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Buddy Bolden



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Animated film about Charles Buddy Bolden

This is a lovely animated film about Buddy Bolden. Many scenes in the movie are filmed on a model of Storyville in New Orleans. Author, Gunnar Harding. Director. Claes-Göran Lillieborg. Animation and design, Irma Lillieborg and Claes-Göran Lillieborg. Models, Bo Karlsson and Ann Louise Larsson. Director of photography, Bo Larsson. Executive producers. Lasse Olsson and Claes-Göran Lillieborg. Many other people contributed


Buddy Bolden's stomp


Buddy Bolden's Blues

BUDDY BOLDEN'S BLUES by Jelly Roll Morton, recorded in 1939 for the General record label and here released on their 5 record 78 rpm album set - NEW ORLEANS MEMORIES. This album has been reproduced on lots of labels in just about every musical format, but this is recorded from the original General album G11. A truly historical recording!
Such was the significance of this album that it was given a contemporary account in the March 11, 1940 issue of TIME magazine. Here is an excerpt from that article:
"Last week in Manhattan Charles Edward Smith, historian (Jazzmen) and friend of America's native rhythms, produced through new General Records Co. an album of barrel-house tunes played by the greatest surviving barrel-houser — 54-year-old Ferdinand ("Jelly Roll") Morton. The album's title is Jelly Roll Morton's New Orleans Memories"

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Bolden, Buddy

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