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This book, which covers Visions and hallucinations, explains what causes them and summarises how many hallucinations have been caused by each event or activity. It also provides specific help with questions people have asked us, such as ‘Is my medication giving me hallucinations?’.

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Carisoprodol by Aire EROWID



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Enjoyable until the Climax - Carisoprodol (Soma) by Aire EROWID

I am a 22 year old male who has done nearly every drug under the sun (except crack and heroin). I couldn't even list all the drugs I've got under my belt because I wouldn't be able to remember them and it would make for an extremely long list (easilly 40+ substances). Recently I have been looking for a medication I can use while I'm at work because my job is so stressful yet the pay so great that I don't want to quit.

Well anyway, the day before last I went online to a site and ordered 90 375mg doses of carisoprodol (generic Soma) with overnight shipping for under $80 and received them yesterday. Here is my experience.

The medication was guaranteed delivery by 3pm. I had been tracking it all night and morning and it had been on the truck for delivery since 7am. I eagerly watched the front door and waited. 2:25pm rolls around and here's Mr. delivery man with my prescription. I sign for it, go inside and immediately open it up. It's almost funny how I can grab a credit card, visit a website, fill out a 2-minute questionaire mainly just yes or no questions and the next day have delivered free of charge to my door a prescription medication complete with both my name on the label and some doctor's name from across the country whom I never heard of and can't even pronounce his name. Haha. Anyway...

On the label, of course, the directions were to take one pill three times daily, including one at night as needed for back spasms. Being so eager to see just what this stuff would do, I immediately popped two of them. I hadn't eaten for about 14 hours since I had gotten off work the night before though had just heated up a good bit of food in the microwave when the delivery man arrived. As soon as the pills were popped I dug into my food and finished it in a matter of a couple minutes to fill up my stomach. Here's a more detailed account of the rest of the day--

T + 10 minutes
I got my jacket on, stocking cap, and set out the front of my door to walk my dog about 1.5 miles.

T + 20 minutes

We're only 10 minutes into the walk, 20 minutes since I dosed, and my body starts mildly tingling. I am shocked it's kicking in so early and at the same time eagerly await it's full effects.

T + 25 minutes
Wow just 5 minutes later and I feel alot different. While I'm walking my legs almost feel like they're going to quit working and go out from under me causing me to fall. Very weird feeling though afterall, that's what muscle relaxors do. Also just looking around my surroundings I feel pretty slow and mellowed-out. Not too strong but definitely not weak.

T + 35 minutes
My god, those last 10 minutes of the walk seemed to go on forever. It literally feels like I took these pills a good couple of hours ago. I am anxious to come inside the house as the bitter cold outside might have been ruining my buzz off the pills. Once inside, I realize this was true. I feel pretty uncoordinated and the muscles in my shoulders/arms are actually twitching somewhat. I have never really experienced anything like this. The overall high off the pills feels pretty damn strong at this point and I begin to wonder just how long this will last.

T + 45 minutes
Well I still feel the same and am going strong. I don't really feel like doing anything. I feel braindead in a way. Like watching someone on TV for their first time get asked a question that could get them alot of money if they get it right and they just freeze up and can't think. That's how I feel. Very strange. I really start telling myself that I should have just started with one pill instead of 2.

T + 1 hour 15 minutes
30 minutes later and those very strong effects have just tapered off. I feel about 90% normal and am yawning. It's not even 4pm and I'm feeling slightly groggy. Nothing too strong but it's still there. I guess I feel a little more relaxed than usual but nothing much. I am quite surprised 2 of these things really only lasted just over an hour or so - I expected more. I have heard others suggest the half-life must be really short. Whatever it is, these things don't appear to last long.

T + 4 hours
Really feeling extremely normal now as if I hadn't even taken anything earlier. I decide 'what the hell' and popped a 3rd one. 1 hour after popping it and I start to feel a little mellow but literally nothing more. Definitely nothing like what had happened earlier when I popped 2. This 1 hour after popping it I went out to dinner with my parents. My father and I split a 'jug' (about twice the size of a pitcher) of some beer at the restaraunt and it seemed to be more than the usual alcohol buzz but nothing too strong. I came home, was extremely tired by then, fell asleep at about 11:30pm and just wokr up about 45 minutes ago at 11am. I woke up a couple times during the night and had minor trouble getting back to sleep. This is very unusual for me. I do/did feel very relaxed getting out of bed and still do now, but I do feel 100% normal as if I hadn't even taken anything yesterday.

I have yet to try one at work - that'll be tomorrow night. I suppose they'll have minor effects but nothing too major. I don't want to have to take more than two of these things to really get something out of them because I don't want to be going through 90-pill supplies every couple of weeks.

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