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Aubert, Georges – 02 Second Epoch – 06 Miss D and automatic writing



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During the whole time I was developing my physical mediumnity, another medium had been revealed in our surroundings. Miss D..., headmistress of the School, about whom I mentioned above, who had been very interested in these questions, wanted, in turn, to obtain something and after many attempts, finally succeeded in writing under the influence of our friends.

It was a real pleasure for us from that moment on, because our conversations with the disembodied became extremely convenient from a very challenging point of view.

Miss D...'s written and fully automatic communications form several volumes. They all relate to spiritual morality and philosophy, developed marvelously by the great spirits who came to manifest themselves through it. Through it too, the musician spirits gave us an explanation of many of the pieces they performed with me.

As for the familiar communications of our relatives or friends, they were frequent, but much less numerous than those relating to the higher matters of the spirit.

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Aubert, Georges

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