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Concept - Korean mystic shamanism – Godparents and the Master Mudang



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Korean Shamanism – Muism – Dr Kim Tae-kon

In the case of a kangshinmu, on whom a god descends the family members seek a famous Master mudang and an Initiation Ceremony is requested.

Then the mu candidate follows this Master mudang [whom he/she calls his/her "godmother/godfather"] and learns how to conduct a kut. This "godmother" mudang, not only presides over the Initiation Ceremony so that mu candidate can receive/accept a god and become a mudang, but also teaches the mu candidate the ceremonial customs and procedures. The new mudang becomes a "god-daughter" or "god-son." Other "god-daughters" and "god-sons" become "god siblings."

A god sibling is considered to be older (regardless of his/her chronological age) if he/she became a mudang earlier.

The "god siblings" then form a god-line organization. If it becomes too big, the more senior mudang branches out and becomes the new "god-mother" of the head of this new sub organization, and begins to accept more "god sons" and "god-daughters." For example, as soon as mudang Moon was initiated by mudang Pang'ul, mudang Moon followed her for three years: there were twelve other "god-daughters."

As mudang Moon became more known, she became the "god-mother" herself and has fifteen "god-daughters" of her own. As mudang Moon grew old and couldn't work, her “god-daughters" would invite her to a kut and let her participate in a small part of the kut, and paid her for her work, to enable her to maintain herself financially.

Thus, this organization is formed, not by a bloodline but by a "god-line"; whenever a mudang candidate, acting as a Master mudang, has conducted an initiation ceremony, she would become a "god-mother," and the mudang candidate becomes part of this family, becoming a member of the kutp'ae.

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Korean mystic shamanism

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