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Claudio Naranjo - On education



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CLAUDIO NARANJO interviewed by OCCIDENTE - On Education

We live in a world bewitched by the retoric of money. What is being done in education passes as very normal, passes as virtuous almost. Education seems designed to teach people the conventional things people need to survive: certification for jobs and future survival. Selling ourselves for jobs is a contemporary slavery creating unhappiness as we do not feel fulfilled. But it is not possible to live castrated lives and feel healthy.The symptoms of our sickness are the loss of solidarity, the loss of a natural concern of the individual for the common good, this is something we are born with. And the costs of having a dysfunctional society are immense. So it is imperative that we educate a future generation that is better than us as human beings, that we teach freedom to be alive, and to yield to the wisdom of life itself. We all have a wish to serve and a loving potential. Nobody would punish himself or herself not doing anything in a world of abundance. We would do what we are meant to do.


Interviewed by Cecilia Hecht for Bioecon TV

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Naranjo, Claudio

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