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Croad, Mrs Carrie - The Testimony of the Nonconformist Minister Mr. J. G. Westlake - Eating no food



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A Service of Suffering - Mr. J. G. Westlake

Mrs. Croad is a great sufferer from convulsive fits. As the fit comes on, she is seized with severe shaking, till she becomes rigid and unconscious. My wife with others stayed with her all night in one of these attacks. A fit lasted so long that they thought her dead and were preparing to lay her out; but after waiting a while, and administering a stimulant, they were thankful to see her revive. Since then she has had so many and such severe attacks, that it really seems incredible that any human being could endure so much. I often think that, physically, she is maintained in a miraculous manner, especially when I see how little food she takes. In the month of December last, for three weeks, she did not take nourishment equal to half a pint of milk.

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Croad, Mrs. Carrie

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