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Canned Heat - Rollin' and Tumblin'



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We have provided this observation not because the LP is good, but to show the immense contrast a change of line up and vocals achieves.  Here neither Alan nor Henry get much chance to really shine, although technically the playing is OK, the vocals furthermore from Bob Hite are lacking any sort of individuality or zizz.

The drumming too is lack-lustre and mediocre. 

If the band had continued to pay like this no one would remember them.  And ultimately this is what their drug taking [at least Hite, Cook, Vestine and Taylor's drug taking] bought them.  Mediocrity.

A description of the experience

Canned Heat - Rollin' and Tumblin' (full album) 1968

Hite, Wilson, Vestine, Taylor, and at this point Frank Cook started recording in April 1967 for Liberty Records with Calvin Carter, who had been the head of A&R for Vee Jay Records. 

They recorded "Rollin' and Tumblin'" backed with "Bullfrog Blues" which became Canned Heat's first single. The first official album, Canned Heat, was released three months later in July 1967. All tracks were re-workings of older blues songs.  This record is a re-issue of the first Canned Heat album.

Canned Heat were also jailed in Denver, Colorado, around this time, after a police informant provided enough evidence for their arrest for drugs.  After the Denver incident, Frank Cook was replaced with de la Parra.

As an official member of Canned Heat, de la Parra played his first gig on December 1, 1967, sharing top billing with the Doors at the Long Beach Auditorium. This began what de la Parra refers to as the classic and perhaps best known Canned Heat lineup, which recorded some of the band's most famous and well-regarded songs

00:00 Rollin' and Tumblin'

03:06 Bullfrog Blues

 05:22 Evil Is Going On

 07:43 Goin' Down Slow

 11:26 Catfish Blues

 18:05 Dust My Broom

 21:19 Help Me

 24:27 Big Road Blues

 27:34 The Story of My Life

 31:12 The Road Song

 34:24 Rich Woman

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Canned Heat

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