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Baked on lettuce



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Pure or enhanced perception

Number of hallucinations: 1


Lactuca virosa is also called Wild Lettuce, Bitter lettuce, Laitue vireuse, Opium Lettuce, Poisonous Lettuce, or Rakutu-Karyumu-So. It can be found locally in the south east and east of England. In the rest of Great Britain it is very rare, and in Ireland it is absent.

 In North America, it has been documented as introduced in California, Alabama, Iowa, and Washington, DC and growing wild. It is a biannual, similar to Prickly lettuce Lactuca serriola but taller - it can grow to 200cm. It is also stouter, the stem and leaves are more purple flushed, the leaves are less divided, but more spreading. It flowers from July until September.

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Baked on Lettuce - Lactuca - L. Virosa (Wild Lettuce) - by LegalStone

I like smoking stuff and getting high, but I have an addictive personality and nosy parents so I can't do much. I smoked weed a couple times about half a year ago, but got caught. Since then, I've been looking into different legal stuff, but most doesn't work. I tried Damiana, Kava kava, and Wild Dagga with no significant effects.

So a while ago I bought an ounce of Wild Lettuce in Berkeley (it was cheap, only $2.50) to try. I tried it a couple of days ago and it didn't do anything. Today, I was hanging out with my friend T, who is a heavy stoner. I don't smoke weed, but I mentioned that I had a fat bag of wild lettuce. We smoked three bowls of it in his pipe, which has a pretty big bowl, to minor effects. We felt relaxed and had strange thoughts, but that's about it.

Then we had two gravity bongs each, the gravity bong is made from a gatorade bottle with a trumpet mouthpiece for a bowl. A couple minutes later while we were playing guitar, I started to feel tingly. Then I got a distinct body buzz. What follows was what I can compare to smoking a good amount of white widow weed. I started to see the world differently, imagining everything really big, on TV, two dimensional, and in a couple of other strange ways. My friend T didn't feel much, but he's done a lot more than me before so it probably just didn't seem as significant to him.

I'm not saying that lettuce is as good as weed, but it is definitely a way to get high. I enjoyed the experience and will probably be doing it again. Also note that it doesn't taste nearly as good as weed.

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