come to Enschede to discuss this case with you?"

Croiset did not reply to this, but instead asked, "Are they hunting dogs?"


"Have they brown spots?"

"They are entirely brown."

"Have they long ears?"


"They are large spaniels, are they not?"


The paragnost then declared, "Your two dogs have been stolen. They are near a farmhouse, situated next to a dike, to the northwest of where you live."

Croiset proceeded to furnish additional precise details: "l see a farmhouse with a ditch behind it. There is a small rowboat fastened to a pole. On the other side of the house, I see a few poles. They are made of concrete or something like that. There is a clothes-line between them. The house is made of stone. It was built about 1912. There is a wooden barn near the house. A little farther on, there is another wooden building. I also see a tree that is quite bent. Maybe it is a fruit tree. Do you know of such a house near Joure?"

"No, I don't. But I will look for it."

De Jong immediately telephoned these specific clues to the police who checked Croiset's impressions. Several hours later, the police informed De Jong that his dogs had been found in a wooden barn next to a small farmhouse, northwest of where he lived. Virtually all of the landmarks were as Croiset described them.

After his dogs were safely back home, De Jong corroborated this in a November 21st  letter to the Parapsychology Institute.

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Croiset, Gerard

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