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Corset relief and the BBC



Type of Spiritual Experience


This was on the BBC web site when I did a search for corsets! Pretty amazing really – dear old BBC giving advice on ladies underwear, but there you go, times change. Thought it might make a good poem …….. 

Supporting the breasts of a big breasted woman is a serious job, and not meant for the alluring but flimsy pieces of lace we see in the store windows. Large breasts are usually heavy breasts, and it simply isn't comfortable for most women to have them bouncing free all day. A good corset supports the breasts from below, minimising the stress on the shoulders and back. As corsets also emphasise the natural hourglass shape that many large-breasted women have, they can be especially effective. When all else fails you can always hold them up with your hands. The usefulness of this method should not be discounted - especially after a long day at work or shopping, or while exiting the shower, or when taking the stairs - supporting one in each hand can provide quite a sense of relief”.

A description of the experience

I have enormous boobies oh my God what shall I do?
They are bouncy, they are heavy, and what’s more of them they’re two
They’re as big as watermelons and as heavy there’s no doubt
What shall I do to hold them up when I go walkabout?

If I swing round quite suddenly there is a danger real
That I knock out my partner, then how’d the poor chap feel
Unconscious not from passion, lust or kisses wildly found
But a knock out from two boobies swung too carelessly around

A corset is the answer so they say on the BBC
And they should know, since public service is their key
A corset tightly laced and carefully cut to hold them up
But do I ask for basins as opposed to the normal cup?

But what to choose from corsets, something strong but not too lacy
Or would it just be better to go straight for something racy
In red, in pink, in blue, in green, with bows or clips or feathers?
In satin maybe, pvc or maybe just in leather?

And who will help me do it up? The things are hard to lace
The strings and clips and other bits are in a difficult place
In fact you have to do them up with help from some kind chap
And who’d do that cos my lover takes off my clothes and that’s a fact

So maybe I should ask him, very politely, if he could
To hold my boobies at all times – I know it would do good
To stop them swinging round and up, to hold them very tight
To hold them by the nipples, every day and every night

In this way all the stress on shoulders and on back
Would disappear in an instant never to come back
And when we’re eating or we’re shopping, or we’re exiting the shower,
He can hold them in his hands to give relief just hour upon hour

The source of the experience

Admission, Frank

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