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Aubert, Georges – 03 Third Epoch – 04 A full concert with cello and piano



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One of the séances that left me with the best memory was the following:

One Saturday, my father received a dispatch from his friend Lucien B...... who knew me as a musician.

The latter, brother of one of the first leaders of the Songwriters of St. Gervais, wanted to know if he could come to the house for lunch the next day, Sunday.

My father, although a little surprised, replied affirmatively, while wondering: "What on earth could he have to say to me? "

The next day, we leave for the station, meeting Lucien B.... and what do we see? This same Lucien B..... carefully carrying a cello box.

- What are you bringing us here?

Shh!!!........" replied Lucien B...., you will see after lunch.

Truly intrigued, we have lunch wondering what is planned. It is only at dessert that our guest decides to reveal his secret to us.

- There you go, old man, he said to my father. Seeing your son playing piano pieces under the influence of the spirits, I wanted to try it too, but on my cello. I got Boccherini to make me play. It is on his order that I am here today. He told me, indeed, that I had to perform, with Georges, a full concert!

At these words, our amazement was great. It must be said that Lucien B..... played the cello like I played the piano, in a very ordinary way.

- How, my father continued, does Boccherini want you to play with Georges as a duo?

- Perfectly, concludes Lucien B.....

It is therefore almost doubting the accuracy of Boccherini's communication that my father and I enter the show.

I'm going to play the piano.

Behind me, turning my back, Lucien B.... settles down coldly and both of us are in waiting position.....

We were in a light filtered by thick curtains, but nevertheless, we could see very well.

Then, in a state of absolute silence and waiting, began a superb sonata for piano and cello performed by Beethoven and Boccherini.

It lasted about half an hour.

Composed of an Allegro, an Andante and a final Presto, it went smoothly, without false notes, without any mistakes, under my fingers and those of Lucien B..., and absolutely as if we had both worked on it for at least two summer months.

Ah, what a beautiful séance! And how, after its completion, we thanked the friends of the beyond for giving us such a concert!


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Aubert, Georges

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