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Rimbaud, Arthur - O seasons, O chateaux, Who possesses a perfect soul



Type of Spiritual Experience


A poem, for chateaux read castle; for seasons read spiritual path; for rooster read cock

A description of the experience

O seasons, o chateaux
Who possesses a perfect soul?

O seasons, o chateaux!

I made a magical study
Of inescapable bliss.

All hail bliss, throughout Gaul
When you hear the rooster’s call.

Bliss has finally set me free
From desire’s tyranny.

Its spell took soul and shape;
Letting every goal escape.

What do my words mean?
Meaning flees, takes wing!

O seasons, o chateaux!

The source of the experience

Rimbaud, Arthur

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Arthur Rimbaud – from Rimbaud Complete