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The Hasheesh Eater – Fitz Hugh Ludlow
The Appendix – Hasheesh in Hydrophobia

Dr O’Shaughnessy describes the uniform effect [of hasheesh] as consisting in

  • a prompt and complete allevation of pain;
  • a singular power of controlling inordinate muscular spasms, especially in hydrophobia and traumatic tetanus;
  • as a soporific or hypnotic in conciliating sleep;
  • inordinate augmentation of appetite;
  • the decided promotion of aphrodisiac desire;
  • and sudden cerebral exaltation, with perfect mental cheerfulness, in no case followed by the painful nervous ‘un stringing’, the constipation and suppression of secretions which attend the use of opium….

That it has thus overcome the horrors of rabies and all the dreadfulness of such a deathbed, should procure for cannabis more consideration than it has met with at the hands of the profession in this country…The writer of this has seen a sepoy of the 40th rifles, an hour before furiously hydrophobic, under the influence of the cannabis not only drinking water freely, but pleasantly washing his face and hands

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Ludlow, Fitz Hugh

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