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Bozzano, Professor Ernesto - Psychic phenomena at the moment of death – 49 The bed was lifted up by several centimetres from the earth, to fall again with a noise



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Ernesto Bozzano - Psychic phenomena at the moment of death [110 cases suggesting survival after death]

Telekinesis related to death event

As told in Revue Luce e Ombra (1916, page 142). Mrs. Annetta Boneschi-Cec-Coli writes the following, dated March 1919:

Colonel D. F. was an excellent person, an old-fashioned officer and zealous friend. But for having married a second wife with a woman of a religion different from his own, he had sharp differences with his parents. His children were, with his consent, brought up in the maternal religion, while the father remained faithful to that of his fathers.

But he became ill, and knowing that he had an incurable illness, the poor colonel did not want to be assisted by a priest of another religion: but his wife, in the interest of her children, claimed that he would have to submit to giving his confession.

I will not go into the details. I only want to say that I distanced myself from this family, but I never stopped getting news of the poor officer.

At that time, I had at home, much more as a friend than as a servant, a sweet, good and intelligent young girl, Zaire T., with a very nervous and hypersensitive temperament, a slightly hysterical, and, according to her words, gifted nature, with proven mediumistic abilities.

In the afternoon of 24 April 1912, Zaire went to the sick man's home to ask for news of him, as usual.

I had begged her to go there more frequently, knowing the suffering the patient was experiencing, not only from his incurable illness, but from the moral oligation I spoke of. The girl came home towards evening, at dusk, and found me alone, busy with my old Leo's supper (a little spaniel which was so dear to my deceased husband), and, by an affectionate concession, in my own room.

Zaire was serious and silent.

- "Well, what news are you bringing me?

- The news, the news... (She shook her head.)

- So he's getting worse?

- No, ma'am, he's dead."

I clasped my hands to hear this news, and exclaimed:

"Poor man! he has finally found peace!"

As soon as I had spoken these words, a great noise of scraping metal made us shudder and attracted our gaze in the direction of the bed which we both saw lifted up by several centimetres from the earth, to fall again soon with a noise.

At that moment, I exclaimed: "There is someone under my bed!"

Having turned on the switch, without bravery but without fear, I hurried to check: I had thought of a hidden man with bad intentions: but I found nothing.

I approached Zaire, pale and dismayed, observing that the dog had not given an alarm signal, but had climbed on a chair, with bristling hair and low ears.

I must also add that the copper bed was very heavy, having large proportions: the shaking of the metal was like trepidation before the levitation, then, with a heavy blow, the piece of furniture fell from its original place. I have never seen it moved since this evening.

Zaire is no longer with me now, but she often comes to stay with me, and we recall together the painful impression of that moment, and the poor colonel, deceased in spirit conditions so contrary to peace...

Florence, March 1916.

Signed: Annette Boneschi Ceccoli.


Now, it is interesting to point out that this phenomenon took place at the very moment when Mrs. Boneschi, upon receiving the announcement of the Colonel's death, spoke of him and expressed her deep regret for his loss - a very significant coincidence.

I will also notice that the lady in question, speaking of her maid, said that she was gifted with a temperament "very nervous, hypersensitive, a little hysterical," and, according to her words, gifted with proven mediumistic abilities. It can be argued that, if the telekinetic phenomenon had been realized with an unaccustomed energy, it was due to the presence of a "medium".

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Bozzano, Professor Ernesto

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