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As a purely personal aside, I find class rooms or offices or meeting rooms full of men wholly intimidating.  Many a time I have not agreed with a proposal or statement, but not dared to say because the force of character demonstrated by the others, loud voices, aggressive language, has floored me.  But I am a whizz at debate over the Internet on forums, as it gives me time to think and compose a reply and the aggressiveness and shouting which is just a clear in forums, have no effect.  A wonderful tool is a forum.

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The Great Didactic of John Amos Comenius -  Translated into English by M. W. Keatinge, M.A.1967

Whatever has been learnt should be communicated by one pupil to the others, that no knowledge may remain unused.  For in this sense only can we understand the saying

‘thy knowledge is of no avail if none other know that thou knowest’.  No source of knowledge therefore should be opened, unless rivulets flow from it ................

The key is to be found in this well known  Latin couplet:

To ask many questions, to retain the answers and to teach what one retains to others
These three enable the pupil to surpass the master.


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