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Bingen, Hildegard of - Cumin



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According to Hildegard Cumin helps with the following:

  • Nausea

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Hildegard von Bingen’s Physica – translated by Priscilla Throop from the Latin

Cumin (kumel) is dry and of moderate heat. No matter how it is eaten, it is good, useful, and healthful for a person who is congested. But it is harmful for a person who has pain in his heart [because it does not completely warm the heart, which should always be warm].

It is good for a healthy person to eat, since it furnishes a good disposition and moderates the temperature of one who is too hot. Except for one with a lung ailment, it is harmful for an ill person to eat, since it stirs up diseases.

[One who wishes to eat cooked or dry cheese without ill consequences should place cumin on it.

One who suffers nausea should pulverize cumin with a third as much pepper and a quarter as much pimpernel. He should mix this powder with pure wheat flour, and make cookies, with egg yolk and a little water, either in a hot oven or under hot ashes. He should eat these cookies, as well as the cumin powder on bread, and it will suppress the hot and cold humors in his intestines, which cause his nausea.]


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Bingen, Hildegard of

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