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Burton, Sir Richard - THE KASÎDAH 03 4



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Burton, Sir Richard - THE KASÎDAH 03 4

Hardly we learn to wield the blade
before the wrist grows stiff and old;
Hardly we learn to ply the pen
ere Thought and Fancy faint with cold.

Hardly we find the path of love,
to sink the self, forget the "I,"
When sad suspicion grips the heart,
when Man, the Man begins to die:

Hardly we scale the wisdom-heights,
and sight the Pisgah-scene around,
And breathe the breath of heav'enly air,
and hear the Spheres' harmonious sound;

When swift the Camel-rider spans
the howling waste, by Kismet sped,
And of his Magic Wand a wave
hurries the quick to join the dead.


But ah! what 'vaileth man to mourn;
shall tears bring forth what smiles ne'er brought;
Shall brooding breed a thought of joy?
Ah hush the sigh, forget the thought!

Cease, Man, to mourn, to weep, to wail;
enjoy thy shining hour of sun;
We dance along Death's icy brink,
but is the dance less full of fun?

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Burton, Sir Richard Francis

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