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Carlson, Chester – Trust in God, ‘Thy will be done’



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David Owen -  Copies in Seconds: How a lone inventor and an unknown company created the biggest communication breakthrough since Gutenberg—Chester Carlson and the birth of the Xerox Machine

Carlson's spiritual explorations enabled him, in the last decade of his life, to come to terms with the extraordinary difficulties and disappointments he had endured as a child and as a young man. In a 1959 letter to his old roommate Larry Dumond, who was enduring a variety of vexing personal problems, he wrote,

"During the past few years, my concept of myself, the world, science, and human life has been greatly altered from what it was when we used to see each other more frequently. I do not think I have many answers, and surely I have no cut-and-dried formula, but I do see that some of the sufferings that I went through, and that my parents went through, were blessings in disguise which have enriched and deepened my life and have finally provided a philosophy which is a raincoat in time of difficulty."

Later in the same letter, Carlson summarized that philosophy:

"continue to do your best to do what seems to be the right thing, but when it comes to things beyond your control leave everything to God, or providence, or whatever name you choose to call the supreme power of the universe. Have absolute faith and trust that he will take care of everything. He knows what is best. When you leave home in the morning, do not feel uneasy. Try to have absolute faith that he is taking charge, and erase from your mind the slightest feeling of anxiety in any situation which is beyond your control. If possible, while riding in a bus, close your eyes for a few minutes and strive for absolute calmness, then think 'Thy will be done’, and mean it completely and absolutely. Accept the premise that he is running things and that he knows much better what is right for each other than we do.

 I have known of cases where, seemingly, miracles have taken place when a person surrenders himself completely. But that is of less importance than its internal effect on you. You will have a new sense of security and independence which nothing can break. Eventually your inner calmness and power will radiate to others and they will reflect it back.”


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Carlson, Chester

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