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Cannabis - counteracting the pain of Hawaian Baby Woodrose poisoning



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There is a fascination in this observation.  The baby Woodrose seeds were poisoning him, so he had some cannabis to ease the pain.  The pain reliveing efects of the cannabis are dismissed as if they are unimportant whereas for some people this knowledge might be of immense importance.

He then attributes the effects to the baby woodrose seeds and not the cannabis, whereas it is clear from the timing that the effects are from the cannabis and the befuddling effects of reading the same words over and over again - like a chant or mantra.

The hallucinatory effects are from the poisoning.


A description of the experience

Twenty Seeds and The Good Book - H.B. Woodrose -  Ritzbitts EROWID

I'd tried morning glory and Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds in the past, at the dosages recommended on the internet (five - twelve seeds), without much success. The first time I tried morning glory seed, I had something very slight happen but not worth mentioning. I tried eight Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds, and experienced a mild, distracted frame of mind that kept me up all night. I could feel there was more possible with these seeds, so one day I decided to ingest more.

My family life had been riding an insane roller coaster for the last few months, with all kinds of horrible surprises and random reconciliations. This day was a good day, things were calm and everything seemed ok. I had been trying to get some LSD, but without much immediate success. I was somewhat dejected about this, but not especially so.

For a moment the house was empty, I had it all to myself. I remembered my big baggy of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds. I grabbed it and counted out twenty seeds. I remembered the last time, with eight seeds, tediously scraping off the coating for an hour only to have a horrible stomach ache despite my labors. So, instead of painstakingly scraping off the coating, I just peeled off the bark-like stuff on the outside and threw the seeds in a grinder. These things are rock hard, and after a few minutes of grinding I had a powder with some hard chunks of seed.

I took the powder and put it in a tall glass of water, then proceeded to drink it, swallowing the chunks like pills. In the future I plan on grinding the seeds more thoroughly, and putting them in a milkshake or some such beverage to mask the taste. There is a lingering queasiness to these seeds that pervades their taste, it really isn’t pleasant. I downed the muck, and decided to go about things for awhile, until I was unable. Based on my past experience with the seeds, and hallucinogens in general, I didn’t expect too much from them.

About thirty minutes after ingesting the mess, the uneasiness in my stomach began to turn to nausea.

Without hesitation, I grabbed my pipe and smoked a small bowl of Cannabis. Over the last few months, I’d been drastically cutting back my cannabis consumption for various reasons, but I still know it makes stomach pain go right away. Sure enough, the one bowl eased my stomach.

…..There is a poster on the wall of my room that’s been there since before it was my room. It is black with colorful letters on it that spell out various names of God from the Bible, with references and all. I began reading the poster, for the first time in a long time. I kept reading it over and over, maybe a hundred times, I can’t be sure.

My concentration was now shallow but intent. I began interpreting each name on the poster, understanding exactly what it meant. After awhile, I began tripping on the poster.

Individual names would stretch and fill the whole poster, the poster itself would grow in size and undulate, etc. At the time I didn’t realize just how active my vision was. Everything was doing something, mostly anything with writing of any kind (my clock, the poster, books on the shelves) would expand and grow larger, magnified so I could read it.

As I was reading, visuals became more and more intense, my right arm became semi-transparent like a tropical fish, with patterns on it. …..I continued to climb for some time, to the point that I completely lost my body.

I was moved to (or shown?) a realm of pure energy I had never seen before. My mind and soul were there, but my body was nowhere and I couldn’t care less. I was doused with intermittent feelings of euphoria well beyond anything else I’ve ever experienced and sorrow, though the trip was never what I’d call “bad.”

I was allowed to observe a divine aspect of everything, I was being clued in to a supreme metaphor, and I was being overloaded with concepts and revelations. ……. It was as if I was seeing dimensions beyond those I’d ever been allowed to see, dimensions of tangible abstract, of being, of energy, and more.

Yet they were always there, I just was spared the understanding of them. It defies description. I was in this place for some time.

After awhile, my mind began to tire. My brain was fatigued, overloaded with information not meant to be communicated by mortal means. I started to re-appear in my body. I was lying on my bed, completely soaked in sweat and who-knows-what, utterly drenched. My energy was drained, but my mind was still active and I couldn’t stop it. I started staring at my curtains and tripping on them, but after a short while of looking at any one thing or area my eyes began violently shaking left to right, it was uncomfortable and tiring. I closed them for some time, and experienced more mind-tripping, but was far too exhausted to carry on with it. ……….

It wasn’t until the next day, after getting a full night’s sleep and eating a good meal or two, that I felt back to normal. The visual distortions ceased and I could hold a train of thought again. Bodily processes felt normal again, that is, walking, sitting, eating, etc, and I knew I was back.

Eight seeds did next to nothing for me, but twenty gave me the most profound experience and intense trip of my entire life.

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