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Black Elk - Native American Indians - Spiritual path



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Black Elk speaks – as told through John G Neihardt

You want to know why we always go from left to right like that.  I can tell you something of the reason, but not all.  Think of this:  Is not the south the source of life, and does not the flowering stick truly come from there?  And does not man advance from there toward the setting sun of his life?  Then does he not approach the colder north where the white hairs are?  And does he not then arrive, if he lives, at the light and understanding, which is the east?  Then does he not return to where he began, to his second childhood, there to give back his life to all life, and his flesh to the earth whence it came?  The more you think about this, the more meaning you will see in it.

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Native American Indians

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