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Blodeuwedd is the Welsh goddess of spring created from flowers. In the late Christianized myth, She was created by the great magicians Math and Gwydion to be Lleu's mate, in response to a curse pronounced by his mother that he would never have a wife from any race then on the Earth. They fashioned Blodeuwedd from nine types of blossom--oak, meadowsweet, broom, cockle, bean, nettle, chestnut, primrose, and hawthorn--and breathed life into Her. She proved treacherous to Lleu, and She and Her lover Gronw Pebyr plotted against him, killing the invulnerable Lleu by tricking him into the only pose in which he could be harmed. Blodeuwedd was punished for this by being transformed into the night-bird, the owl, though She kept her name--in Welsh, blodeuwedd, meaning "Flower-face", is a name for the owl.


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Blodewedd - Welsh Virgin Goddess of Spring, totem the owl, bird of wisdom and lunar mysteries. The Ninefold Goddess of the western isles of Paradise. (Arianrhod) Flowerface. Most beautiful and treacherous.............

Sul – Celtic Goddess associated with the English town of Bath. Sul means eye or gap. Gap refers to entrance to the underworld out of which flows hot springs. Sul (pronounced Shool in Gaelic) is the dark Goddess. Goddess of curses, blessing, healing and prophecy. She is often shown with the head of an owl. When Romans invaded Britain, her temple was converted to that of Sul Minervis combining her with their goddess Minerva. The Springs at Bath were originally known as Aquae Sulis (Waters of the Sun).

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