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Cannabis and depression



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I did wonder whether the earlier pot smoking had killed off his CB receptors and as such he needed the cannabis to maintain a 'normal level'.

In other words, the cannabis may have caused his depression, as such the only cure is the cannabis.  But without any details as to how much he smoked before hand and whether he overdosed, it is impossible to say.


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Citation:   A Stoner 4Life. "It Cured My Depression: An Experience with Cannabis (ID 20107)". Erowid.org. Aug 12, 2006. erowid.org/exp/20107

Having being a cannabis smoker for four and a bit years, I temporarily suspended smoking pot early in 2002 as a result of the death of my mother (I waited till any adverse psychological effects passed for me to resume smoking) however without the Marijuana I felt neutral and rather hostile to everything around me, after I lost my sales job due to a downturn in business I began to freak out heaps, I resumed tobacco smoking but that made my freak outs and panic attacks worse rather than calm them down.

Within a few short weeks I was diagnosed with Depression, my doctor put me on Fluuxitine of which I have had some really nasty side effects with including lack of motivation and anxiety.

However a friend of mine offered me a tinnie (1 gram of the herb in tinfoil) for free as a Xmas present. I gladly accepted the free gift, went home, rolled up and went out to the bush due to my paranoid father thinking the piggies will raid the house if there were any 'illegal' substances consumed on the property (even outdoors (which is the smoking policy in our house regardless of substance) which I have done MANY times before without any Gestapo raids occurring).

I smoked the doobie, meditated and waited 10 minutes, because of its modest strength and the way I rolled it (which was very hurried) I felt only a modest buzz.

The second joint which was rolled better was the cure, after finishing that second doobie I did a bit of Buddhist meditation, and to my surprise, the depression which I had been diagnosed with 2 months earlier had entirely lifted, I was now no longer the sad, prozac dependant manic I once was, I felt like smiling, exercising and doing the same shit I used to do before I was diagnosed with this life destroying disease.

Provided I avoid nicotine, excessive alcohol, and I exercise everyday and continue to smoke 2 joints each week, every week this depression will stay away for good, I don’t know why the government calls me a 'criminal' for smoking my own medicine, I hope they are all stoned (pun) to death for hurling people like myself into gulags and concentration camps.

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